POF-USA Revolt Bolt Action .223 / .308 AR-15

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) have just announced a new bolt action AR-15 platform called the ReVolt, which they humorously say is legal in all 13 original Colonies.


The rear charging handle is replaced with an easy to operate ambidextrous straight-pull bolt. To keep it absolutely legal, the front pivot pin is replaced with a capture pin allowing the upper and lower to open up, but not be taken apart. I suspect there are slight dimension differences as well preventing the lower being used with a standard automatic AR-15 upper. I am not sure this is strictly necessary to be legal but POF are making sure no over zealous politicians will accuse them of circumventing the state law by selling AR-15s.


The bolt handle doubles as a scope ring tool, which is a nifty gimmick.

The rifle will be available in a light configuration  (.223/5.56) and a heavy configuration (.308/7.62). POF did not tell us pricing. The press release is below …

PHOENIX, AZ (October 2014) — Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) continues with an American Revolution in Innovation and brings out the ReVolt™.  A new bolt action rifle, available in light (.223cal / 5.56mm) and heavy (.308cal / 7.62mm) variations for your shooting demands, which is legal in all 13 original Colonies.

These rifles feature a 14.5” M-LOK compatible handguard with 18.5” nitride heat-treated, deep fluted barrels.  New to the market is the ReVolt™ action; a straight pull only action with feed assist chambering of the next round.  The lightweight and popular Luth-AR buttstock is a standard feature on the new line.

POF-USA has maintained a focus on modularity – not only in the rifles, but also the accessories.  The bolt action handle on the ReVolt™ models can be used as a tool for tightening and removing scope mounts and rail accessories.  Muscle memory skills are virtually the same for this platform as a standard POF rifle, and all ambidextrous controls found in our Gen 4 series rifles are found in this loaded package. In addition to all of the fine features in our rifles, the ReVolt™ models also feature our E² extraction technology.  E² extraction is a patented feature of four channels along the neck of the chamber.  The channels allow gas pressure to flow backwards and push on the shoulders of the spent casing resulting in extractor life of 5X that of a standard extractor due to the push / pull action.

The ReVolt™ top end is available as a separate purchase and ships with a 10 round magazine and capture pin. This capture pin replaces the front pivot pin, permanently attaching the upper receiver to the lower receiver while maintaining the ability to “shotgun” the rifle for maintenance. The capture pin was essential in our quest to innovate a magazine fed, AR style, bolt action rifle that qualifies for ownership in all 50 states.

You can hunt with the ReVolt™ as a stand-alone weapon system or install the complete top end on your already existing mil-spec (.223cal / 5.56mm) lower half to maintain the legality necessary in owning an AR style rifle in many of the Colonies.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Van the Handcannon Man

    I think this gun might even be legal in the UK

    • Alan

      Not a chance, we’re barely allowed airsoft guns 🙂

      • wetcorps

        I thought you had a variety of manually repeating AR and AK. There was even some where the bolt automatically locked back after ejecting, and you had to pull the trigger to close it. Next trigger pull would fire again, and so on.

        • Sixshot6

          That is the vz58 mars. I have one. Great gun too.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            If I couldn’t have an AR, I’d definitely take a VZ58. It boggles my mind that so many people in US spend so much time and money on AKs….

          • Yellow Devil

            I personally wanted to get a VZ 58 over an AK, but when my unit did a batch order for Zatavas and got a group discount, I had* to get one.

          • Sixshot6

            Do those ones have a last round bolt hold open?

          • Sixshot6

            Well the vz58 is better than what people think. Milled receiver, the ability to field strip and clean without tools (including the gas piston). Its great. The csa/czechpoint usa ones…. get one. You will not regret it.

          • Sixshot6

            Its also image. People have to know there is life after the ak.

        • Adam James Pugh

          We are – Alan is incorrect in his statement. We’ve had manually operated adaptations of semi-automatic firearms for almost two decades here. They took a little while to permeate the market after the 88′ ban, but they’re very popular now. The state of development of the rifles is also far in advance of the POF Revolt – as nice as I’m sure it is. Side charging (via a modified milled upper), is the order of the day; it allows for the rifle to be cycled without breaking cheek-weld – a major problem with charging-handle based guns. As stated below, the most recent additions to the UK scene are interrupted-semi-automatics, such as the SGC Lever Release (AR15), and the CCA M.A.R.S. (Vz.58). These retain their gas system, cycling the bolt and ejecting the casing after each shot, but requiring a lever (side lever on AR15, trigger on Vz.58), to be actuated to release the bolt and chamber the next round.

          • Gusten

            so you still get the hassle of a semi which can malfunction?

            straight bolt seems better…

            you could run IPSC style comps wityh straight bolts and not be too much slower, or the pump ar, and still not have it finicky with ejection of different type of ammo.

  • Man pippy

    Hopefully they offer a ‘cheapskate’ model that uses magpul furniture and no quad rail. And nice timing, perhaps the Canadian Rangers can buy it.

    • Jb1827

      In my early morning stupor, I was quite sure you has said “Chesapeake”

      On a completely unrelated note, I’m kinda digging the mixed black and white color scheme

      • Dan

        I’m liking the color combo as well.

  • 1955556gun

    press release says they are selling it as a separate top end as well, which makes me think that you can use it on a regular lower of appropriate caliber.

    • POF-USA

      That is correct!

  • Todd

    I may be exhibiting a slight bias here but I like the example I put together last year. The manual of arms is closer to an actual bolt rifle but still maintains the AR operability via the charging handle. With no gas port on the barrel and hence no gas tube it too is truly NY SAFE.


  • echelon

    I didn’t see a price, but I’m guessing that since it’s a POF it’ll cost a POF (Pound of Flesh) so I think I’ll pass.

    In fact for that kind of money we should all demand giggle switches, but we’re all wimps so that’ll never happen…

  • worldwideREB

    I wonder if I could just buy the charging handle for my normal gun.

    • Cymond

      No, the upper is cut differently. Look how far forward the bolt handles are.

  • James

    Maybe my vision sucks but does this really have anti-walk pins?! Wtf is the need for that?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      …. they’re cool???? (they’re not)

  • iksnilol

    Why not just use a barrel without a gas port in a regular receiver(+ removing gas tube and gas blockk)? That would be legal, do the same thing and be much cheaper.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      If you have ever run an AR manually, you would know that the gun would often fail to chamber or close into battery completely with just the released spring pressure. It wouldn’t be a bolt action (where pressure was applied in the forward direction to close the battery) but rather a manually actuated spring release. Louder, less reliable, etc.

      It would be garbage basically. What they are selling here is a large handle the would allow the user to have enough pressure to turn the rotary bolt and force the cam manually on an AR. This is a straight pull bolt action, not a “broken” semi-auto.

      • iksnilol

        Why would it fail? Do I have to explain how to work a charging handle now? If you want to be super fancy you could make the charging handle “non-reciprocating” with some welding or red Loctite.

        Or you could just get a custom one.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          If you’ve ever used an AR (the more you write, I’m beginning to have doubts), you would know that riding the spring back in will almost never get a round stripped off and into battery. Letting it slam usually works, usually. Usually is not a desirable state of operation. Neither would be having to slam an round in each time – that would not make it a bolt action or better than one as your original post implied

          And I have no idea what you are talking about trying to make this, and AR without a gas block, or any non-side charging handle AR non-reciprocating. Like really just.. Whhaa??? Welding what!? Welding aluminum to steel? Red loctite on what? Nevermind, I don’t really think I want to know :

          • iksnilol

            Not my fault weakling imperialist gun designed by feminist comitee, who just got out of kitchen for the first time, is bad. You are right, I don’t use ARs since I don’t trust them. But the conversion I talked about has been done many times and it has worked just fine, just check the UK.

            EDIT: They commonly add a charging handle to the bolt itself but some don’t.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Not my fault weakling imperialist gun designed by feminist comitee, who just got out of kitchen for the first time, is bad. You are right, I don’t use ARs since I don’t trust them.

            And there it is. All the information anyone needs about your post and all future posts.

            Now as to why is there no ignore filter in discus…

          • iksnilol

            Did I hurt decadent capitalist feelings?

            Back on topic though, an regular AR-15 without the gas port would work just fine. I mean, if you can’t trust the spring to push the bolt forward in bolt action mode then how can you trust it to do the same in semi auto? Plus you have a forward assist for a reason. I just made a good suggestion that has been done and that works perfectly fine but you had to rain on my parade, didn’t you? Well, I got an umbrella so tough luck.

  • Mystick

    I know one “capture pin” not going into my rifle.

  • concerened hobo

    How is this Maryland legal? I thought newly manufactured AR15s were banned across the board unless they were specifically a Colt HBAR15?

    Or did they forget that Maryland was an original colony?

    • ethan

      But its not Semi-auto, hence it skirts all AR-15 bans (I think, I’m not a lawyer).

  • ghost

    Rather buy a bolt action rifle.

  • michael

    if the upper is reasonably priced, I’d be interested but if they price it stupidly, buy a rem 700

  • supergun

    Is this a 223 and a 308 together?