LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser for Beretta 92/96


At the recent NASGW show, LaserMax had a number of new products they were showing to distributors. One of the new items that they were allowed to share with the media was the green laser guide rod the company is now selling for the Beretta 92 and 96 series handguns.

The guide rod replaces the factory guide rod and does not affect the gun’s warranty. The unit weighs less than an ounce and does not require the use of a different holster. The unit will also work with the Taurus PT92 and PT99. The MSRP is $449.

Richard Johnson

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  • SD3

    Wow, sounds like a great idea, but that’s obviously as much as the gun itself.

  • Cheapskate

    I could see paying $100 or this. $450 is a lot. Lasers are cheap. A metal rod is mostly what’s left.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Price is way too high for the lack of quality Lasermax offers. Some of the standard red units self-destructed in as little as a few dozen rounds fired and their CS is known to be lacking as well.

  • john

    WOW! $450 bucks??? Keep it. I’d buy another gun for that price.

  • kevin kelly

    How does this thing get turned on, a button somewhere? Idk who would buy that for almost $500

    • Matt

      The activation button replaces the factory takedown lever.

      $450 is MSRP. They usually go for a lot less at the street price.

  • Could this (theoretically) work older beretta pistols?