Throwback Thursday KRISS TDI Items

For Throwback Thursday I wanted to share with you items that were given out or sold by KRISS back when it was KRISS TDI. Some of these are a little more recent when they switched to KRISS ARMS and dropped TDI as part of their name.

The oldest one was a collaboration knife with TOPS Knives.

426875_01_kriss_super_v_tsk_tactical_kni_640 img_0711


Back in the TDI days, when customers purchased a Vector, it came with a gun case with “KRISS SUPER V SYSTEM” molded into it. It is the same style gun case that Daniel Defense uses for the DDM4V1.kriss case


Back when KRISS TDI changed to KRISS ARMS, they created a Facebook account and ran a KRISSMAS giveaway.



The hat and shirts were available online for purchase. My friend Allen won the watch and I won one of the shooting glasses.


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Not on the KRISSMAS giveaway info sheet were the KRISS Victorinox Swiss Army knives. These were also given away to dealers at SHOT Show.



More recently, the items below were given out at previous Shot Shows.

Below is a ball point pen. The piece of metal is an out of spec SMG trigger housing that was discarded. (this was not given away or sold)

kriss pen


A KRISS Vector pin. (one of my favorites)Kriss pin


KRISS koozie, beanie and lanyard.kriss shot

Nicholas C

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  • jamezb

    I wanted one of those dang watches SO bad….

  • Cymond

    I always chuckle inside when I see anything labeled ‘Super V’ since apparently they hate that name now. Well, they did it to themselves! You can’t seriously be upset when people refer to the original name of a gun.

    “Before I continue, let me say that they do not refer to it as the “Super V” and do not like it to be referred to as such.”