ATI Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Expected to be ready for the 2015 SHOT Show, the prototype of the American Tactical Imports (ATI) Double Trouble was on display at the recent NASGW show in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The gun is an over/under shotgun with a polymer pistol grip stock and fore arm. Due to import restrictions, the stock will not be adjustable. However, I was told by the ATI reps that many of the shotgun stocks and adaptors currently on the market will work with this gun.

Picatinny rails will be located on the underside of the fore arm and on top of the barrels. The Double Trouble shotgun will ship as a 12-gauge gun, though other gauges may be available later. The 20-gauge and .410 bore would be most likely the next calibers chosen.

The total weight is expected to be about 4.75 lbs. The expected MSRP will be $529.95.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • schizuki

    We have reached Peak Tactical – the apex of the arc over the shark tank.

  • Turner

    It’s my understanding that nobody is importing or producing factory pistol grip double barrels, either sxs or o/u, to make AOW “sawed offs” with. This gun is a bit fat “meh” unless they produce a pistol grip only model to open up the market for AOWs of this kind.

    • Zebra Dun

      I have an old Boita 20 gauge side by side double that I modded with a pistol grip and adjustable stock.
      Kicks like a psychopathic mule though, the grandson shot it (13) and said , “thanks Paw Paw, I’ll never shoot another of your creations again” I agreed.

      • Torn

        Ithaca made a 20ga. Double bbl pistol called The Home, Auto, and Burglar gun, it also kicked like the proverbial Mule, As i recall it had about 10 in BBl’s. Got to remember this was made before the NFA. kicked in.

    • Cymond

      This is one of those examples of the industry failing to keep up with consumers. It’s a niche product, but the need could be satisfied by one manufacturer doing a seasonal production of double-barrel 12-gauges without stocks.

  • Patrick R

    This is second only to the tactical lever action. Operatiors everywhere rejoice!

    • iksnilol

      The “tactical” lever action wasn’t that bad. Sure it looked worse than Medusa but that only made it even more popular for a trunk gun that gets banged around.

      • Patrick R

        I will take a nice wood stocked lever gun over one with rails any day of the week. Something about a knocked around but cared for traditional lever action warms my soul.

        • iksnilol

          I agree with you there but not everyone likes the “banged around and scratched wooden stock” look. I personally find guns with some wear and scratches to be much nicer in looks than the pristine new in the box ones.

          The wear sorta adds personality and realism to it.

    • Zebra Dun

      I like the lever actions but an adjustable stocked one was a bit much.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    great idea!

  • echelon

    For some reason I think it’d be cooler if it had a revolving cylinder…

  • webbington

    what’s the length of the barrel and the overall length

  • jamezb

    I’m in at $275…$529? No…

    • erwos

      Yeah, street price is gonna be the king here. I am weirdly attracted to this gun (and the Mossberg Thunder Ranch), but not $500 attracted to it.

      • ed

        For some reason, O/Us seem to command a premium, when a pump can be had for a pittance. Hopefully the street price will be a bit lower, maybe even with a less tacti-cool stock. If it’s not adjustable, I don’t see the point in making it look adjustable, unless it can be easily and legally converted back to being adjustable.

        • ed

          I want one for…oh, what’s the correct term for it? Skeet? Trap? Bluerock?

  • Nfears

    The price is a little steep but with how light and compact it looks it seems like it’d make a great hiking gun.

  • mechamaster

    It’s more cool with folding stock too.

  • Trapshooter


  • Beeblebrox

    As silly as the whole tacticool thing has gotten, I gotta say I kinda like this. In 20 gauge this would be a great bedside gun for my mother. She has a S&W Model 10 right now and I can see a gun like this being a great addition.

    Although the MSRP is a bit steep.

    • Zebra Dun

      I love that S&w M-10!

    • I would think a side-by-side with exposed hammers would be better for that particular situation. Kept loaded with hammers down. Unfortunately, i went looking for them a few years ago, and couldn’t find anything for less than about $800 with barrels under 20″.

      • Torn

        Rossi made one years ago called a Coach Gun, 20 ga, Side by Side, exposed hammers, 20in. BBl’s. Works great as a house gun! I think I gave $97 for mine.

  • Eddie_Baby

    A tactical over/under? Is that for the Australian market?

    • For Mrs. Biden

      • shootbrownelk

        Good one Suburban, you beat me to it.

  • Duray

    It’s not absurd because of the tacticool junk; it’s absurd because the tacticool junk makes it impossible to manipulate the weapons controls without removing your firing hand and reaching up over the top of your gun. Similar to pistol gripped Mossbergs, only worse.

  • wetcorps

    I had low expecations while clicking the thumbnail, but cringed hard when I discovered the whole thing.

  • Zebra Dun

    Actually it’s kinda cute in a lethal sort of way.

  • Cymond

    Part of me likes it just because it’s absurd, but not for that MSRP! That’s too much for a pure novelty firearm. I could buy something that I’d actually enjoy shooting.

  • Can somebody tell me why everybody’s shouting “tacti-KEWL!” at this like it’s going out of fashion? I mean, it’s not THAT bad looking.

    • Paul Epstein

      I think any time you have a gun which is simply by it’s very nature not suited for military or SWAT team use, the alteration of it’s appearance to look like guns which are suited for that use is an extreme affectation. There are genuine uses for break open shotguns, lever actions, etc., but the effectiveness at those uses is not improved with the addition of an M4 style stock and rails beyond a scope rail.

      For the most part, if you want to get an actual tactical arm in the US, they’re available. If you don’t have the grasp of your own needs to purchase the correct gun in the first place, or if you’re modifying a gifted gun to essentially erase it’s original appearance, you shouldn’t expect a lot of praise from the peanut gallery.

    • Razzle

      Well, that Luger m4gery is full auto, and not an original luger, made by a wonderful man in Germany.

  • Victor Lourenço

    A tacticooled over-and-under, that looks fucking stupid.

  • Anon. E Maus

    I’d get one just to paint the Team Rocket logo on the receiver.

  • andrey kireev

    I still want a tactical musket /muzzle loader (no, not the M16a2) complete with grip pod and a matching eotech 70 Moa circle reticle, with x0.3 magnifier which would be accuarate up to 25 paces !!

  • jeff

    I’m really liking this new wave of “shorty” O/U’ers. While I wish this one had a conventionally styled stock, I still might be in.

  • Rick

    it’s right up there with the Stoeger Double Defense….except with a polymer stock… and sadly I want one of these

  • Harry Forney

    Wow, nice looking gun.
    Hs12 was a great gun to use.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on ATI double trouble over/under shotgun.