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  • xyz

    These guys have a big future ahead of them. In the Darwin awards!!!!

  • jeff

    lol that was funny when it hit him in the head and he screamed lmao

  • gunslinger

    how did they ignite the roman candles?

    why were they running into the lead of fire? why not run the opposite way the drone was turning? and why not run under the thing?

  • shootbrownelk

    Hey…lets start a wildfire in California!! Hey…lets crash our drone in a Yellowstone Geyser!!

  • Canadian Vet

    No one ever said book or tech smarts had to equal common sense. It is a very clever idea by itself but don’t get me wrong, I think those guys are complete morons in its actual usage.

  • ChuckyTee

    This is not a drone. It is a quad copter. Please stop being dumb. Thank you

    • Phil Hsueh

      Technically yes, but now a days just about any RC craft larger than those little toy helicopters that you see everywhere are referred to as drones. When it comes down to it, all a drone is is an RC aircraft although some would say that it’s not a drone unless you put a camera on it.

      • Joe

        30 round clip!

  • Phil Hsueh

    That guy really needs to edit the video so that Flight of the Valkyries is playing in the background.

  • Andrew

    Obviously, this post requires a sense of humor….reminds me of being a kid in the 60s/70s where being a teen involved a creative mind and a certain degree of no common sense. 🙂 We didn’t come crying to mom (or rush to the ER) when we got burned, cut or possible broken bones….we sucked it up and hid the evidence.

    Yep….it was called having “fun”.

    I give these guys kudos for using eye protection.

    • Julio

      “We didn’t come crying to mom (or rush to the ER) when we got burned, cut or possible broken bones….we sucked it up and hid the evidence”

      Nailed it!

      Really bad things could have happened, but luckily they didn’t, and we took that luck and turned it into pride. The good kind.

  • sianmink

    The balance of those things changes significantly while firing. There’s no way that won’t throw off the aim a lot.

    I would have used rocket batteries instead.

  • Zugunder

    Two this things fighting each other can be alot of fun I would imagine.

  • Lance

    Bet that maybe illegal in alot of states to wildly shoot fireworks all over the place unsafely!

  • USMC03Vet

    Video removed.

    Already in GITMO.

  • Airrider

    There’s an RC flying club I think is called “rcgutt” on YouTube who did that with their planes and really loud firecrackers. Good times.

    Ironically I think using fireworks that burst in the air made the whole thing safer.