Bubba’d Mosin Nagant Spotted in Syria

Check out this hack job used by a rebel fighter against ISIS in Syria. He probably picked it up over on GunBroker. Proper cheek weld, what’s that?

Over a hundred years later and the venerable old Mosin Nagant is still seeing action. Click Here to see the full-size image.

H/T: USA Today via GunMartBlog.


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  • John

    “Proper cheeck weld, what’s that?”

    Proper spelling, what’s that?

    • ray.i

      Doh! You got me.

  • James

    And yet another reason the Syrian rebels are getting their asses kicked… A stock surplus Mosin would probably be more accurate than this POS with its scope a foot above the bore. Ten to one it’s a shitty NcStar or worse scope too. I’d run away before I fought with that monstrous thing.

    • waffen ss

      come on- the CIA/mossad is having a hard enough time funneling decent weapons to ISIS let alone the rebels.

      • James

        I’m sure it can’t be that hard to get a decent rifle in any middle eastern country. Hell they sell Dragunovs and RPGs down at the corner falafel stand… they’re right between the sandals and prayer rugs, behind the bootleg Transformers DVDs.

        • waffen ss

          guns are cheap- ammo is $$$$

          • Mark N.

            Cheap? I read that in Kurdish territory, a good used M-16 goes for about $7000 US

        • Man pippy

          It’s not numbers, weapons or even skills they lack it’s morale.

    • Ken

      The barrel harmonics on M91/30’s tend to suck. They need a full length stock with the tip exerting upward pressure to dampen the vibrations.

  • echelon

    His he using his left eye? Maybe he mounted the scope so high on purpose cuz he’s left eye dominant?!? hahaha.

  • LongBeach

    Somebody ship that man something chambered in 338 Lapua and a case of bullets dipped in bacon grease ASAP!!!

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    It looks as if the cameraman caught the exact moment immediately after the bullet had just left the muzzle — note the debris being kicked up by the muzzle blast in the upper right-hand corner of the photograph.

    I can’t tell what sort of aftermarket buttstock this particular rifle is equipped with, other than it appears to be a synthetic sporterized thumbhole stock — any ideas, anyone? What is quite unusual is the extended-length turn-down bolt handle, which appears to be at least 4-1/2″ long (!).

    • Ken

      It kind of looks like a Romanian PSL stock was spliced to a cut down Mosin stock, the finger groove was cut longer, and the whole thing painted black. You can see that the left side of the finger groove doesn’t quite match the right, and the recoil lug, which is necessary for a wooden stock, is still present.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks very much, Ken. The black paint job had me fooled.

  • sianmink

    That jungle camo is totally tactical for Syria.

    no comment on the super-long bolt handle?

  • waffen ss

    how is this guy supposed to hit anything without using a Chris Costa “C” clamp grip? the Magpul tactical pillow ($199) is nice- does it come in FDE?

  • James

    Woodland camo? Check.

    Fanny pack? Check?

    Couch cushion? Check.

    Mosin “sniper” rifle complete with 3 foot long bolt handle and camera strap? Check.

    Ready for war? Check.

    • Barry

      Wouldn’t it be funny if he was their top sniper/soldier with over 100 confirmed kills?

      • waffen ss

        Muhammad Kyle.

      • Dr. Daniel Jackson

        It wouldn’t be that weird actually,a mosin in the right hands can kill lots of people,Simo Hayha had over 500 confirmed kills with the mosin nagant using just iron sights.

        • pbla4024

          Not exactly true. He used Suomi KP-31 as well.

          • Iggy

            @ pbla4024, no he had 500 Mosin Nagant kills+ 200 *separate* kills with the Suomi

          • Rokka

            As a finn myself i have to correct you, his weapon of choise for sniping was not mosing nagant, but finnish variant: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/M/28
            Also Häyhä was effectively using KP-31 and lmg Lahti-Saloranta when not on sniper duty. All this is covered in the book that covers his career:

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Excellent point, Rokka, and I think we all understand exactly what you are referring to. However, the fact remains that the Finnish variant of the Mosin-Nagant M91/30, as refined and superior as it was, was still in essence a Mosin-Nagant, and it is in that context that the comments have been made.

            To put things in a little more perspective, the most successful Russian snipers of the same general time period — individuals such as Vasilij Shalvovich Kvachantiradze, Klavdiya Kalugina and, of course, Lyudmila Pavlichenko — among many others, many of whom were women who are still largely unknown and unacknowledged to this day — used the Mosin-Nagant M91/30PU version in pretty much standard form to achieve consistent results. They too used other weapons, such as the SVT-40 and PPSh-41 / PPS-43, to add to the tally against the erstwhile enemy when different situations dictated use of such weapons, but there is little doubt that the vast majority of sharp-shooting / sniping kills came from use of the Mosin-Nagant.

          • Dr. Daniel Jackson

            Yes it is he had 500 kills with mosin that were confirmed,he may have also use a few different weapons at different times but he got 500 with the mosin.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          From the documentation I have read, what makes Hayha’s exploits even more worthy of respect is the fact that he usually did not use a scope, citing his preference for keeping as low a profile as possible and minimizing risk of exposure.

    • Blake

      Stock in armpit? Check.

    • Armchair Command’oh

      Perhaps we don’t need all our expensive tacticool gear to be combat effective warrior operators, after all.

      • dan citizen

        If he manages to get one of the other guys to try to stop a bullet with that rifle, it’s mission accomplished.

        Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed and I bore arms, we were strongly discouraged from anything like tacticool foofery.

        Optics? only if you were the designated marksmen

        Sling swivels? ground off, because you’d damn well better have your rifle in your hands.

        Anything that stuck out was seen as something that would snag at the worst moment.

        • Grindstone50k

          Yep, advancing technology in anyway is for wusses. Back in my day we didn’t need any of these silly “firearms”. REAL men fought with swords in close order! Todays kids with their “muskets” have it too easy.

          • dan citizen

            Swords… to much sharpening. Clubs are where it’s at.

            On a serious note….

            Much of today’s “advancements” are not improvements. I only need the picatinny rails I will use, having them on all over the place adds weight and sharp edges.

            I have met too many tactifools who have a bunch of googaws all over their rifle, yet have to think to tell you what each does, abd no way in hell could they operate them without fiddling with them like a bar puzzle.

            And when did the AR platform lose it’s ideal of lightweight? If I’m gonna carry a weapon that weighs the same as a garand I expect it to hit like one.

            Lightweight AR’s are great.

          • Grindstone50k

            Having a sling is not “tactifool” when you’re getting tossed across the road by five 500lb arty shells blowing up near you. Of course people over do it, but to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” before things like being able to see further than the naked eye or lasing targets for CAS is just straight Ludditism.

          • dan citizen

            “Having a sling is not “tactifool”

            Agreed 100%

            Slings are great, red dot optics, laser designators, the awesome new tactical lights…. all great stuff.

            I dislike snaggy things still.
            I dislike excess gadgets, for the sake of gadgetry
            I believe any tactical device you have, you should be familiar with prior to engaging the enemy

            So many of the things we were taught in my past were extremist and I do not follow them now.

    • ChuckyTee

      Boots not tied,, check

    • Geodkyt

      Scope mounted canted at least 5 degrees to starboard, relative to the rifle? Check.

  • Fred Johnson

    If it wasn’t for the dirt kicked up at the muzzle, I’d swear that he’s using that scope as a rifle mounted spotting scope. Use the iron sights and fire, then raise your head and check your target. No need to carry a tripod. All in one easy to carry package.

    Now that would be some new tacticool indeed. 😛

  • Cymond

    As others have mentioned, the flying dirt at the muzzle seems to indicate that he just fired a shot. Flinching explains why his eye is closed and his cheekweld is nonexistent.

  • Ken

    One day collectors will add Syrian Civil War Mosins to their Spanish Civil War Mosins.

  • An Interested Person

    I`m particularly curious as to whether or not that scope actually holds zero.

    That mount must flex like crazy.

    • CrassyKnoll

      Minute of Jihadi

    • dan citizen

      it holds zero…

      Zero stability that is.

    • Man pippy

      If it doesn’t flex, how can Allah move it?

    • mosinman

      he is firing the rounds to Allah who then throws them back down at the infidels.

  • Lance

    Like the M98 Mauser the M-91/30 was one of the best bolt action rifle out there seen them in use in Afghanistan too. They make a good long range rifle. Don’t underestimate a good shot with a bold action rifle.

  • USMC03Vet

    I want this guy on my fantasy gun fighter team!

  • wetcorps

    Going to war, crawling in the dirt under the scorching sun while bullets fly by, but still wanting to be comfy. I like his style.

  • SM

    What’s the stock on that rifle? I can’t see enough of it.

  • Don Ward

    Officer 1: The one with the rifle shoots!
    Officer 2: One out of two gets couch cushion!
    Officer 1: The one without follows him! When the man with the couch cushion gets killed, the one who is following picks up the couch cushion and shoots!

  • dan citizen

    He would have gotten that scope higher but he ran out of metal.

  • gunslinger

    remember, the 7.62x54r instills fear in the enemies just by it’s sheer presence on the battlefield.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Close eyes, jerk trigger…get shoulder thumped–HARD!
    Flinch? Nah…

  • Man pippy

    Do muslims have something against wearing a hat for the sun?

  • avconsumer2

    Couple more inches between that scope & barrel, & he could ditch the sling. Just wedge that sucker over his shoulder.

  • Kung Pao

    Stolen rifle of army arsenal+stolen scope of toy store+ full retard mods= Another SSR (Syrian supersnipah rifle) more.

  • Matt Grimes

    Height over bore 5 inches-Check!

  • Smith-Sights Adjustable Front

    I would be really interested in knowing the rationale behind this rifle. Is there a reason a PU won’t work? Do these folks fall prey to tacticool like us Americans?

    I’d just really like to know this.

    Within 200 yards I would prefer iron sights and binoculars for spotting, and cannot see being handicapped by a PU or even a 2.5x scout scope at longer ranges.


    Josh Smith
    Smith-Sights LLC