NL took this photo at the Museum of Military History, Vienna which is located in the Arsenal.

An Austrian Gasser revolver Model 1870/74. Very skillfully engraved with gold inlays and I believe ivory grip plates (and tools).

The insignia translated to English reads: “Revolver of the Crownprince; model Gasser-Kropatschek; presented as a custom-made gift from the Leopold Gasser Factory in Vienna.”

I don’t know much about Austrian royal history, but I think this pistol may have belonged to Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria. He is notable because WWI may never have happened had he not ended his own life before becoming Emperor.

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  • USMC03Vet
    • claymore

      50 bucks that’s the best I can do.

      • Some Rabbit

        “It’s a one of a kind and hard to put a price on, plus it’s just gonna sit around the shop until the right buyer comes in. I mean, I’m taking all the risk here so…I’ll give you $65 and that my best offer.”

        When you hear them gripe about money just remember, the combined net worth of the Harrison family is over $15 million and even that dufus Chumley has a net worth of $5 million. (Google it)

    • kbroughton77

      “An Austrian Gasser revolver Model 1870/74?
      I got a buddy that’s an expert on Austrian Gasser Model 1870/74’s”

    • Waffen SS.

      History Channel in now The White Trash Channel.

  • suchumski

    its a peace of history, the standard
    cavalery revolver of the austrohungarian
    empire, 10.2 mm centerfire bulet, double aktion……

    austrians have a long tradition in gunsmithing and i think this baby
    works formidable. somehow are european revolvers ugly.

    • bojan

      It is Kropatscheh “officer” version, so in 9mm Gasser.
      And yes, Gassers were quite advanced – DA, powerful ammo, safe to carry with all chambers loaded.

  • schizuki

    No Picatinny railspace?



      It’s not even threaded for a suppressor.

      Crownprince? Pssh, more Crowpleb.

  • schizuki

    Just the thing for mugging Jules Verne.

  • Alex Nicolin

    It was so pretty, the crown prince eventually gave it a blowjob.

  • Waffen SS.

    WWI was destined to happened no matter what- the Rothschilds and Warburgs and Loebs and Kuhns and Schiffs demanded their pound of flesh from the boys of Europe(and eventually America).

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Beautiful piece.
    The Austrian guys always had style, I really like their art.
    Their works played a significant part in forming classicist art in Europe.

  • skusmc

    Austrian? Well… g’day mate. Let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie!