Alex C writes about his latest acquisition …

This SP89 is serial number one, the very first MP5K for the civilian market. The prototypes were marked “P94”and they are now owned by Bo French, H&K collector known for the famous “Red Room” collection (link to above) and for employing American sniper Chris Kyle until his tragic death. Whenever Bo decides to cut something loose (for whatever reason), he usually gives me a call because I work down the street from him and he knows my checks won’t bounce! When he mentioned selling this, I jumped on it.

This pistol still has wax paper in the barrel and has never been fired. Note the lack of sights: The typical front HK triple frame and rear castle have both been omitted. Only a few left the factory in this configuration.

Alex, I hope we will have a range report in the near future 😉


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    • avconsumer2

      lol – good grief. Just when you think you’ve got a couple of cool rare items…

    • dan citizen

      Maybe we could get some future articles? P7 would be nice, or P9S?

  • Simonsays

    Imagine what that is going to sell for in 50 years time.

    • dan citizen

      Two food quality cats.

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        lol best response I’ve seen in a long time, and probably (although hopefully not) true

  • hami

    It reminds me of the “A5” version of the MP5k that was brought to my attention after watching an episode of Strike Back. I see the little front sight notch, does it also have a channel along the top of the receiver to aid in aiming?

  • Jeff Smith

    Doesn’t this model have a small notch rear sight and a blade front? You can see what appears to be a blade where the standard HK front sight would be.

  • Blake

    & now we will watch Alex attempt to keep this sweet little piece of H&K history in unfired condition…

    • Jonathan Wright

      now taking bets on how long he’ll last.

  • salty

    the real question is, what did you have to pay or part with?!

  • Daniel

    My mother in law’s (who is a saint! Seriously) maiden name is French. And we live in the Great Republic of Texas. Uncle Bo?