Nosler Announces BT Hunting Ammunition

Nosler has announced a new line of hunting ammunition, marketed under the Nosler brand name and loaded with their Ballistic Tip line of bullets. From the press release:

For decades, Nosler’s Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullets have been the most popular, premium projectile among America’s deer, antelope and hog hunters. That is why it makes perfect sense for Nosler®, Inc. to be introducing their new line of BT® Ammunition, loaded exclusively with their Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullets.

Offered in popular non-magnum hunting cartridges with bullet weights and muzzle velocities that are optimized for maximum effectiveness on deer, antelope and hogs, Nosler BT Ammunition is the ultimate choice for deer and hog hunters alike.

The Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullet line enjoys excellent exterior ballistics such as inherent accuracy and high ballistic coefficient, but it really shines with devastating terminal ballistics. Constructed with a tapered jacket using Nosler’s unique manufacturing process, the Ballistic Tip® bullet has an extremely large impact velocity window of 1800fps-3200fps, providing controlled expansion and reliable performance on medium sized game.

Ballistic Tip’s legendary bullet performance loaded to Nosler’s high quality ammunition standards while being offered at a reasonable price makes for an easy decision for hunters this fall.

BT® Hunting Ammunition is available for purchase at Cabela’s, Midway USA, Sportsman’s Warehouse and many others in the new offerings below:

243 Winchester – 90gr. Ballistic Tip®

270 Winchester – 140gr. Ballistic Tip®

7mm-08 Remington – 120gr. Ballistic Tip®

30-30 Winchester – 150gr. Ballistic Tip®

308 Winchester – 125gr. & 165gr. Ballistic Tip®

30-06 Springfield – 125gr. & 180gr Ballistic Tip®

Nosler makes some great bullets, so they’ve set the bar very high for their branded ammunition.

Nathaniel F

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  • dan citizen

    Judging by the picture they really, really, like their “fully tapered jacket” I myself prefer a stepped cone with all 90 degree angles.

    Seriously though…. I’m guessing these are gonna be great on hogs.

    • Blake

      Certainly better than Tannerite…

  • Some Rando

    What? No 6.5mm?