Hog Hunting With Tannerite

I will be honest, I am not a hunter. So if you are please speak up. I have spoken to a few hunters due to my day job and the few I have spoken to give the impression that they strive for a clean kill. Does this look like a clean kill?

In this video, a hunter lures in some hogs and uses tannerite to blow them up. I do not know where this took place, but question the legality of using tannerite for pest extermination. It does seem effective though.

Nicholas C

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  • Rex

    Nice, sarap ng lechon.

  • Rex

    Firearm related … ish. Meh, i’ll take what i can. Bored.

  • Blake

    Probably inhumane, certainly inedible…

  • Dan

    Well that’ll get PETA foaming at the mouth. Effective but not so much ethical, granted they are a pest and cause enormous damage.

    • Anonymoose

      We should use tannerite on them too.

      • Dan

        I was actually going to say that but deleted it. Don’t need the NSA telling people im going to blow up PETA excuse me I got to go put my tinfoil hat back on now.

  • Steve Truffer

    Clean? No. Fast? Yes. Can I condone or approve this? No.

  • Fiveseven


  • iksnilol

    He should watch out, shrapnel can hit him too.

    • dan citizen

      As I explained Doctor, that’s how I got a piece of pig femur in my lung.

  • Ron Fox

    hosetay igspay are oasttay.

    • Y-man

      Yep! Toast! [Took me 2 minutes, I’m getting OLD!]

      • Ron Fox

        haha pig latin is funny

  • Quach

    This is not hunting, this is pest control. Very large difference between the two.

    • Huntersteve

      does not matter this is still despiccable. and the laughing is the worst, they are still animals and should be treated with some respect. even if they are pest we are humans and should know better, even if it is pest control we have an obligation to make clean kills

      • gunslinger

        like we do with a can of raid on a hornets nest?

        the orkin man with mouse traps?

        • Huntersteve

          well bugs and animals are different and I don’t know about your mouse traps but mine work quickly
          my Jagdterrier does most of my ratkilling but I don’t laugh about it

          • Moose Flavored

            . . . Did you really just say “bugs and animals are different”? Your opinion is now completely invalid on this topic. You can’t pick and choose which animals deserve to be treated with respect or not, nor can you claim that humanely and instantly killing a group of wild hogs with an explosive compound is any more or less “despiccable” than killing an entire colony of ants or other insects with poison and chemical warfare.

          • huntersteve

            of course bugs and animals are different, or mammals if you like, and I would include birds, heck I would rank some mammals higher then others aswell. I would not hunt the great apes or elephants e.g. too much consciousness.

            Even if I kill a hornets nest with a can of spraypaint and a lighter I would do it respecfully and not laugh with psycho laughter

          • Anonymoose

            You should try hunting the most dangerous game sometimes. Afterwards, nothing else compares.

          • dan citizen

            How much tannerite does one typically use for moose?

          • Anonymoose

            Not enough.

          • dan citizen

            I like anything with a moose in it. Except pancakes. They make it gamey.

          • Anonymoose

            I’ve never eaten moose before. I guess that would make me a cannibal if I did, though, right?

          • dan citizen

            As a cow, our holocaust continues 🙁

            Moose is actually pretty tasty. But I wouldn’t kill an animal that awesome just to eat it.

            Two showed up at my work last year and ambled around making a mockery of fish and games attempts to tranquilize them.

            Moose are the best.

          • Cybirr

            A moose once bit my sister…

            No realli! She was Karving her initials on the moose with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush given her by Svenge – her brother-in-law – an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian movies: “The Hot Hands of an Oslo Dentist”, “Fillings of Passion”, “The Huge Molars of Horst Nordfink”…

            Mynd you, moose bites Kan be pretti nasti…

          • dan citizen

            “The Hot Hands of an Oslo Dentist” was one of my favorite films.

          • dan citizen

            “You can’t pick and choose which animals deserve to be treated with respect or not,”

            Are you kidding? Dolphins, dogs, cats, hamsters, primates, horses, all have different laws often over sentimental reasons.

      • john Everett Walker

        Yep. You’re right Funny as Hell. I’m sending this to all my friends.

      • RocketScientist

        I assume you peacefully collect your mice and rats and roaches and ants and spiders and centipedes and hornets and wasps in a non-violent non-stressing trap, and somehow corral them into a chamber with diffuse lighting and pastel colors, then gently introduce an odorless gas to displace the oxygen and allow them to peacefully drift off to sleep? You’re such a better person than the rest of us monsters who use spring-loaded traps to wound rats/mice so they can slowly die over the course of minutes/hours. God I’m a monster…

      • powerwiz

        One could argue that the explosive force of the that explosion rendered them unconscious before they were ripped apart by that explosion.

        13 years Marine Corp here and quite a lot of knowledge on the area of IED’s. The explosion does not generally kill you its the explosive force that does. It tears liquid based beings apart.

        Most of the people who died in the many IED’s that US Forces took died very fast, and quite often did not even know what hit them.

        Certainly its more humane then a gun shot and searching after the blood trail of a boar.

        Its also certainly better then how the Arabs right in the US process there meat. They slit the throat and allow it bleed out alive.

        • t_wrecks

          …. and quicker than some of the slaughterhouses that consumer meat products come from.

          • powerwiz

            Absolutely. Chickens are dragged upside down generally through a electrical bath…which does not always kill them. Large animals tend to get a air gun to the brain.

            Look into how Kosher or Islamic Halal does it’s butchering. For the fools here I will describe it.

            In one cut a Halal butcher must slice the throat, windpipe and arteries. Kosher slaughtering is very very similar.

            In both cases there are simply to many animals to kill via traditional means so mechanical devices on a assembly line are used in both in many cases. Very often the slaughter does not go correctly and at the end of the assembly line are butchers to do it right.

            In both cases the animals to there credit are generally stunned before hand but that does not always happen. In both cases the blood must fully empty out of the animal..quite often while its still alive.

            So for the fools here commenting how horrendous blowing up feral pigs is with explosives we do a by far legally endorsed practice in the tens of thousands a day to sustain the Kosher and Halal market.

            How would you rather die…explosion that you feel nothing or your throat cut? Easy choice there.

          • Ethan

            Actually kosher slaughter laws are MORE humane.
            Having your throat slit with a *SHARP* knife is not really that painful. When was the last time you cut yourself with a brand new razor blade utility knife? Usually it makes a deep and nearly painless injury in my experience. The animal gets sleepy quickly due to rapid blood loss and basically falls asleep. Not traumatic at all when done right.

            This is why slitting the throat with a sharp knife has been the most humane and respectful method of slaughter in nearly ALL cultures for thousands of years.

        • MANG

          Why in the actual f*ck did you bring halal butchery, of all things, into this thread? “Somebody blew up a hog? Better talk about THE ARABS…”

          • MANG

            Should I be trying to work some other random religious minority into this? Mormons? Buddhists perhaps? If I try hard, I can probably relate blowing up a pig with Tannerite to how Amish people don’t eat at McDonald’s.

          • that guy

            Explain how Islam is a religious minority genius.

          • MANG

            The irony being that anyone who goes to a Halal butcher probably doesn’t eat pork. ._.

          • powerwiz

            Why because its a form of killing animals that is not pretty yet no one seems to have a issue with that. No one has a issue with KFC or anyone else. So why then would you have a issue with a friggin hog that is vermin in say my state?

      • Texasbill

        That looked like a pretty clean kill to me. Hope you have a herd come thru your yard and turn it upside down some night when you are asleep like they do around here.

      • Rick Rak
      • Buck

        Huntersteve…. A kill does not get any cleaner than the ones in this video. They died instantly. Are you telling me that if I shoot a pig and it runs off wounded to suffer for hours that this is more humane?

        Regardless if one were to open up on this group of pigs with a fully automatic weapon or use the method shown in this video….a kill is a kill is a kill.

        It’s simple math. They were killed and didn’t suffer. If you want some pig meat follow me around on a weekend that I choose to go thin these things out. I might get 2, I might get 40, either way they will be laying for the coyotes to eat when I get done.

  • wetcorps

    “You’re planning on eating that?”

  • Zugunder

    That’s just wrong! I love guns, explosions and other stuff, but killing animals for fun isn’t good in my book.

    • Zachary marrs

      Have you ever seen what a hog can do to a child? I have. Tannerite is too kind for hogs

    • RocketScientist

      Man it must suck to be your neighbors… I’d hate to live next to someone who refused to kill vermin and pest animals. House overrunning with roaches and silverfish and rats and mice and hornets and spiders. Gross.

      • Zugunder

        Uhm, I’m never said that I refuse to kill animals/insect’s. I’ve been hunting with friends a couple times and I enjoyed it. I’m against making whole f*cking show about it with explosions and stuff. Dunno, my father told me to show some respect to creature (not talking about cockroaches here) that you killing, and not bragging about it like 8 y.o.

        • RocketScientist

          “killing animals for fun isn’t good in my book.” — “I’ve been hunting with friends a couple times and I enjoyed it.”

          So are you pro- or anti-killing animals for pleasure? And the only difference to a farmer/landowner between a hog and a cockroach is one of size. Hogs destroy crops and natural vegetation, reproduce at an alarming rate, can be very aggressive towards and injure/kill pets, livestock, wildlife, or even humans. They carry diseases and parasites than can be passed on to pets/livestock/humans. they are a pest and vermin, nothing more or less. I have no regrets when I set out a rat trap to catch the filthy critter than has invaded my home, and I take a bit of pleasure when I finally outsmart him and catch him in a trap. And I don’t have any remorse or guilt if that trap takes a few minutes or longer to suffocate/exsanguinate him to death. I imagine most normal people are like me in that respect. A hog is just a larger more dangerous rat. If I could use explosives to take out multiple rats at once without damaging my property I would do so and would have no moral objections to anyone doing so.

          • Zugunder

            Sorry, bad wording on my part in the initial post (English is not my native language) I just mean you don’t have to do it this way. Shoot them hogs and move on. Why all this explosions, laughing like a horse, taking video for YouTube. That’s made me cringe, and I tried to express it. Don’t know how to explain better.

  • Johnnyhead

    I haven’t watched the video but I seriously doubt this is legal anywhere … DNR (or whatever hunting regulatory body they have) sets clear rules on equipment can be used and I would be shocked if ‘explosives’ was listed as legal hunting equipment.

  • LLC

    Not sure about legality, but having talked to people in areas with high wild hog infestations, I can certainly understand the why. They’re incredibly destructive.

  • Pete Sheppard

    It’s not ethical to use poison and causing an animal to die in agony for hunting, either. But poison is preferred for pest control due to its efficiency.

  • Blake #2

    Sorry this is long winded but…

    Per the Texas Parks and Wildlife website http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/nuisance/feral_hogs/


    Various diseases of wild hogs include pseudorabies, swine brucellosis, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, tularemia, hog cholera, foot and mouth disease, and anthrax. Internal parasites include kidney worms, stomach worms, round worms and whipworms. Liver flukes and trichinosis are also found in hogs. External parasites include dog ticks, fleas and hog lice, some diseases can be transmitted to livestock and wildlife and swine brucellosis can be contracted by humans as well. It is important to keep all livestock vaccinated, especially where large feral hog populations are concentrated. They destroy crops and prey on livestock and other wildlife.

    Feral hogs compete directly with livestock as well as game and nongame wildlife species for food. However, the main damage caused to livestock and wildlife is indirect destruction of habitat and agriculture commodities. Rooting and trampling activity for food can damage agricultural crops, fields, and livestock feeding and watering facilities. Often wildlife feeders are damaged or destroyed. They also destabilize wetland areas, springs, creeks and tanks by excessive rooting and wallowing. In addition to habitat destruction and alteration, hogs can destroy forestry plantings and damage trees. While not active predators, wild hogs may prey on fawns, young lambs, and kid goats. If the opportunity arises, they may also destroy and consume eggs of ground nesting birds, such as turkeys and quail.

    They are capable of breeding at 6 months and with adequate nutrition they are capable of doubling the population in 4 months, so basically in a year they double their population 3 times over. The average life expectancy, under good conditions, in a wild hog population is about four to five years; however, they may live up to eight years. There is currently an estimated population in excess of 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas.
    More importantly this :

    “Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals. Therefore, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them.”

    You want to pull the “god’s creatures” card and get every hippie animal lover involved go ahead but until they are campaigning for a “save the cock roaches” cause don’t go hootin’ and hollerin’ about a nuisance animal. Rant over.

    • NewerHCE

      No one is saying they should not be gotten rid of, just questioning this method

      • Blake #2

        You have to kill 80% of the population just to break even for the year. What methods do you suggest for mitigating a nusiance animal that has a population of 2.6 million(my previous numbers were outdated) and causes $500 million dollars of damage per year in Texas alone? Texas has grant programs specifically for this problem. (https://www.texasagriculture.gov/GrantsServices/TradeandBusinessDevelopment/FeralHogGrantProgram) Calling it a waste of meat is debatable. When you are overrun with them, there’s always going to be more than enough to go around. These people aren’t out killing pandas or clubbing baby seals they are out eradicating a pest that has no real predator or purpose.

  • Jimmy

    Agreed with Quach; Depredation of destructive species is not anywhere in the same ballpark as a clean, sportsmanlike hunt. All is fair in love and war [on hogs].

  • allannon

    I’ll give it a solid “meh”.

    It’s not hunting, but it doesn’t look like there’s enough left that there was any undue suffering, and hogs are more a pest than a game species. (They’re also invasive.)

    In terms of cost-effective control I’m not really sure about it; bullets and poison are cheaper, and with a bit of baiting and a handful of guys you can concentrate a pretty good population in one spot then kill the lot.

    Anecdotally, hogs aren’t good for much anything. They run off any species that might compete, tear up planlife (more an issue with smaller trees than shrubs and grass), foul waterholes, and a host of other nasty things. They also repopulate at a staggering rate. So I’m inclined not to be concerned about how they’re killed.

    • joethefatman

      Well they are good for at least 2 things. They give the local deer hunters real target practice and feed me an mine quite well.

      • allannon

        I guess that’s a regional thing; the ones around where I hunt have more parasites than Congress.

        I don’t think I could bring myself to risk it if I wasn’t trending towards starvation. 😉

        We’ve trapped and raised a couple piglets, though, so I suppose that is a use of sorts.

        • joethefatman

          East Texas hogs can and do have parasites, but using the right prep and cooking methods makes the ick factor a minor problem.

          • gunslinger

            So the wild hogs are edible? I heard they were, then here people are claiming disease on some.


          • joethefatman

            Yep. Yes some can be diseased, you just have to pay attention to what is being butchered. All wild game has the potential to be diseased.

          • dan citizen

            I’ve been to some slaughterhouses, they would grind stuff up for burger I wouldn’t feed my dogs. I prefer wild game.

          • joethefatman

            That is something I remind my kids of when they’re eating hotdogs.

          • dan citizen

            I just started home making sausage and my wife doesn’t get why I want to make hot dogs…. She is too young to remember when hot dogs were eaten without worry (because we were stupid back then I guess)

            I just want to eat a guilt free healthy hot dog.

          • Blake

            We have our game butcher grind the tougher bits of venison & make “deer dogs” for us. He uses the same tube that he makes all his other sausage from (ever had duck sausage? It’s absolutely delicious).

          • john Everett Walker

            If i don’t see them, they’re not there. So, I don’t look real close. Most hog hunting, while fun doesn’t much resemble old-form fair-chase hunting.Of course nothing else resembles that any more either There’s a bit of excitement, you can take care to make clean kills and make use of the meat- either eat it yourself or feed it to another member of the food chain. Anybody who doesn’t like it is free to sit cross-legged in front of some eastern effigy and mutter things about the jewell being on the lotus. .

          • Mystick

            I’m sure the local predators and scavengers will appreciate the bite-sized chunks. Of course, good odds are they’ll be more hogs…

          • john Everett Walker

            Yep. Pigs love bacon.

  • gunslinger

    legal? probably not.
    i don’t have hogs in my area, but i’ve heard they are pests, not “game”. do people throw a fit with rat/ant poison? spraying a wasps nest with raid?

  • Hsein Chen

    Some one might get a visit!

  • joethefatman

    Ethical? Most likely as they were killed quickly. Sensible? Not really. Why waste the meat, it’s very tasty.

  • NewerHCE

    Just wrong.

  • Mystick

    I’ve seen Tannerite used for getting rid of groundhogs on farms(it can be detonated by means other than kinetic impact, such as a DIY blasting cap)… it’s cheaper than getting the permits and buying TNT, and is safer to store. And it’s faster and less toxic than the smoke-bombs for the purpose – especially with ground crops like hay.

    Of course, used in that manner, it’s underground and kills through pressure in the hole… so the results aren’t as… “violent”.

    Pest animals are pest animals. I wouldn’t call what was done here “hunting”, but pest elimination. Shooting a group of animals like that would only result in them running every direction, and you would be lucky to get more than one or two of them without the “firing squad” approach. This method is quick and effective, only kills the targeted species, and is relatively humane.

  • Halon330

    I am a hunter, have been since childhood. I cannot condone what they did. I personally know that feral hogs can be a destructive pest, but there are better options than that. Hunting and trapping would both be acceptable. Here in SC I’m sure DNR could find something to charge a person with for that type of tactic.

  • Kirill

    I would not call that a clean kill, but I would call it effective. The problem is that Hogs are pests. They’re a danger to crops, livestock and young humans. Its become alright to slay hogs en mass, because they breed so quickly.

    It is what it is I suppose. It eliminates the pigs quickly and likely does so in a way that they don’t suffer, but at the same time it destroys the usefulness of the meat. Personally I would call it unclean, effective and in a moral grey area, provided it does not break any laws. Its too bad the meat and all will go to waste, but the pests are removed.

    • john Everett Walker

      from the laughter, it would appear that the boys enjoyed the experience. If it pushes somebody’s church-lady button, well the Talulah Bankhead Protocol is ever available
      * HInt: Google Talulah Bankhead Loretta Young.

  • worldwideREB

    for those of you wondering it IS Legal. but consider the fact that in a lot of states you can hunt hogs with full autos, helicopters, night vis, or some combo there of. It shouldn’t surprise people when you see a vid of someone IEDing a bunch of them at once

    • gunslinger

      got a link to statue or the like?

      • joethefatman

        Check up thread to Blake #2’s post. He has the relevant Texas code and link. But keep in mind that’s us, there shouldn’t be any implication that our rules apply anywhere else.

        • gunslinger

          not to nitpick, but there is nothing given that explicitly states tannerite is ok. it doesn’t say it’s banned either. it does say you can bow, muzzle load, shotgun and pistol hogs as well as use rifle. also it does state hogs aren’t classified as “game” animals, so that may open it up a bit.

          don’t get me wrong, i dont see moral/ethical issues with using tannerite to get rid of a pest problem. i’m just curious as to the legal windings it brings up. it’s possible because of the “status” of hogs, a full set of laws were developed.

          • Sulaco

            In law unless it is forbidden in writing its legal, at least in theory.

          • RocketScientist

            Reading Comprehension… get some:

            “Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals. Therefore, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them.”

        • Porty1119

          As far as I can tell, this is legal in Missouri as well.

  • Mack

    Some are saying this unethical, why is this unethical? i would rather not know what the heck hit me, than get hit in the heart and still bleed out for a minute. Just my personal opinion.

  • Stephen

    Fucking shameful. These ass hats should should publicly caned. This is not hunting, far from it in fact. This just makes all hunters look like terrible.

    • gunslinger

      so the orkin man should be strung up?

  • Huntersteve

    strange that in Europe populations can be managed but not in Texas?
    One key difference is that shooting sows with piglets is a big no-no here, just like with humans young without adult supervision becomes a problem and judging by videos of hunting in texas the shooting is indisciminate.

    • Porty1119

      A buddy of mine shot a pregnant sow with a .50. Not sure if it was knowingly or not, but the aftermath was pretty awful.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I think that the difference between here and Europe is that the boar are native to Europe and there are natural factor that help to keep their population under control. However, in the US and Australia they are an invasive species and like most invasive species there are no natural controls in place to keep their population in check and end up breeding out of control thus requiring human interference. Hogs aren’t the problem species either, just look up cane toads and snakeheads (a fish) as a couple of other examples of invasive species.

  • dan citizen

    Quick and effective right? So the three legged one hopping around is positively not the result of a previous blast? And he’s taking the safety off his rifle and aiming at the end for what reason?

    Anyone here who’s been blown up, and I’m betting there’s a few, can agree with me that it is not guaranteed “quick and humane”

    I am a hunter, but this is not hunting.

    Ok, so there pests. I have made a lot of money and filled my freezer countless times off wild hog meat, it’s typically better than factory pork.

    So they don’t want the meat, fine. Show you’re a man and shoot the damned thing.

    • whskee

      I wondered if that limper was a ‘survivor’ from a previous blast attempt as well. No way to be sure one way or the other, but I do believe this reflects very negatively against not only gun-owners and hunters, but also lawful users of binary-explosive mixtures. This looks like a reckless use, and I need to look into it more but I believe usage in that manner becomes illegal. This is fine ammunition for those seeking a ban.

      • dan citizen

        Many are saying this is texas, where hog eradication with explosives is illegal.

  • Keith

    Can someone explain to me why this is so much more disgusting and offensive than just shooting them. It seems like everybody is totally fine to shoot them with a gun but when an explosive is used it’s somehow a horrific war crime. This is not about honorable sportsmanship, this is a dangerous and destructive pest animal. I certainly don’t believe they suffered any more than bleeding out from a bullet wound.

    • huntersteve

      because he does it for fun, atlest the laughing tells me that.

      don’t get me wrong helihunting would probably be fun and i’d do it probably have smile on my face but to actually LOL like they did is disgusting

      I dislike this whole lets see if it works approach even if it is for pest control. same with helihunting when they take bowhunters up, silly

      • So, you consider hunting “not fun”. Change your username, poser.

        • Altoid Fiend

          I see an absurd number of hunters posing with some dead critter and grinning like Cheshire cats. It’s definitely about the fun, the challenge, etc.
          Otherwise they’d get their meat from the grocery store like everybody else, saving a ton of time and bother for more important things, like arguing on the internet.

  • dudeman

    This is disgusting. I hope whoever did this gets ebola.

  • Jeff Smith

    I’m pretty sure use of tannerite for anything other than a reactive target is illegal. Though, I’m not sure of the legality if the result of it being shot kills an animal. Any legal experts out there?

  • John

    I use a AN/PVS-14 and an IR laser to kill hogs around here at night (west Texas). I use an AR15 with a shoulder thing that goes up, and my big boy magazines. I’ve killed a ton (maybe literally?) in the last year.

    Tannerite is an ethical gray area for actual killing. Is there shrapnel involved? Do you pack the thing with nails and ball bearings (don’t, you’ll never be able to drive across that pasture again), or is it just pressure? I’m interested in what the state wildlife agencies have to say on this – I’d like to see it in writing.

  • SS Allgemeine

    kosher if there is a rabbi present? awesome nonetheless

  • Booth

    Not that I have any moral authority but…..it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never hunted so I can’t make any legitimate comments about ethical kills. I guess it just seems really wasteful. But then if you believe in the whole circle of life idea then something is gonna come along and eat like a king. That is if there’s anything left.

  • I have to disagree with this. This is wrong, it does not guarantee a quick and humane kill. I hunt, a lot, and hogs are a major problem here in Florida as well , North Florida anyway. I’m able to cull a decent sized herd in a day, I need nothing more than a rifle, but a thermal http://goo.gl/59tH0w and soon a suppressor will help. We have hundreds of pounds of meat but have no issue giving it away to friends and friends of friends. The only hogs we don’t eat are those that diseased and then we usually won’t take any meat from the herd.

  • Gabe

    The animals are pest, so do with them what you will to get rid of them. However, I do question the legality. Explosive targets are already a, sort-of “grey area” since it’s technically not sold as an explosive but becomes an explosive when mixed. One can make and use explosives for personal, non-business use and that is it. Any transportation or commercial use would require licenses, so I really hope these guys mixed it on-site, it’s their property and they are not hog hunt guides.

    Keep in mind, this is the very “grey area” the feds used to raid RPSRussia. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys get a knock on the door, or a breaching round through their lock.

    • whskee

      I just remembered, the thing someone claimed back then was that by filming and posting to youtube, where you can make a profit from ‘views’ and advertisements, it became a commercial use requiring the explosives licences.

      • Gabe

        Yup, that’s the justification they use to get warrants. When you take into account how much some of these guys make off of you tube, it’s actually not that far fetched. A high traffic channel on you tube can bring in 10-15k a month, which is pretty lucrative.

        These guys are obviously not making that much but like I said, grey area. Until a judge makes a decision somewhere, it will probably remain that way.

  • mosinman

    i don’t see the problem. yeah it’s messy but i bet they didn’t feel a thing

  • Dan

    My Nephew was a Marine he was lucky enough to walk away from an IED his friend wasn’t and from his description it was neither a quick or humane death. Hogs are pests but I take serious issue with anyone who takes pleasure in killing anything. I don’t spray bugs unless their in my house mice are fine until they come inside. I will not sit here and pretend I am morally superior because I am not.

    I will just say the single greatest concern I see with this video is what people not familiar with the destruction hogs cause or the people who are on the fence about acceptability of any hunting and guns. Let’s face it to the uninformed, non hunting gun owners and hunters have and will be lumped into the same group when someone see’s this video and decides we as a community are heartless psychopaths that take pleasure is gunning down and blowing up animals.

    Our community doesn’t need the negative attention. So for that reason alone if blowing up pigs brings you joy don’t post it you are not doing the rest of us any favors.

  • So…..you’re telling me, that in some states, wild pigs are SOOOO common that they are classified as pests? As a Nutmegger, that is, just…wow.

    • Jeremy Star

      Some states? Try many states. NY has a big pig problem. Unfortunately, their big stupid politician problem is making it worse.

  • sauerquint

    There are too many people excusing this on the basis of pest control. You don’t seem to understand that while this may be your take on it, you are currently being allow to address the pests without any sort of regulation. That can change. This kind of PR nightmare is exactly the sort of thing that will change it.

  • Kingofthehill

    Way to go CALEB! and friends from the Gun Nuts Media.

    You give all of us gun enthusiasts and hunters an awful name. Piss off scumbag.

  • Robert

    The only real problem I have with this is that those guys were dumb to do this. There was a real possibility of them getting railed by a 40 lb chunk of meat going 80 mph. They were far enough away that it was a very low probability, but if others try to repeat this from closer in, you could get some serious injuries doing this.

  • dan citizen

    I think this is going to end badly.

    Just talked to a friend who works for Fish and Wildlife. She asked if I had seen the pig video. She said they are discussing with BATFE who is going to be handling what aspect of the charges against these guys. She said they will be facing game and explosives charges. Apparently killing hogs with explosives is illegal and using tannerite for an illegal act loses you the BATFE exemption, meaning you then face illegal manufacture, transport, unsafe storage etc. charges,

    We’ll see what happens.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Interesting. thanks

      • Julio

        Was this not filmed in Australia? Beyond even the BATFE’s jurisdiction, I would have thought?

  • Alex Nicolin

    Aww … almost as cute as a MK77 being dropped on ISIS.

  • john huscio

    Would I do it? No, probably not. At the same time I’m not losing any sleep over billy Bob makin pigs fly……feral hogs are some of the worst pests on the planet and (in my experience) adult feral hogs are riddled with parasites and as close to inedible as something that is made of meat can get….

  • Bruce

    I’d like to way in. I’m a hunter, and there is a value in stalking an animal and a respect for the life you take. it’s not just a sport but something that we do to challenge ourselves while remembering that all life is precious. I’m not a “tree huger” but I cannot abide by brutally killing animals, even if they are pests. I also know that if you’re not there at the time any video can be made to look bad depending on your point of view. If in their area wild pigs are a nuisance animal, I understand the need to control their population. That being said I don’t think blowing them sky high, is the way to do that.

  • Julio

    Hunting? No. Pest control? Yes. effective? Yes. Hogs vs. ants? Species-ism (a plague of dolphins might require the use of depth-charges). Bothered that they laugh afterwards? No. Using explosives successfully is elating not dull. Making a positive experience out of a necessary chore is a bonus. What of the wounded (if any)? The shooter was ready for follow-up shots if needed. What of the meat? There’s only so much you can use. Hot climates and a population with endemic disease mitigate against introducing meat from this source into the food chain. The chilling and screening and processing and transportation cost, especially in remote areas, may make it uneconomic, and when losses are already being suffered due to infestation such investment may be impractical. Illegal? I don’t think we should ban things we disapprove of… especially when so many people disapprove of guns. It’s not a sound principle on which to base a tolerant society. So, if it’s already illegal, IMO it shouldn’t be. Outrageous? Some people just love being outraged. I don’t begrudge them their pleasures, but think it would be better if they just got over themselves. Wise to post on Youtube? Stimulating debate is good, arousing knee-jerk ranting less so, but uploading at just 360p is simply unforgivable.

  • Gone girl

    I believe this constitutes turning tannerite into a destructive device. I wouldn’t do it

  • barry

    Come on folks this is PEST elimination . PESTS can be that mouse in the kitchen , that fly bothering you while watching tv or that animal that is ruining you food garden . You are KILLING PESTS NOTHING MORE OR NOTHING LESS . This is not hunting ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Altoid Fiend

    If you must be a jackass, don’t film it. If you must film it, don’t upload it to youtube. Thanks a lot, jackasses.

  • Henry Bowman

    Yes the do “Ishmael grab the buggieI have a attack of a big mac, away we shall ride.”

  • Henry Bowman

    That explosion was humane as fuck.

  • ken

    Have any of you actually seen what Ferrell pigs/hogs do to water gps and crops?…..that’s what I thought. If you like your produce this is indeed an effective way to get rid of them. Traditional means are very ineffective on the exploding population. I am a law abiding ( Hunter ) hogs are devastating.

  • Ethan

    Were you there?
    Is your livelihood threatened by Hog infestation?
    NO? Then please be quiet. There are enough armchair quarterbacks in the world without you acting like one.

  • Ricotta

    What’s cleaner than getting blown the fuck up instantly?

  • wojosr

    egt a plane load and drop them over Syria, iran and iraq