SIG 716 Lightweight Prototype

sig prototype

Photos and information about a new SIG 716 rifle have leaked on the internet. Osage County Guns is reporting on a pair of photos posted on Pinterest. According to OCG, the rifle is a prototype of a new designated marksman rifle (DMR) being developed by SIG SAUER. The SIG rifle is the one in the foreground of the above photo.

The rifle:

  • weighs less than 9 pounds,
  • comes with a full length KeyMod hand guard, and
  • possibly has a QD-style mount for a suppressor.

For more information, check out the OCG article here.

Richard Johnson

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  • Sam Pensive

    carry less gun weight and more ammo.

  • Tierlieb

    Sig’s previous rail systems for the 516 and 716 have been short to allow setting the gas pressure and taking out the piston for cleaning in the front of the gun. I wonder how they solved this with a long rail like this.

    • mig1nc

      LWRC has the upper portion of the rail being removable, I wonder if it is something like that.

    • Rusty Shakleford

      It looks like a low profile version of the longer one used on the 716 Precision.

  • Josh

    Those pictures were taken off of Austin Weiss’s instagram. He had pictures of those about 4 weeks ago