Kyle sent us this photo of a PPSh-41 with an interesting carved stock. He took this photo at the Latvian War Museum in Riga, Latvia. The stock is carved with what looks to be angels, oak leaves and an eagle. There are words scratched into it. If any Latvians recognize the words and can translate them, let us know in the comments.


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  • Letiņš

    1st is “Daugavas” – a river in Latvia, the world itself indicates affiliation with the river.

    2nd is “Vanagi” – hawks.
    3rd – unfortunately I can’t make out what it says.

    Basically, it says Hawks of Daugava.

  • Zachary marrs

    It says “look at this turd I polished”

    I love the carving, even if it ain’t my style

  • Don Ward

    Latvia has Bubbas.

    • iksnilol

      I thought bubba was about messing up a gun in the hopes of making it “better” or “tactical”? That PPSH doesn’t fit the Bubba MO.

  • Michael Pham

    Definitely a work of art, but inb4 potato jokes

  • ed

    Looks kinda like a 10/22 with a BX25 mag. Anybody know of a conversion kit?