Integrated Suppressor for 9mm TAVOR


Rat Worx and Manticore Arms have teamed up to bring an integrated suppressor and rail system to the market for the 9mm IWI TAVOR called the ZRX.

The package will include the Manticore Arms rail system along with a new muzzle brake and a suppressor stack for a total price of $400. The entire package will add less than a pound to the gun, and less than 3″ to the length.

According to the below video from the Military Arms Channel, the ZRX will be user serviceable. Additionally, they consider it hearing safe.

Richard Johnson

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  • bbmg

    I’m surprised this isn’t more widespread, cubic capacity is a very important part of suppressor effectiveness and having a tube on the end while practical is not the most efficient way of going about it.

    You could conceivably pipe some of the gas to a hollow stock for example, granted heat management would have to be seen to but the larger it is, the less hot it will get.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Not exactly. If pure volume was all you needed, you would see a lot more reflex cans in the USA. The SiCo apparel would be significantly quieter than the traditional SiCo Octane. You would see 2″ diameter rifle cans all over the place.

      You are incorrect that a stock could be used for volume, that would just flat out never work. And incorrect that Volume is this magic number that all you need to do is increase. For some calibers like 9mm and 22, it is very important, but it’s never “the” thing you need. Don’t feel bad, you know a lot more about suppressor design than most people.

      • claymore

        It’s been done using a stock as a bigger volume area. I think it was in Spain but it’s in Don Walsh’s book with a photo.

        So what else do you need, “inverse gas law” dictates slow the gasses, let them expand, or cool them, more volume works for all three.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          It’s been done, and it works, are entirely different things.

          • claymore

            It does but it made the firearm a bit unwieldy.

      • bbmg

        While baffle design and length is very important, you cannot deny the importance of volume for a suppressor to be effective. You want the propellant gasses to expand as much as possible and lose as much pressure as they can before escaping to the atmosphere, and giving them more volume to do so evidently helps.

        The Osprey you mentioned in 9mm is quoted at 125 dB by Silencerco, while the slightly longer Octane in the same caliber is quoted at 127 dB – which is a significant difference when it comes to noise.

        In most cases, cans are made as big as they can be without being too inconvenient. When suppression is critical, as in the case of the Russian VKS 50 cal sniper, extra bulk is accepted as a necessary trade off:

  • Tavor Owner

    This thing looks awesome, and the price point is impressively low; it seems like a no-brained for those who already have the 9mm conversion kit (and who live in free states).

    The Achilles heel is going to be the true cost of ownership. The full breakdown for this setup would be:

    $200 for the baffle stack
    $200 for the shroud
    $200 for the tax stamp
    $750 for the conversion kit
    The use of your 5.56mm Tavor

    That last one is the kicker, at least for me. Presumably it’s why they had to keep the price so low, and unfortunately their sales will probably be limited mostly to those who, like Tim, already own more than one Tavor. $1350 goes a long way towards a good suppressed pistol caliber carbine that won’t cost me the use of my only 5.56mm bullpup.

    • bbmg

      I believe a 5.56mm variant is currently in development.

    • Adam aka eddie d.

      Without trying to be cinical or something, let me quote Tim and Sven from the very end of the video:
      “the entire system [rail, suppressor module, muzzle device] is gonna cost 400 bucks”.

      About the tax stamp: it really has nothing to do with price.
      You pay it with every serial number that’s on a part or firearm that qualifies
      as an NFA item, so it applies to any other suppressor brand/type too.

      The same goes for the conversion kit:
      it’s a different product from a different company (IWI of course).
      Yes, the kit is rather expensive, but it has no relation to the cost
      of the MA accessories.
      If one decides to build a suppressed PCC, it’s perfectly ok, but it’s not a Tavor.
      If someone needs a Tavor kit, then it’s a Tavor kit.
      Also, with all the shipping charges, time and gas expanse (parts pick up, build), tax stamp, suppressor and all the parts needed for a PPC,
      you won’t be under $1200 anyway, IMHO.

  • Yojimbo556

    well, looks like I gotta buy a Tavor

  • Giolli Joker

    Is it me or every time there’s an article on Manticore Arms products it’s about interesting and sensible stuff?
    (Now make it 300BLK)

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Three things…

    That can will get hot eventually. 9mm suppressors don’t get blazing hot, but they do get hot enough to be untouchable. The tavor has a 16″ barrel in 9mm right? It’ll be fine, but not hat will be an issue for some.

    I’ll wait to hear it. Bullpup suppressors work fine at the muzzle, but the issue is the action is right at your face. No matter how quiet the can is, there is still a lot of (probably not hearing safe) noise right at your ear. If anyone wants to disagree on this, drop an AR into battery 5″ from your ear.

    That can will leak. A lot. Under highspeed I can see gas coming from the edges of the SiCo Osprey. After some shooting I have soot at the end of the can showing where it leaks. This design will leak like a siv. Not really an issue, but also not the sign of a super high quality and well engineered product, but then again it’s $400 for all of the parts.

    • Houston

      I want #s. Dbs and need to hear one in person. Im skeptical that it will be truly quiet. Thats my main concern here. If it is then this is a huge winner in my book. I like the integral nature of it a lot. The other issue is that the can is a one trick pony specific to the Tavor. I have a few AAC cans and with adapters can get them on dozens or different firearms of course. Not the case here. This is more like the SD can for the MP5. One trick. Price is right though. If it sounds good then I’ll def get one for mine.

  • Kai

    As an Illinois resident I thought we weren’t allowed to own suppressors? On a side not Manticore Arms is located in my hometown which is pretty cool.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    The WANT just hit an all-time high.

  • Gabe