3D Printed Machine Gun Shoots Paper Airplanes

Papierfliegerei 3D printed most of the parts to build his machine gun. It does not use any propellent but is electric powered. Ok, the title I used is a little misleading. It is a machine gun by definition since it shoots multiple projectiles with one squeeze of the trigger. However this is not a firearm and he doesn’t shoot at paper airplanes. It shoots out paper airplanes as projectiles.

At first I was not impressed. The rate of fire is painfully slow. In my mind, he has some sort of hopper of paper airplanes and this machine gun just spits them out. Oh how wrong I was. This machine gun makes its projectiles.

It has an internal magazine loaded with sheets of paper. The machine chambers a sheet of paper from the internal magazine and, in an assembly line fashion, it forms the paper into an airplane then launches them.

plane machine gun

Nicholas C

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  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    I see it and i think that more than a toy it may find use to distribute fliers in shopping malls and parades

    • kbroughton77

      Or promotions at sporting events, think t-shirt gun but for coupons

    • wetcorps

      Someone makes a poetic concept and you guys immediately find a way to use it for profit :'(

  • An Interested Person

    This is awesome.

  • wetcorps

    German engineering: you know it when you see it because:
    A-it’s overly complicated
    B-it’s impractical but awesome
    C-it uses a lot of rollers, for some reason

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    If its a “machine gun” its BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gunslinger

    paper folding isn’t fun. and can be a mess when automated. but this looks pretty darn cool