I love the photo but sadly it was taken of a deactivated MP5 (due to Austrian gun laws). Thanks to Gregor for sending it in.

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  • Darren Hruska

    Sharing “love” at 800 “kisses” per minute!

  • sammy_ j_bird

    Would make a pretty cool selector marking design on other firearms too, like an AR15. Broken heart for Safety, one heart for Fire (or Semi), and three hearts for Full Auto!


    What that’s telling me is to shoot center-mass for the heart, but I’m just a joyless ass.

    I’ve always enjoyed Punisher-styled firearms. Granted Frank Castle seems like a classy guy who doesn’t use guns that are covered and hanging with skull imagery.

  • UD

    Wheres Alex C. when you need him 😉

  • Blake

    Looks like an MP5A5.

    Does the 3rnd burst mode still work?

    • Burst

      Deactivated= probably not.