The Bronco is a .22 LR survival rifle made during the late 1960s and 1970s. They were marketed with the slogan “without frills”, which was, if anything, an understatement. The Bronco was essentially a copy of the Hamilton Model 7 which was made form 1889 to 1901. For most of its life the Bronco retailed for less than $20.




To learn more about this gun read the article written by Dan Shideler in Guns Illustrated 2011.

Thanks to Chris for the photos.

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    Please, someone: TACTICOOL THIS THING UP STAT.

    Put some rails and a NV scope on this thing.

    • USMC03Vet

      Suddenly 10lb rifle….

      • iksnilol

        10 lbs? That’s lightweight. Did you forget the backup thermal scope on top of the NV scope? I mean, they usually have rails on them so why not use them.

    • John

      Isn’t there a company that makes a modern single-shot .22LR survival rifle that has rails?

      • wetcorps

        Chiappa does with the Little Badger.

    • Bob

      Where’s the bayonet lug and backup folding iron sights with tritium inserts?

  • Chadd

    That’s awesome! I would love to have one made form modern material in something like .38 special or .45Colt maybe even 9mm

    • Bronco Garcia Owner

      They made a version in .45 long colt. It’s definitely the worst gun I own. I don’t fault it for being bare bones, but the firing pin is so gummed up it doesn’t reliably ignite primers, and as far as I can tell it can’t be disassembled for cleaning.

      Internet, please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • jamezb

        Just spray that baby’s guts with Birchwood Casey’s gun-scrubber using the directed spray tube, then give it a shot of light oil.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what she said

  • Steve Martinovich

    Friend of mine owned one. I always thought it was a .22 whose stock had been removed. Good to finally know what that rifle was all about.

  • Todd

    I just bought a $154 Chiappa Lil’ Badger. Looks to be of same ilk as the Bronco. I plan on doing a side by side accuracy comparison with my $3000 Walther KK300 Alutec. Range report to follow.

    • Fred Johnson

      Huh? What?

      • Zachary marrs

        I know, compare accuracy of a $150 rifle to a 3k rifle? Lol.

        Compare it to a marlin papoose, 10/22 takedown, or a Henry ar7

        • Giolli Joker

          Well, if the “cheap vs top quality” test is properly done, it can be interesting to see at what range the difference gets sensible, with what ammo, etc…

    • wetcorps

      Interested 🙂

    • Risky

      I’ve had a Badger sent back to Chiappa for warranty work going on, ohhh, 6 months now? Out of spec extractor. Apparently that’s as complicated as fixing the hubble telescope……

  • torn

    Still have my Hamilton Model 7, but did you know it had a brass bbl?

  • Cymond

    The swivel-to-side breech loading reminds of a more modern survival rifle that I saw. Unfortunately, it’s expensive because they took ‘lightweight’ to an extreme level.

    • Giolli Joker

      It really looks like Bronco’s modern grandchild.
      It’s interesting but I like more the look of the Bronco.
      (checking the gallery their website… I wouldn’t use a single-shot 22LR to kill a cougar…)

  • Brad

    I want one of these guns for some stupid reason…

  • Bill J

    Someone actually made a Short Barreled Shotgun (AOW) version of this thing (or very close design) The Gun Store in Las Vegas sold them for like $50 20 years ago, with a $5 transfer fee.

    It was a heck of a way to get your first tax stamp super cheap.
    I just went digging back trough my records, and I cant find it, I want to say it was 410, 22lr. But it might have been 20ga, 22lr I remember it having a pistol length barrel (under 10″ anyway) and choise of pistol grip of full stock.

    I sold mine very shortly after getting it approved to a friend for him to get his first stamp sent through. This was back in the days of no stamp 6-8 months wait time, but if you had had a previous stamp background check it was under 3 months for the transfer and background to happen.

    • Zachary marrs

      Perhaps you are thinking about the marbles game getter

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    There were made in three flavors: .22, .410, and .22/410 over/under. The rights/design was eventually sold to Bauer and it was marketed as the Bauer Rabbit with a glossier finish. Speculation is that the the Bauer guns were simply imported from Garcia and re-branded rather than made ny Bauer. These things turn up from time to time, and the over/under combo is the more sought after variation. I just had one a few months back and sold it for about $300, so there is some collector interest out there.

  • herb

    I like it. I like that kind of web-like reinforcement in the stock, how the bottom part of the stock appears to be a rod, and the overall clean, sporty shape. The front trigger-shaped control (cocking handle I guess) reminds me pleasantly of old three-“trigger” shotguns. Slightly funny concept in light of prevailing ideas on safety (i.e. booger hook off bang switch) to have something trigger-like in the same area as the trigger.

  • Dean Seaman