Navy Arms 1873 Rifles

1873 rifle

Navy Arms announced they are now selling reproduction Winchester 1873 rifles. These rifles are made by Winchester Repeating Arms and finished by Turnbull Restorations.

Rifles will be made in both .45 Colt and .357 Magnum calibers. The receiver and metal furniture will be color case hardened, while the stock will be checkered walnut.

The barrel will be octagonal and available in 20″ and 24 1/4″ lengths. A gold front bead rear semi-buckhorn sights are standard. The Winchester short stroke kit will be pre-installed in these guns.

The MSRP will be $2,500. The guns are in stock and shipping.

Richard Johnson

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  • USMC03Vet

    Sounded pretty neat until I saw the price :I

    • Ken

      Yeah, Turnbull’s work is not cheap. Look up the Uberti repros made in Italy. They are way cheaper and are decently made.

    • $2,500 is actually pretty inexpensive for Turnbull’s work. Many of his shop’s custom big-bore repeaters are priced at $15-20K. Amazing place to visit if you’re in Upstate NY & make sure to grab a calendar when you’re there!

    • Street price for a new Winchester 73 is about $1600 while MSRP is closer to $1900 so the extra cost for The Turnbull work isn’t bad.

  • Alexander Frye

    Yikes, steep price.

  • Dracon1201

    I want one… Then I saw the price. Like hell, Winchester, Like hell.

  • Beeblebrox

    Serious question: how are they reproductions if they are made by Winchester? A new Colt 1911 is not called a reproduction.

    • Ken

      The Winchester factory in New Haven, CT closed in 2006. Olin Corp, the owner of Winchester, then partnered with FN/Browning to have Winchester design firearms made. I think the 1873 was brought back in 2013, made by Miroko of Japan through FN. As I understand it, there is no “Winchester” factory making these, but instead they are made entirely by Miroku, so that’s how they are a reproduction.

      • Beeblebrox

        Ah, I see. From everything I have heard Miroku does make a nice gun, though.

      • Michel_T

        Wonder now long it willntake for them to outsource to China…

        • Ken

          I for one would like to see more 1897 trench gun repros imported. I need one so I can 3-gun with WWII weapons.

  • Ratcraft

    I would just be happy if I could find some .25-35 for my 1906 1894.

    • SD3

      I’ve got some, if you’re interested. $2,500/box…

      • Ratcraft

        I might have to take you up on that.

        • Laserbait

          Start reloading. You can make it from 30-30 cases cheaply.

  • Adam

    Why are people so afraid of a reasonable price? Yes it’s expensive, but it’s not unreasonable. It seems like everybody wants H&H quality at Hi-Point prices, and if it doesn’t happen like that they get butthurt.

    • USMC03Vet

      Sorry we all can’t be Daddy Warbucks throwing down $2,500+ for a lever action novelty.

      • It’s not a novelty if you compete in SASS matches.

        • Dan

          I do and it’s still a novelty

        • Zachary marrs

          A new 73 from winchester can be had for 1600.

        • USMC03Vet

          Only sass matches I’ve seen involved finger snaps and “oh, no she didn’t” expressions.

    • Laserbait

      I don’t consider that a reasonable price for a japanese made rifle. $600 for the rifle (before Turnbulls work) would be in line with what I’ve seen in their fit and finish.

  • Jeff Smith

    Goodbye, student loans…

  • Random FFL

    Haters gonna hate. If you don’t understand the price then you simply have no idea what Turnbull’s work looks like in person, or no appreciation for case color in general. The photo above(which is provided by Navy Arms) doesn’t even come close to representing the quality of the finish on this rifle.

    I’ve sold a handful of these all over the country and each customer has been blown away by the quality finish. One of them is an extremely dedicated cowboy action shooter with over 30 years in the hobby and his feedback on the rifle after using it in competition was that it stands right up to his other custom rifles which he has years of tweaking into.

    Also, they can be had for $2300 if are savvy enough.

  • michael franklin

    If you’re really using it in competition you’ll be smashing it down on the table, dinging the wood and scratching the finish, I think you want the cheapest finish available cause in a few years there’ll be none left.

  • Guest

    I like that they are finished up by Turnbull but these really aren’t Winchester’s to begin with in my opinion. They are outsourced Japanese made rifles stamped with the Winchester name. Miroku makes very good guns and if I wanted a Japanese made reproduction I’d probably go to them but not for a Winchester. Obviously the people now making decisions for the Winchester company and I differ on what a Winchester is. I’m a fan of Henry rifles line drawn in the sand “made in America or not made at all” (and Henry rifles, they are niiiiiiiiice).

    The price would be on the high end of acceptable IF the rifle itself were actually a genuine American made Winchester. The best thing Winchester could do is get rid of everyone who’s been making decisions thus far and start manufacturing the Winchester rifles Americans want in the US. Which means no hideous and unnecessary safeties or cheap short cuts…just high quality, rough and tumble, always go BOOM, lever action rifles that makes you say “niiiiiiiice”.