KRISS Group Enters License Agreement With War Sport Industries

The KRISS Group has entered into a licensing agreement with War Sport Industries to produce both a .22LR and electric airsoft version of the LVOA rifle through their KRYTAC brand.  Both are being designed and marketed for training purposes and for use in the recreational market.

Check out their press release below:

KRISS Group to release licensed War Sport LVOA rifles through KRYTAC

KRISS Group SA officially entered into a trademark licensing agreement with War Sport Industries, LLC to produce the LVOA rifles, in .22 LR and 6mm, through its training and recreational shooting products brand, KRYTAC.

October 7, 2014 – Nyon, Switzerland – KRISS Group has entered into a worldwide license agreement with War Sport Industries, LLC to manufacture and distribute .22 LR and electric airsoft LVOA rifles under KRISS Group’s KRYTAC brand.

The agreement between KRISS Group and War Sport Industries represents an important step forward for KRYTAC to produce affordable training solutions based on innovative firearm products. The LVOA’s advanced design compliments the KRYTAC rifle product line with its unique silhouette and reputation for excellence.

“War Sport Industries is very excited to be partnering with KRISS Group SA in the LVOAtm trademark licensing agreement for the KRYTACtm and 22 LR product lines. The partnership brings two very innovative and “out of the box” manufacturers together to offer both training and recreational shooting products known as KRYTAC,” said Joey Boswell, CEO of War Sport Industries, LLC.

The KRYTAC LVOA .22 LR is intended to become the affordable shooting alternative for the range day enthusiast and tactical trainer by replicating the form and function of the 5.56mm LVOA rifles. The KRYTAC LVOA AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) will provide shooters with a low impact, non-lethal training solution and replicate many of the same features of the War Sport LVOA rifles. It will be powered by the KRYTAC Nautilus 8mm Reinforced Gearbox.

The KRYTAC LVOA .22 LR and AEG are targeted for 2015. Release dates and pricing will be announced at the 2015 Shot Show Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.


  • TCBA_Joe

    So, instead of producing a stripped down version with a forged upper, standard carrier, anodized with a mil-spec charging handle to make it accessible to us shooters…

    They licensed an airsoft version so japanese airsoft kids can play Costa. Between salient and airsoft one can’t mistake who their real market is.

    • Sneeky

      or so those of us without access to firearms due to national laws could also enjoy nice pieces of engineering, could be that too.

      • jamezb

        Isn’t that “Japanese kids” crack a little racist?
        Great job of promoting gun owners in a good light, there.

        • TCBA_Joe

          How so? It’s an observation of the market segment for this product: ahighly profitable and prominent segment of the airsoft/”mil-sim” community, not a crack at them for any racial differences.

        • karm42yn

          SJW to the rescue!

      • TCBA_Joe

        That’s an absurd comment and you know it. There’s nothing in the LVOA design that translates over into a .22 or airsoft. Be honest, the aesthetics of the gun is the ONLY thing that has any additional benefits over an M&P-15 .22 or anything that Evike sells.

        If you can’t own firearms then there is no engineering benefits. The LVOA was designed as a centerfire 5.56 night-fighting gun for “serious end users”. Or so they claim. Reality is they are basically only sold to Costa-class Gucci guys (and I like Costa), people who saw them in Trasformers, and now airsofters.

        If it works like they say then it would make an awesome patrol rifle. But they priced it out of the stratosphere for the type of individual who would truly benefit from this type of rifle.

        Maybe it’s a Breitling instead of a Suunto and the functional differences only exists as far as the purchase cost.

        I’m all for licensed airsoft. But I can also read between the lines on how a company markets its products.

    • jamezb

      Those who hate airsoft will be FORCED to purchase these, regardless of their desires!

      • jamezb

        Oh wait… no they won’t…

  • Shondo

    Hail Hydra!

    • gunsandrockets

      Nerd! 😉

  • Peter Balzer

    I take it they will come with the Nano Technology that we really want on our weapons? Remember who our friends are:

  • hod0r

    I didn’t know what an “LVOA” is and after finding out that it’s supposed to be a “low visibility operations application” rifle with a battlecomp that produces huge muzzle flashes (refer to LVOA select fire video on youtube for the fireworks) and retails for 3 grand I wish I could return to that recently lost state of blissful ignorance.

  • justme

    no thanks