FORT-227 and FORT-228: Galil ACE Being Manufactured In Ukraine

Two variants of the IWI Galil ACE have shown up on the website of the Ukrainian firm FORT. The first variant, pictured above, is the FORT-227. It is the FORT equivalent of the Galil ACE 22 Carbine. It is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO with a 13″ barrel. FORT’s website mentions that the trigger group is the same one used with the Galil sniper rifle. I am not sure if this applies to just FORT’s variant or to all Galil ACE rifles.


The FORT-228 is their equivalent of the Galil ACE 31. It is chambered in 7.62x39mm and has a 8.5″ barrel. It weighs 8.5 lbs when fully loaded with a magazine and has a rate of fire of 650 round/minute.

IWI is the H&K of the 21st century. They are quite happy to license the their designs to manufacturers around the world, much like H&K did back in the 1950s-1980s. This is popular for both security reasons (during wartime a local manufacturer can continue making the firearm) and for political reasons (jobs for locals). The furniture on these guns looks identical to the IWI furniture, which makes me think the stock, grip and handguard are imported from Israel not produced domestically.

Thanks to Levi and Albi for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • please

    So when will we be getting those old style Galils?

    • Dracon1201

      Hell, I will take either new or old now!

  • Mike

    Hope we can get em stateside soon…

  • Pete Sheppard

    I’d like the 5.56 version to take AR-style mags.

    • SP mclaughlin

      ACE N

    • Holdfast_II

      It looks like it does, albeit at a funny angle.

  • I need to get my hands on some of those Ukrainian Tavors . . .

    • toms

      I shot one of the first production ctars back in 08 or so. They were undistinguishable from isreali models.

  • big daddy

    I’d buy them, add a brace for a pistol and one with a 16″ barrel. Maybe a pinned 14.5.

  • suchumski

    its about time for an US manufacturer to talk to IWI.
    a company like RUGER would find a basis for a popular carabin.
    the US civil market is biger than any other on the
    planet and there is a .308 NATO possibility
    for the Galil, which would be a
    nice hunting rifle to,
    wouldn’t it?

    the Galils are realy reliable, they would be nice allround carabines
    from the southern desert to the northern forests.
    just having one would be great
    for me, the compact one
    is so……. 🙂

  • Mark

    Give me the 7.62×39 with an arm brace!

  • Lance

    FORT like there neighbors arms makers needed to make export weapons Israel has been good to tem. they already make a Tavor copy. Its logical they make a copy of the only real successful IMI/IWI rifle the Gaili. Fae it like Russian arms maker with the large numbers of AKs in there nations service they got to keep going by export.

  • toms

    Rumor is that some internal troops, police, will be getting these rifles. The old guard is Loath to give up the AK system and the tavor is too radical for their soviet indoctrinated minds. The newer genration of officers see the need/benefit of other weapons like the tavor. The ACE series are a good compromise, enough AK to keep the old generals happy, but ergonomic enough to benefit from modern accessories, techniques, ect. The .308 DMR version has been issued in small numbers for some time. The 100 dollar question is will they start issuing 556/.308 in large numbers. They have been producing nato spec ammo for some years but have huge existing stockpiles that make the change problamatic. Oh yeah they produce a nice negev clone as well, which also starting to see some use in the east.

    • John

      If they have “huge existing stockpiles” of 7.62 Russian, then logically it would make sense to build that ACE version and rearm their own forces first.

      Russia is literally attacking Ukraine; building guns for the U.S. sport market is dead last on their priority list.

      • UnrepentantLib

        Got to love the irony. The AK goes from Russia to Israel, gets a makeover, comes back to Ukraine where it might likely be used against Russia.

        • toms

          A little wrong I’ll fix it for you. AK goes from Russia to Finland, Finland copies enemies weapon but improves upon it, sells improved design to Isreal, Israel sells improved design to the whole world where it eventually ends up fighting Russian “Volunteers”. Russians’ claim their version is the best!

          • Man pippy

            A little wrong, Israel sells Galil to Colombia who is dissatisfied and designs a new rifle based on Galil which they sell back to Israel who then sells to the world including Ukraine.

          • suchumski

            oh yea, columbia is a famous arms designer, there are just
            some different Plastik parts built in now and who
            told you that the columbians redesigned it.
            the gun IS a kalaschnikov, nothing
            more, its like a 1911 from
            1911 differs from a 1911 from 2014, who invented the
            wheel…kalaschnikov himself newer called it his
            invention, he was a KONSTRUKTOR
            and the konstruktion is

            see, this is a redesign of stoners geniousity.

            (sorry for my english)

          • Toms

            I Think IMI designed the ACE package for a colombian request. I don’t think colombia engineered the changes. If so why does Isreal hold all the upgraded patents?

          • Fanfare Ends

            Don’t forget Putin helping Iran get nukes while Chechens out to kill Putin.

      • Zugunder

        “Russia is literally attacking Ukraine” please, enough of this bullsh*t already.

        • SP mclaughlin

          Explain Ukrainian jets getting shot down by Russia, then? I’m not saying either side is in the right, but don’t deny a fact.

          • Zugunder

            Solid proof please, i can’t say anything since i’m not witnessed this. However, as one who lives in about 20 km’s from Ukrainian border (Gukovo) and witnessed artillery shooting from Ukrainian side i wouldn’t mind my country shoot back at them (it’s really sad since i know many Ukrainians here, and they are generally really nice people). And given how much, admitted by both sides, soldiers ended up in other country, it looks more like Ukraine attacking Russia (it’s a joke).

            P.S. sorry my English, best wishes to you.

        • vanaheym

          Of course, russian troops came to Ukraine just because of faulty GLONASS. And all that SA-17 with all that BM-22 and 2C4 was bought by terrorists in local surplus stores. And of course, all that dead soldiers and officers – just volunteers on vacation.

          • Zugunder

            Why bother with buying military hardware when it lying around left by Ukrainian soldiers/militia for free?

          • vanaheym

            Ukraine army are not equipped with T-72B3 with Belorussian made “Sosna-U” thermal imager, AK-10X series, RPO-A, MRO-A, VSK-94 and many other things, like “Vyklop” or that ASVK, which was “taken from Ukrainian soldiers”.

          • Zugunder

            And where this photo taken?

  • Leonidas

    What is difference between an ak and a galil, except picatiny rails? I do not understand countries prefer galil. If they are so good, Israel would use it first of all.

    • suchumski

      it is a kalashnikov de lux, more durable and it works with
      M4 amo + mags, if you use a elektronic optic
      it is a mach vs the M4 and
      the Tavor is much
      of a galil in a
      bulpub konfiguration, the swiss army rifle is a kalaschnikov
      to, if you like, just the system is like a swiss-clock-kalshnikov.

      when israel build the galil, they wanted a kalaschnikov with m16

      it is sad that this is not translated to english
      here the differences are explaind fine. 😉

  • Ralphie

    Who wouldn’t want one? You said it they are the next HK!

    • Man pippy

      Nonsense, IWI didn’t design the Galil Ace, Indumil from Colombia did. And the original Galil was a copy of the Finish Valmet. The Uzi is Israels IWI only claim to fame and that doesn’t merit comparison with H&K.

      • suchumski

        i hear this for some time where is your info. from?
        do you have a link?
        i had a valment and
        it is much more
        an AK than
        a IMI.

        I know that vektor redesigned there galil version,
        what is your idumil stuff based on?
        they could produce it
        without IWI.

        would be nice to know the idumil storry, i know the
        problem with the old GALIL, it is about 8 pounds,
        milled from full metal, to heavy even for the
        IDF, with scope, night vision….. it
        can be 10 pounds and more.

        • Man pippy

          OK, can’t find any proof of that, must be a wikipedia fabrication my mistake.

          • suchumski

            thank you, you saved me from geting mad, i was searching for hours the internet up and down, now you are not the
            only one who told the idumil storry, may
            be it is truhe, i dont know.

            there is the sig 510, what is a over engenered kalaschnikov,
            4,1 kg (8,5 pounds) the mass of parts make it komplicated.
            real swiss-clock workmanship, like opening a
            kind of a religious thing.

            they solved the problem with the top of the AK, the
            sig opens with a kind of a lower reciver,
            for war it is to fine, heavy and
            fildstrip under stress
            would be horror.
            i love the sig, i sold mine to a friend and i miss it.

  • kev

    If in not mistaken they also offer tavors and x95 rifles in 5.45 soviet, which makes sense. However while certain militia police and special operations use it a majority of Ukrainian personnel use old soviet AKs.

  • UnrepentantLib

    At the risk of igniting a firestorm, any opinions how the 227 would fare in a shoot off with the M4A1 or other contenders in the carbine competition?

  • UCSPanther

    I wish Galils were legal in Canada.

    I would love to have an ARM with a wood forestock and in .223…

  • Man pippy

    Anyone know the per unit cost of the Galil Ace? It must be pretty cheap for all these poor countries to be able to afford it.

  • Max Glazer

    Ukrainians would have to be point-blank retarded to make this. They have huge stockpiles of untouched brand new 7.62mm AKM/AKMSs and 5.45mm AK/AKS-74s. Millions of rounds of ammunition. AKs are way simpler to make and, provided the level of manufacturing and staying true to spec is there, are accurate enough to be used where they are being used. Irrelevant how accurate the original. Crap manufacturing and soldiers with only about 5 weeks of training won’t be able to realize the possible advantages of weapons. Provided that Ukraine hasn’t done any modernization of its manufacturing since its Independence, this weapon will not be any superior to existing AKs. Also who is going to buy them? Broke Ukrainian military?