Hexmag Releases New Colors and State Compliant Magazines

Hexmag is releasing some new products to their line, and in new colors as well. They are releasing two new colors, flat dark earth and OD green for their entire magazine line and also state compliant magazines.


The state compliant magazines are called the True 10/30 and True 15/30.  They are a 30rd magazine body with a smaller capacity to comply with various state magazine capacity laws.  This gives the user a full sized magazine body easier use with things such as magazine pouches.  The new magazines are also not able to be converted back to 30rd magazines, allowing the user to disassemble them the magazines for cleaning.  This is accomplished by putting the spacer at the bottom of the magazine and shortening the spring.

Check out the press release from Hexmag below.

Hexmag, a Colorado-based AR-15 accessory manufacturer is adding Flat Dark Earth and OD Green colored magazine bodies to their lineup of 5.56/.223 magazines. With the popularity of these colors adorning many AR-15’s, our customers and dealers have been requesting these colors ever since we began operations earlier this year. These magazines will be available to dealers in the early part of November 2014 and feature the Hexmag Orange follower and latch plate.

Hexmag is also launching its new line of state-compliant magazines. Called the True 10/30 and True 15/30, these are 10-round and 15-round magazines in our 30-round body for the AR-15 platform. Just like the 30 round versions they will be available in black, FDE, and OD Green. They feature a stainless steel spring which is shorter than a standard spring and our True Riser which moves the base of the spring up, limiting the capacity internally. They are not convertible back to 30 rounds as shipped. This allows us to make a magazine that can be disassembled and cleaned just like any other magazine.

All Hexmag magazine products accepts the HexID color identification system replacement follower and latch plate. The HexID system was pioneered by Hexmag; it assists shooters ability to identify pre loaded ammunition using color. Hexmag’s full line of AR-15 magazine products comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


  • USMC03Vet

    This is heresy.

    • iksnilol

      Agreed, low capacity magazines that can’t be changed back? What the [insert expletive of your choice]!?

      • Phil Hsueh

        But it’s a necessary evil in CA where they don’t like converted mags that can be, in their words, easily converted back to standard capacity.

        • Anonymoose

          Just buy original 10s then.

          • Cymond

            Which don’t fit in magazine pouches (or you need special pouches). They also don’t feel right during drills & such.

            Me? I’m not ‘tactical’ enough to care, I just bought the little Lancer AWM 10-round magazines because they were more affordable than 10/30 mags.

      • gunslinger

        you mean sub-standard capacity?

        • iksnilol

          What’s the difference? “low-capacity” implies that it has a reduced capacity compared to a standard capacity magazine (30 rds for AR/AK and some others). While “sub-standard” capacity implies that it has a reduced capacity.

          They are the same.

          • gunslinger

            well people usually refer to 30rnds as “high capacity” which can have a negative connotation (Ban Hi Cap Mags). whereas “standard” has a more ‘this is neutral” side.

          • iksnilol

            True, but this was about low-cap mags and not standard capacity magazines.

      • raz-0

        As someone stuck in one of those places that demand this stuff, keep in mind that you are talking about 89 million people in those states.

        I know why you don’t like them, but expecting vendors to ignore a rather large market to adhere to your orthodoxy is a bit much. Not to mention abandoning people who are fighting the fight behind enemy lines against idiot politicians.

        • iksnilol

          I don’t mind that, I just mind the shortened spring.

          • Cymond

            There are many 10-round magazines that use full-length springs, but to make them “permanently altered” to only take 10 rounds, a block is inserted (or a rivet through the body) that prevents the follower from moving past a certain point. To keep the block installed permanently, the magazine baseplate is usually attached with epoxy, which makes it impossible to disassemble the magazine for cleaning. The type that uses a rivet to block the follower still has a removable baseplate, but the follower cannot be removed, and the spring is attached to the follower.

            In short, there is no really good solution. You either lose the ability to disassemble your magazines, lose the ability to use a full-length spring, or lose the ability to use standard-length magazines entirely (such as the 10-round magazines from Lancer or Magpul that have short bodies).

          • iksnilol

            I do know there are some mags (in Canada IIRC) that have an extension on the floorplate that extends upwards (preventing the follower from going down all the way) + a dent in the side preventing the follower from going down.

            Those can be converted to standard capacity with some work. Just cut of the extension (thin, flat piece of metal) and hammer out or cut off/out the dent.

  • Does Connecticut have a magazine restriction? Because if so, this is perfect for me.

  • echelon

    No officer, it only looks like an evil 30rd mag…it’s a True 10 though I swear. No really, my cavity does not need to be searched, honest. I am a law abiding citizen!!

    • Cymond

      … it’s pretty easy to prove that it only holds 10 rounds. And 10/30 magazines have been in widespread use in California for quite a while (I was only there 3 years, but they were common when I was there).

  • TiC

    They’re doing it to confirm to some local laws that don’t allow “rebuild kits” and might consider convertible mags to be illegal.

    I just called them to clarify as I currently live in California, but will be moving back to Texas next year and wanted to know if these could be converted by swapping for a longer spring. They don’t sell the proprietary springs, but said that when I move, that I could send them any 10rd Hexmags and they’d rebuild them as 30s for free. I would just pay shipping,

    I missed out on CA pre ban mags, but it’d be nice to have full size, albeit limited mags. Think I’ll try them out.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Wouldn’t have mattered if you hadn’t missed out, as I understand it it’s illegal to use standard cap mags on any rifle equipped with a bullet button, but I think that it would be ok if your rifle were featureless.

      • TiC

        I’m honestly not sure, so I err on the side of caution. I’m still not used to these bullshit California gun laws since I grew up in America.

      • Cymond

        You’re right, no full-capacity mags in magazine-locked guns (bullet buttons and similar). However, ‘featureless’ is really easy to do. I didn’t have any pre-ban full-capacity magazines, but I still preferred featureless because the bullet button bothered me more than the funky grip.

        • Sixshot6

          Out of curiosity Cymond, what was the definition of a pinned mag when you lived in that sad sunny place (as opposed to the sad windy place I live in). I heard from some Cal guys, that a mag with a limiter in and epoxy’ed in place was considered legal (but at the cost of being able to clean your mag). Was that the way? I’m with you on magpuls though, two of my three mags for my VZ58 mars are magpul E mags (since the british army uses them, alot of suppliers get them despite US State department dickery and sell them). They need a little bit cutting and filing off the back to work in a magwell adapted VZ, but once done they work. I may also use some earlier BAE systems Aluminium mags with some magpul drop in anti tilt followers. Anyone here have any experience doing that? I only want to do it as I can get the mags cheap and Midway uk can ship me the drop in followers.

          • Cymond

            Well, California magazines are required to be “permanently altered” but that’s never defined. Here’s a really good explanation: http://www.gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/LegalCaliforniaMagazines

            Once upon a time when it was legal to import & sell “rebuild kits” (all of the parts of a 30-round magazine), many people would buy rebuild kits and convert them to 10 round magazines. (Some other people would assemble them into illegal post-ban magazines but claim they were pre-ban magazines, since there was no way to prove they were postban.) Anyway, one guy who sold magazine blocks (to limit capacity when installed) argued that it was “permanent” enough just to install the block, even without epoxy. His logic? Rebuild kits were legal, assembling them into 10 round magazines was legal, disassembling them was legal, but reassembling them into 30-round magazines was illegal. Therefore, anyone (such as a cop) that disassembles the magazine has merely created a legal rebuild kit, and if that person then reassembles the kit without the block, then that person is guilty of “manufacturing” the “high capacity” magazine. Does that make sense?

            Anyway, my point is that there was no consensus over what was “permanent” enough to satisfy the law. After all, even a magazine sealed shut with epoxy could be cut open, unblocked, and reglued shut. Rivets and pins that block the follower could be drilled away. I can’t imagine a way to convert a 10-round Glock magazine to full-capacity, because they’re actually full-length magazines that are narrow internally to create a single-stack magazine. Even then, an extended basepad could add an extra round or two.

          • Sixshot6

            Sorry for the long time it took to reply. You’re right on the Glock magazines. Plus something else I can think is the magazine’s for GSG 1911’s. There are replacement followers than can add 2 or 4 rounds to the magazine. The followers themselves I guess will not be illegal to possess in a restricted mag state but illegal to use (Maryland being a different kettle of fish, people there I hear can buy mags with more capacity out of state, I guess the 50 beowulf mags might have an opening there, but why do that when the law says you can drive to VA or PA and fill your boots, you have petrol to pay, but fill your boots with enough mags and it makes up for it). It sounds like despite rebuild kits being banned from importation there now, there is still no real consensus.

            Do you still keep in touch with CA gun owners you knew while there and what do they say of the current situation? Ok to middling or getting worse?

          • Cymond

            I never got to know any California shooters, I only visited the CalGuns forum enough to get the answers I needed to legal questions and I tend to shoot alone.
            ***Possible Politics Warning***
            (I don’t think most of this is any worse than the other discussions that are justified as discussions of “legal shenanigans” on TFB)
            … but I’m still putting in these spacers. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t click on “See More”.
            However, things have definitely gotten worse in California, even if it isn’t drastic (compared to what they already endure). The one good bit of news is that the 10-day waiting period for each gun purchase was mostly ruled unconstitutional in court. However, 3 unfriendly bills were signed on September 30th:

            *SB-199 requires additional neon paint on any airsoft gun sold in CA.

            *AB-1609 requires any gun acquired outside of CA to be transferred through a CA dealer, with all of that red tape & bureaucracy. I’m honestly not sure when this would occur that wasn’t already covered by CA’s previous importation laws.

            *AB-1014 allows an immediate family member or police officer to request a court to issue a special ‘restraining order’ to confiscate your guns if they have evidence you may be dangerous. It’s actually a MAJOR improvement over the legislation that was originally proposed http://www.firearmspolicy.org/2014/05/anyone-anywhere-for-any-reason/

            Two other bills were signed earlier this year:

            *AB-1964 bans guns that are converted to single-shot. Single-shot guns are exempt from the Roster of handguns approved for sale in CA, so converting off-roster handguns to single-shot was a popular way to acquire them. After acquiring a single-shot pistol, most owners would then modify them back to full functionality. This is especially concerning because the number of guns on the Roster keeps decreasing steadily, and the Single-Shot Exemption was one of the only ways to get an AR or AK pistol at all. Pistols that are originally created as single-shot guns (like a Thompson Contender) are still exempt from the Roster, so there may be some hope. It wouldn’t surprise me if Franklin Armory finds a workaround to AB-1964. Also, AB-1964 doesn’t take effect until 2016, so I imagine everyone is scrambling to get their pistols now while they still can.

            *AB-2310 – I’m not quite sure what this does, and I’m having trouble deciphering the legalese of the actual bill. It seems to be only indirectly related to firearms, and has something to do with detaining people who have previous criminal convictions with firearms.

          • Sixshot6

            Doesn’t AB-1014 have a requirement for said family members to sign an afividant that they will be sentenced to a misdemeanor if they are caught lying about a gun owning family member being a threat? It basically means no one will go through with it either way and you as the gun owner are still screwed over. What a screwed up place. Only the UK is worse. I believe Franklin armory will find a way around bill AB-1964 (I knew about it for a while that bill).

          • Cymond

            Yes, it requires an affidavit and false or harassing claims are a misdemeanor. Of course, there’s no penalty for a claim that they really believed was genuine, with evidence that was taken out of context. It’s also restricted to ‘immediate family’ now, but I would have to do some digging to see how CA defines that. As said, that’s a great improvement over the original version that allowed anyone (even strangers) to file a claim without any penalty for false claims.

            And there are definitely places that are worse than CA & the UK. I think NY is probably worse than CA. Many of NY’s laws were passed long after CA’s laws, and they are designed to close the “loopholes” in CA’s version. And at least you’re permitted to have guns in the UK, there are many countries where they are completely forbidden, or available only under insanely tight controls. I have a Danish friend, and he’s told me a bit about their weapons laws. Danes can go through a lot of red tape to get a handgun, but it is required to be stored at the shooting range. They cannot ever be taken anywhere else for anything else. Denmark allows rifles to be owned for hunting, but they cannot shoot rifles at a shooting range. (So how do hunters sight-in their rifles???). Denmark has “sword control” but anyone can buy a battle-axe in a store without paperwork, because at least they admit that there is no way to define the difference between a ‘battle axe’ and a wood cutter’s axe (American politicians would call it an “assault axe”).

          • Sixshot6

            I never knew that about Denmark, makes the isle of man where I’m going look a gun owners paradise.I gathered that making strangers able to make accusations was a disaster waking to happen, I know from how some neighbours can be (a guy who complains about ash on his car when its bonfire night).

            And New York is bad, they need to get out voting in November.

          • Sixshot6

            And before you ask what fill your boots means, it just means buy as much as you can or get as much as you can. Its something you mainly here in Yorkshire. You’ll never hear anyone from the south of england or anywhere else say it.

  • TiC

    I meant to say “conform to some local laws”. Damn autocorrect.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Anyone have any experience, how do they compare to Magpuls?

    • Zachary marrs

      I saw 8 of them in a trashcan at my local gun range, if that tells you anything

  • big daddy

    This is just sad when I read stuff like this. That’s like saying the tires on your car are too big or your soda cup is too big, oh wait they tried that.

  • Marty Ewer

    Hexmag should move out of “16 rounds is bad, 15 is good” Colorado. Utah is always looking for enterprising businesses to join the ranks. 🙂

  • Anonymoose

    What if the limit in my area is 20?

    Also, how do these compare to Lancers and the ol’ Pmag?

  • Tet

    Why not just make a 10rd body? Wouldn’t that be more cost efficient?

    • Cymond

      There are plenty of those on the market, but people want the look & feel of 30 round magazines. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best they can get.

  • me ohmy

    sorry but I won’t buy ANYTHING from anti gun colorado…
    here in the peoplez republik der maryland we can at LEAST go over state lines and buy large capacity and be grandfathered back in MD.. but I won’t support their taxes.
    OR MARYLAND for gun stuff.. I buy from friends in FREE states.

  • Cymond

    Well, that’s pretty tempting if they’re reliable. Magpul is discontinuing all of their colored magazines. I doubt I’ll abandon Magpul, but I use color-coding for ammunition. Black is the default color and I have a lot of black magazines and black grips/furniture. I only have a few OD magazines and furniture. Hence, I use OD green to designate “300 Blackout”.

    The new way of using a shorter spring for the 10-round versions is nice. The guys at ar15news.com suggested wrapping the spacer with various supplies like paracord or fishing line. http://www.ar15news.com/2014/10/07/new-hexmag-fde-od-green-mags-10-15-mags/

    • Rusty Shackleford

      That is unfortunant about Magpul abandoning color mags. The Hexmags might make for an easy diy Kryptek camo with the FDE and OD mags as the base.