Does your gun company/employer offer really good warranties?

A recent email from a reader had me wondering which gun manufacturers, optics manufacturers and gun accessory manufacturers have REALLY good warranties. I don’t mean good, I mean the best.

If you are an owner, employee or agent/rep/PR of a manufacturer that has a warranty you believe is better than most in the industry, please fill out the form below and I may mention your business in an upcoming blog post.

Please note: this is restricted to gun, optic and accessory manufacturers and only the business owner, employee or agent can submit the form. If you are a customer of a company with a good warranty, let us know in the comments, but don’t submit the form.

Steve Johnson

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  • asdf

    How the company takes care of their customer is more important than any warranty imho. My experience with Smith and Wesson has been so bad, that I’ll never own one of their firearms again.

  • I called up Surefire several weeks ago saying my G2 flashlight endcap was broken. They told me to do the pin light pressure test over the phone, asked for my address and sent me a new one, just like that.

  • Ken

    RCBS has an amazing warranty. They don’t care if you’re the original owner, it’s covered. I own three of their die sets and a reloading press. Two of those die sets I got used and are from the 60’s. I’ve broken decapping pins and stripped grub screws, which they replaced for free by sending my sets of six. When I cracked an expander ball, they replaced that too for free. I got a case stuck in my .30/06 sizing die, tore the rim off, and bent the mandrel trying to hammer it out like an idiot. I sent it in with $5 for return shipping and they removed the stuck case, polished everything up, retrofitted it with a modern mandrel and lock ring, and sent it back to me in their green plastic die box. I’ve also sent in my old style die lock rings, which they replace for free with modern ones that have a set screw.

  • Barry

    It doesn’t matter how good the warranty is if the product is terrible, and the customer service is lacking. Case in point, Taurus has a lifetime warranty on their firearms; and you will need it.
    I owned a taurus at one point and the takedown lever broke off at the range. I also owned a Rossi 357 mag revolver (made by taurus/braztech) and the firing pin broke—twice. Each time it took about 7 months to repair and ship back. That’s 21 months total of service where I didn’t have that firearm in my possession. In addition, their customer service stinks and couldn’t give me any updates. You are really lucky if you can even talk to someone who knows about the repair order.
    So in the end, it’s about a lot more than offering a lifetime warranty. I would rather take a well made product with good quality control and a 2 year warranty than a junk metal firearm assembled by slave labor with a lifetime warranty.

  • Walt

    SCCY lifetime warranty to the gun not the owner!

    • Walt

      All parts are covered even if you damage them no questions asked! They are a great company to deal with! I know they are a new player in the game but they are doing it right and the fit and finish are much better then Kel-Tec. I even messed up my polymer grip and asked about buying a new one and they just sent me a new grip not even caring that I did it! I told them I F’ed it up!

  • DieHard-Hans

    The urge to submit form is high…but I’d probably lose my job for trying to say something good about the company.

  • Rokurota

    Everyone rags on Kel-Tec, but I have owned three K-T guns and every one has been a champ. I traded off the rifles, but I still have my P3AT as a BUG. It feeds everything except Tula without incident,. Once when I was cleaning it, I lost the extractor. Called K-T and barely explained my problem when the CSR said they were shipping me a new one. A+.

    • RocketScientist

      Similar situation with my SU-16C. I was doing some mods to the magwell so it would take non-GI mags, which required diassembly WELL past the the point they tell you to stop. On re-assembly I realized i’d misplaced the little return spring for the bolt stop button. A call to Kel-Tec, and even though I basically admitted I’d voided their warranty they helped me figure out what part was missing and sent 2 replacements free of charge. A minor thing, but they were very helpful and nicer than I had any right to expect.

  • USMC03Vet

    This is gonna be good..

  • Pete Sheppard

    Kudos to Kel-Tec! They truly stand by their product!

  • Got to give credit to Vortex: hassle free is actually hassle free. Fully transferrable. Lifetime. No BS.

    • valorius

      I second that. Vortex has a great warranty. So does crimson trace.

      Walther optics/umarex does not.

  • Joe

    RCBS for me as well. I had a problem with the decapping pin breaking and the expander rod breaking because I set it up wrong. RCBS sent me the parts, extra pins, explained to me what I had done wrong, and didn’t charge me for anything. That’s outstanding service in my book.

  • Grindstone50k

    I like Rock Island Armory’s lifetime warranty.

  • valorius

    Crimson trace has a totally awesome warranty on their products. Send in the broken item, they send you back a new one.

  • Zachary marrs

    Hi point, got a 9mm carbine for 50 bucks a a garage sale, and the bolt was rusted shut, and the stock had some ghetto rattle can paint job, called up hi point, sent it in, got it back a week later, good as new, no questions asked.

    Ive had good experience with ruger.

    On the opposite side, we have Taurus, who said the reason my pt22 went full auto and shot the slide back at my face was because I held it wrong

  • Todd

    Henry Repeating Arms has outstanding customer service. I purchased a carbine length large loop lever .22 and the LOP was too long for my fun-sized wife. I emailed Henry on a Saturday evening inquiring about the price of a youth length stock. Upon return from church the following morning I noticed a reply which I thought was an auto-response. To my surprise it was the owner of Henry asking for my shipping address. After I emailed him he saw I was in Buffalo, NY and emailed me back about seeing Bruce Springsteen at Shea’s Buffalo Theater in the 80’s. After a few exchanged emails and a nice trip down memory lane for Mr. Imperato he told me to keep my eyes open for a package in the mail. A few days later a rather large box arrived with a beautifully figured youth stock, 2 t-shirts, 2 hats, a coffee mug, a huge sticker for my safe and 2 Henry knit hats. There was a post-it inside thanking me for being a Henry customer and an invoice with $00.00 in the “pay this amount” field. Needless to say, I am Henry for life now.

  • Marty Ewer

    As the owner of Shockwave Technologies, I try my very best to make every situation right with every customer. Period.

  • Nicks87

    The guys at Primary Arms are pretty awesome. I had a 1-4x scope that had an elevation cap that was cross threaded and would not come off. One phone call and they sent me a whole new scope no questions asked.

  • minkinc

    Rugers do not come with warranties. They do however come with really good customer service. I bought a Bearcat that would not fire reliably with any of the ammo i tried in it. Emailed Ruger about it and was told to call them about the problem. I described the problem to them, they gave me a return authorization and told me UPS would pick it up the next day. I had it back a week later fixed and it was worked right ever since. What suprised me the most was that Ruger picked up the cost of the freight both ways.

  • Ge

    Glock and Spike’s are good

  • John Morgan

    Hi-Point. Their web sight says their warranty is life time, no questions asked. I emailed them about getting some replacement springs for my 3rd hand CF-380 hand gun because sometimes the slide didn’t come all the way forward after fireing. All they needed was my serial number and they shipped them out free. I had them within a week. No charge.

    • Mack

      Agreed, i needed a regular mag release and they sent one out for free, i approve! 🙂

  • SCMike1

    I have several Taurus models but have needed manufacturer
    support only once, with the 738 / TCP. The spring that retains the slide on the
    last round became unseated or broke. Taurus sent me a box, I sent the pistol in
    and got the repaired pistol back in eight days. I had to pay for shipping both
    ways, but the repair was free.

  • Jeremy Winter

    Alien gear has a great warranty, you can swap out the kydex shells for another model for life.