Andy sent us the photo of his .300 AAC Blackout AR-15 pistol fitted with a stock arm brace. Bonus points for an original background (not a sofa or grass).

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  • Sixshot6

    Hey Cymond is that the 300 blk you were telling me about?

  • Sixshot6

    Looks great, now all we need is a picture of how it groups. 100 yards is the best test I find.

    • Duray

      What does that have to do with anything? Any time we see a photo of an AR we have to see a group?

      • Sixshot6

        Sorry I should have said, how does it shoot and its nice to see the accuracy. But its a nice looking item though still.

  • gunslinger

    what arm brace is that?

    • Sixshot6

      I’m sure its the SB15, are there any others on the market yet?

  • Jimmy Ray

    How about a parts list breakdown? Sweet blaster by the way.

  • big daddy

    Just had a .300 AR pistol put together. A waste of time IMO unless you hunt and reload. It is a good short range hunting round especially with a suppressor. Other than that basically it’s very similar to the 7.62×39 in terms of recoil and feel of the gun firing. The ammo is very expensive and so far the plinking ammo I bought was of lower quality. For plinking you’re better off with an AR and M193 or an AK. I like my AK better and would be more inclined to use that over the .300 because of ammo cost.

  • andyrutledge

    Thanks Jimmy Ray. Components can be found at