Eddie sent us this photo of his AR-15 featuring the following components …

* Noveske N4 upper – 12.5” crusader barrel – silencerco trifecta flash hider
* Ares armor 7075 lower, geisselle trigger, Bad ass selector, kns trigger pins
* Magpul ACS, MOE K2 grip, RVG vertical grip
* ACOG 4×32 TA31H
* Wilcox Raptar IR/Laser/flashlight
* Eagle CIRAS armour carrier

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  • USMC03Vet

    Nice ACOG!

    Not sure if TFB conspiracy or no reader have AK rifles :[

  • no black and tan ars

    That is one ugly ar.

  • Samson

    I actually like it very much. I would be very happy to have that.

    • no black and tan ars

      To each his own ulgly ar

  • me ohmy

    Wilcox Raptar IR/Laser/flashlight

    • smith

      dealer sales too.

  • ColaBox

    A Noveske? Someone is swimming in cash.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    VFG is waaaaay too far back.

    • Dual Sport

      For your tastes. They bought that one so they get to stick it in a drawer if that is what they want.

    • HSR47

      Maybe the owner has short arms.

      Maybe the owner is a tyrannosaurus rex.

  • Scott Clark

    Very nice. I like the LaRue index clips also…

  • Curious

    Is that a 3rd pin hole for FA made on an 80% lower?