Thanks to PPGMD who sent us this photo of top shooter Vance Schmid. PPGMD wrote …

Vance Schmid shooting the falling plate event at the 9th NRA World Action Pistol Championships. You can see one plate falling as the last plate is just hit. Vance was shooting a CZ SP-01 IIRC.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Oh plate racks 🙂 making a parlor trick look like a representation of skill since…. Ever?

    • Plinking on a plate rack is completely different from shooting the Falling Plate event.

      The Falling Plate event is a make or break event for iron sighted shooters at Bianchi. It consists of 2 strings every 5 yards started at 10 yards, ending at 25 yards. Each miss costs you 10 points, and there are no make up shots. There are also par times so you can’t just stand there are take your time.

      If you can shoot the Falling Plate event clean consistently you are a very skilled shooter. Maybe not world class, but you have reasonable level of speed and very good accuracy.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        If you can practice something to the point whet you can LITERALLY do it with your eyes closed… It’s a parlor trick.

        A plate rack is not impressive to me. It’s static, it’s the same thing every time. You can be an entirely generic shooter and be an expert at plate racks. I have seen it, multiple times.

        • EmmyP

          So get out there and win some money and endorsements!

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I’m not saying it doesn’t take practice. But repition is necessarily “skill”. It’s repition, which is it has its own word.

        • Ok why is it that even some of the best shooters in the world drop plates? Anyone that thinks that a 25 yard plate rack in under 9 seconds is a parlor trick doesn’t realize what it takes to make that shot every single time.

          And this is just one aspect of the Bianchi Cup. You have the Moving Target, which is exactly what it sounds like. And you have other events including one where you shoot at to 50 yards. And all have tight par times.