OptimusGlen emailed us this photo of his Beretta M9, brand new and straight out of the box. The Beretta does not get enough love these days. I always enjoy shooting the M9/92FS. Full size metal framed 9mm pistol may not be “cool” these days, but I for one will always love them. Them kids with their tiny plastic fantastic lightweight .357 SIG firecrackers can get off my lawn.

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  • USMC03Vet


    Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s a classic.

    I do agree with the damn kids sentiment. You’d think by now there would be a solution to them on the lawn.

    • iksnilol

      I don’t like Glocks, can I join your old guys “get off my lawn” group?

      Also, I prefer the CZ 75 to the Beretta (though Berettas look cool).

      • Marshall Price

        More CZ… Always more CZ.

        • DrewN

          I love my CZs. but that short slide can be a right PITA I must admit.

          • M

            If you think the 9mm CZ is a PITA, try a 10mm EAA witness with a 22 lb recoil spring….

        • schizuki

          If you want to talk about under-appreciated pistols, the CZ-75 has the largest gap between excellence and popularity. It’s practically a cult pistol. And I’m a cultist.

      • CA

        Stock CZ-75B for the win as a range gun and home defense. I love the p-01 too, but there’s no reason to buy a compact if you can’t external carry. It’s simply too big to carry concealed.

        Yeah, the Beretta has massive grips. I never understood that.

        • iksnilol

          I don’t mind the Beretta. It is the classic hero gun (especially with a big compensator on) but there are more practical options for me, with more ammo and more comfortable (for me) grips and controls.

          • All I think of when “Beretta” and “Big compensator on” are in the same sentence, is that movie, “Léon: The Professional”. Hero I dunno, but classic it is, no matter what anyone says.

          • iksnilol

            It’s that one alright. I recommend the directors cut, the one that is 133 minutes long, not the chopped versions that were made for theatre.

            I don’t even like compensators and muzzle brakes but the one in the film was just too cool (I know, bad rationalization).

        • Jim

          I carry one. A good holster will hide it just fine.

      • Blake

        Yep, unabashed CZ fan here.

        But I also own a Beretta Neos & enjoy shooting it a lot (when I can get ammo for it). It’s my go-to gun for new shooters. Got to get around to cleaning up the trigger though…

      • Sure the more the merrier–LOL! Both of these are good guns but the CZ feels better in my hand.

    • CA.Ben

      Motion activated sprinklers. My neighbor literally has them.

    • Sulaco


  • scf8169

    Personally I think it’s too much gun for 9mm. However I think it’s perfect in .40. And I own both.

    • gunsandrockets

      I always preferred the Hi-Power to the 92. I never tried the .40 caliber version of either pistol though. My primary experience with .40 caliber is with the Glock 23 (didn’t like it) and Glock 23C (bought it!).

      Have you handled a .40 Hi-power or Glock? If so how do they compare to your .40 caliber 92?

      • scf8169

        My brother owns a 23. I shoot very well with it, the 17 degree handle rake is a better fit for my hand and style of grip than the 11 degree rake of other pistols, like a 92 for instance. That said, I’m not a big fan of guns that don’t have an external safety device. Loaded Glocks, and other striker fired polymers, (like the Springfield XD that I have) make me nervous. At least my XD has a second safety (backstrap).
        But my patterns are every bit as good with a Glock as they are with my 92. My 92 is a Combo, BTW, sold with a .40 slide and barrel and a 9MM slide and barrel. Limited production run back in the 90’s.

  • Lance

    I carried one for years no problem with them. Accurate reliable and has good capacity. Take on over a crappy SIG any day any time.

    • stephen

      Curious how you consider SIGs craps even when the army’s own studies prove the Sig was the better option in the M9 trials.

      • Nicks87

        I’m sorry I love my 92 but for a duty weapon I will take a SIG over the Beretta anyday. The Beretta is more durable and accurate but a P229 is smaller, lighter, has better sights and has a better trigger IMO.

        • Commonsense23

          Where do you get the stats that a Beretta 92 is more durable or accurate than the equivalent Sig 226.

          • Nicks87

            Stats? How about personal experience? I’m a factory certified Beretta and Sig armorer. Berettas can take a beating and they will go 10,000 rnds before the springs need to be replaced. I havnt seen a Sig that can match that.

    • Lance–crappy SIG? Not hardly a SIG of just about any model is a quality pistol.

    • Name ONE SIG handgun that is remotely near the description of crappy, objectively. Just one.

      If your reply isn’t “None of them” you are ignorant of SIG.

      • I sure wouldn’t trust my hide to a SIG 938 as a backup unless I had confidence in the quality and function. My 226 just runs and runs without any malfunctions in well I can’t even remember a malfunction with it. Even the less expensive SP2022 is a fine shooter.

  • sianmink

    just two things I don’t like really, okay 3 because slide safety. The exposed barrel is an annoyance and can pinch if you’re not careful, and those grips are thick, man. I don’t have big hands and if I take a proper grip with the backstrap snugged into the webbing I can barely reach the trigger.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      I hear you on the small hands. The SIG P229 was one of my favorite guns until I actually fired one. Xd’s are great for smaller hands but I’m not a fan of the grip safety.

    • Leonard Poujeaux

      I had those same problems until I grew a beard.

      • Blake


      • Verna Stupski


        • Burst

          Remind me to stay out of your garden…

    • BattleshipGrey

      The big grip thing is the only one of those gripes that counts IMO. I’ve NEVER heard of people getting pinched due to the exposed barrel. When you’re operating the slide your fingers shouldn’t be anywhere near the breach.

    • Pinched by the barrel! I’ve never ever heard that. How in the world would you make that happen?

      • sianmink

        Let’s just say you don’t want to do an ‘over the top’ press-check with an M9.

        • Yea I wouldn’t do a press check like that on a 92.

          • iksnilol

            I thought you rack the slide from the rear? I mean that’s why the serrations are there (usually).

            Also, how do Berettas work with suppressors? Do they need a booster? Since it has a rotating barrel and not a tilting one.

          • Joshua

            M9 doesnt rotate. Only the PX4 needed a booster and they made one.

          • iksnilol

            Is the M9 just a regular tilting barrel action?

          • schizuki

            Nope. Falling locking block.

          • Joshua

            Locking block. The barrel moves straight back inline with the slide.

          • iksnilol

            Did not know that. Sounds smooth.

          • It is smooth, long sight radius. The downside for me is the long trigger even though it is very smooth.

          • It’s pretty standard stuff yes

          • M

            Racking the slide from the rear doesn’t allow you to get a good grip on the slide. For a 9mm or .22LR, it does work because the recoil springs are light enough, but for heavier recoiling weapons, it is easier to wrap the offhand around the top of the slide
            So this:

            As opposed to this

          • Agreed–that’s how I rack pistols.

          • Don Ward

            Who the hell racks a semiautomatic like the top (or the bottom for that matter).

          • The 92 doesn’t have a rotating barrel so they work the same as any other pistol. You do rack it from the rear.

          • Giolli Joker

            Cougar has a rotating barrel, the 92 doesn’t, it just slides back until the locking block disengages.

        • Joshua

          You can do a feel check with the extractor. If it is chambered the extractor us raised.

    • Fred Johnson

      Slide safety, yes. Can’t stand it myself on any gun.

      Note to self: remove fat oversize wood grips and reinstall thin plastic Beretta grips. Just because wood grips are pretty doesn’t mean they belong on all guns.

  • Nicks87

    I can understand why people with small hands complain about the 92/96 series pistols but I think the rest of the whiners are just military grunts that cant shoot for shit so they blame the gun. I carried a 92 (FS&D models) for over 10 years and never had a problem with them. I even placed 2nd in a competition with one.

  • gunsandrockets

    “full size”? Over sized is more like it as the M9 grip is way too big for my dainty hands. And the reach for the DA trigger pull is ridiculous. Give me a M-1911a1 instead as that pistol fits me perfectly.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with the gorilla-handed out there, for whom the M9 no doubt fits them perfectly!

    “metal framed”? Doesn’t the M9 have an aluminum frame? That probably shaves off a good 10 ounces of weight from a comparable steel frame. In my opinion, the weight advantage plastic has over an aluminum isn’t nearly as significant as aluminum has over steel.

    • Sulaco

      This! ^ And it’s still a rediculas sized gun for a smallish round like the 9mm.

      • CA

        Every time I want to buy a 92, I end up with a CZ-75 instead.

      • Joshua

        Its not that big. Grab a Glock 17 and a M9 and compare them.

        • Sulaco

          Maybe but I don’t think grip circumference and trigger reach are anything like the M9 on any Glock.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Last time I checked aluminum is a metal.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t believe you. Aluminum is a wuss substance IMO, steel, titanium or go home.

        You do know that aluminum was made for the airforce since their engineers couldn’t make a plane out of steel? So instead of getting better engineers they lowered their standards and made a plane out of that non-metal aluminum.

        • Joshua

          Aluminum has proven to be a very capable metal in certain applications.

          • iksnilol

            LALALALA can’t hear you over how wussy aluminum is. *sticks fingers in ears*

            You might understand now that I was a bit sarcastic? Though I do prefer steel frames there is nothing wrong with aluminum frames.

        • Fred Johnson

          Bring back the steel aircraft! And the steel receiver AR15s!

          While we’re at it, how about a lead airships as well?

          • marc45acp

            “Well that will go over like a Lead Zeppelin”

      • gunsandrockets

        Yes, aluminum is a metal. Isn’t that nice?

        • Phil Hsueh

          But the last sentence in your post makes it sound like you don’t consider aluminum to be metal since you start it off by saying, “metal framed? and then ask, “doesn’t it have an aluminum frame?”. You probably just phrased things wrong but it reads like you don’t think that aluminum is a metal because it’s not steel and/or steel is better.

          • gunsandrockets

            Good God. So you focus in on a single sentence ripped out of an entire paragraph, and on top of that misconstrue that paragraph too. And in addition seemingly in total ignorance to the part of the essay I was replying to.

            You seem to be in a distinct minority by misunderstanding what I wrote. Here’s a clue for you. The magic word is plastic.

            Let’s start here…

            ” Full size metal framed 9mm pistol may not be “cool” these days, but I for one will always love them. Them kids with their tiny plastic fantastic lightweight …”

            Now read that. Just to be sure, read it five more times.

            Now read my paragraph you had so much trouble with …

            “metal framed”? Doesn’t the M9 have an aluminum frame? That probably shaves off a good 10 ounces of weight from a comparable steel frame. In my opinion, the weight advantage plastic has over aluminum isn’t nearly as significant as aluminum has over steel.

            Now do you understand? No? How about this then.

            The Weight Advantage Plastic Has Over Aluminum Is Not Significant.

    • J

      Aluminum is a metal.

      • gunsandrockets

        Yes, aluminum is a metal. Isn’t that nice?

    • Martin M

      I always hated that long, sloppy, double-action trigger, in addition to the over-sized grip. Every time I handled a 92/M9, they felt awkward and clunky. I felt like the whole thing was designed around that 15rd mag.

      • Long but smooth—

      • gunsandrockets

        And to think, at one point the Border Patrol issued it in the form of DAO in .40 caliber. Yikes!

        • Bryan

          I have a 96D Brigadier. It’s an exceptional handgun.

  • Andy

    I love the design of the 92, but there’s no reason for the grips to be that large. I don’t like the idea of having to buy $100 aluminum grips just on a gamble that it might make the grip small enough to handle correctly.

    • iksnilol

      Might sound ghetto and not look nice but take the grips off and wrap self-adhesive tape. It only sticks to itself and wont leave residue on the frame.

      Or you can just make your own grips out of a plastic/wooden cutting board.

    • Joshua

      Trausch made some but once the owner passed his kids let the business die.

      You can occasionally find them online for sale, by far the best M9 grips ever invented.

    • Anonymoose

      Personally I find the 1911’s grip to be too small and the grip panels to be too wide for what should be a staggered column mag design.

  • brianparker

    You know what would be awesome? An M92 in 357Sig.

    • Ge

      IIRC its design can’t handle it. However, it hasn’t stopped people from trying. BarSto makes a .357 Sig conversion barrel for the Beretta 96. However, it is recommended you use a heavy recoil spring and recoil buffer.

      • Anonymoose

        EFK Fire Dragon makes a conversion for the 96. Most people would assume it’s going to pop the barrel since it’s an open-top design though.

        • Ge

          Not the barrel. The weak link in the Beretta design would be the locking block. Theoretically, it should hold up OK if one takes precautions and changes the recoil spring frequently… but that’s an if

  • st4

    I bought one because Riggs and McClane. That is all.

    • Yojimbo556

      First pistol i learned to shoot.

      And because of Chow Yun Fat

      • Anonymoose

        It was the first automatic I ever shot.

        • iksnilol

          Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson & Danny Glover, and Chow Yun Fat are real good reasons to get one. Also Jean Reno is a good reason to get a compensator for it.

  • Zachary marrs

    Just get the version that got it right and get a p38

  • john

    Had a 92 about fifteen years ago, I never liked the way it shot for me. Other people loved it so I sold it and went with a Sig…I’ve never looked back.

    • USMC03Vet

      The first handgun I ever shot was a 92 and the first handgun I purchase was a SIG.


  • Cherryriver

    Say what you will about the 92, calling it “unappreciated” doesn’t seem the case.
    There’s plenty of 92-love across the Internet to keep the thing in production for decades to come.
    It has a fandom every bit as vehement as the polymer wonders.

  • Anonymoose

    #1 reason to own a Beretta 92.

  • Bigdaddymurph

    We had the slides on those “classics” break and hit guys in the face, never had that with a damn plastic fantastic

    • KP

      I’m not sure who “we” is, but if you’re talking about early 92 models used by the SEALs before they switched to SIG, the metallurgy of those slides weren’t up to the task of the +P loads that 9mm NATO is and after shooting a bit, cracked (thankfully, as far as I’ve read, only during training.) Beretta has had different, stronger metal slides for over two decades now.

      That said, that did make me wary of the gun as Beretta used the weaker metal because it was cheaper to produce which helped them sell the M9 to the US military at Hi-Point prices.

    • Joshua

      That only happened a couple of times and it was after they first got adopted. I take it you are a SEAL?

    • I did have a gen 1 Glock 17 go full auto me.

  • J

    That’s a nice photo.

    Know what’s cooler though? A really heavily used one. I watched a video of the new USMC pistol quals the other day and those heavily worn M9s reeked of character.

  • john huscio

    Vastly prefer any of the sig p220 series guns (with e2 grips) to the 92fs. Sig does TheThe smooth DA/SA/decocker setup better than anyone else

  • Cornelius Carroll

    I would just like to say seeing the “reasons to own a Beretta 92” made my day 🙂

    • schizuki

      “Made my day”?

      Wrong movie, wrong hero, wrong gun. 😉

  • schizuki

    Took my M9 out for the first time, had at least one nose-up FTF per mag for five mags with Fiocchi 115 FMJ. Gonna try 124s next time.

    Same session, same ammo with my CZ-75, no problems. Hopefully the M9 loosens up. It’s more of a collector piece for me anyway (had to have John McClane’s pistol).

  • Gidge

    I love getting my Beretta out of the safe for a play. It’s very accurate and flawlessly reliable. All the gun needs is the optional extended mag release and you’re set.

    I’d sooner bet my life on a Beretta than a Glock.

  • McEsteban

    The biggest problem with the M9 is the slide mounted safety/decocker. It is quite literally Hitler. Mount it to the frame pretty please.

    • Cymond

      Once upon a time …

      • Cymond

        sorry, had some trouble getting Disqus to accept a picture

      • McEsteban

        Yeah I know but they need new production models that don’t cost more than a Sig. Why did they ever stop making the models with the frame mounted safety?

        • Cymond

          I read somewhere that the safety had to be applied after the hammer was cocked. If that’s true, then it would have created a cocked-and-locked situation similar to a 1911, which would have undermined a lot of the point of making a double-action pistol in the first place. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who would have preferred it that way.

  • spiff1

    I work in a gun store and the 92FS far outsells the 92A1 “military” model. I worked for Glock for about 10 of their early years, and with SteyrArms for 6…The Beretta is an OLD design, but it works well in normal surroundings, NOT in dusty, muddy, foul conditions….The Glock and Steyr do!

  • idahoguy101

    My favorite single action in the BHP. For a double action large 9mm I rank the Beretta in the top tier. The only two military issues were cheap magazines that wouldn’t feed, and the need to inspect and replace its under barrel locking block. A Beretta 92/M9 pistol is good for over 10,000 rounds. It feeds and shoots all but the very worst ammo. Recoil is mild. How many shooter have not accidentally shot themselves while holstering because of the trigger disconnect safety? It’s easy to clean and reassemble. The fact that 9mm NATO is FMJ isn’t the fault of Beretta. Beretta and SIG best all other pistols tested before it was selected. The SIG M11 pistol is issued to those who need a pistol smaller than the Beretta. Not because the SIG was technically better than Beretta. If the military switched from the M9 too the M11, ho hum….they both work. But Beretta is still the champ.

  • Gordon J Davis Jr

    Having served in the US Navy and qualifying as expert on the M9…if I never see one of them again, it’ll be too soon.

  • BR549

    Love the platform …… I have two Tauruses in that caliber. With the Taurus, you can carefully elongate the retention slot on a Beretta mag, but you can’t use the Taurus mag in the Beretta unless you start welding.

    Call me old school, but I’d take this platform over a Glock any day of the week.

  • Will

    1911, .45 ACP. Vs Model 92.
    The trade off was NOT well thought out nor researched. We went to this POS to appease NATO and gain access to Italian ports with our nuclear fleet.
    PURE POLITICS!!!!!!!
    It’s a BS handgun that should never have been placed into the inventory.
    Clears up the question of why SOF troops screamed like Little Richard when the transition was a done deal.
    Too big, too delicate and too prone to malfunctions due to dirt and debris.
    Just my opinion….naturally.

  • John

    Beretta 9MM, works for me.

  • supergun

    I love my Taurus Model 92. Same gun. Half price.

  • supergun

    One of the most beautiful pistols ever made. Next to the 1911.

  • Adam

    The M9/92 series is a good pistol but the main drawback for me is the manual safety. Luckily Wilson Combat is now fixing it with their G conversions. One day I’ll save up for an M9A1 and have Wilson work their magic on it.