New Ruger 10/22 Compatible Magazines

Two different companies have some new magazine options for the Ruger 10/22.

The first, ZiPFactory ( announced they are featuring their new ZX-30 Series Magazine ( There are four items that make up the product line:

  • Field Upgrade Kit (
  • Full High Capacity magazine (standard 20 round which should be legal in MD)
  • 10 and 15 round factory restricted magazines for the following states (CA, CO, CT, HI, MA, NY, NJ)
  • (Cannot ship to Washington D.C., Aurora, CO; Chicago, Chicago Heights, Cicero, & Oak Park, Illinois)

The ZX-30 magazines are 100% cross platform compatible with all 10/22 (and, of course, with ZiP semiauto 22’s).

The ZX-30 Upgrade Kit and ZX-30 full magazines are now shipping and available.


The other offering is the HC3R magazine, from HC Mags ( which uses a pretty innovative method for loading the magazine using a rear loading stripper clip. The following video demonstrates the operation which is an obvious solution in retrospect:

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  • Zachary marrs

    Zip is the video game developer of the gun world

    “You want a working gun? Better buy the reliability upgrade! “

    • Doc Rader

      in-app upgrade?

      • Zachary marrs

        They really do sell a reliability upgrade.

        To think they used to make some of the best colt saa clones

        • Cymond

          Astounding, isn’t it? I was baffled when I first started reading about the ZIP, I thought it was a different “US Firearms” or maybe the company had been sold. Nope. Same company, same owner, completely different products and philosophy. They went form making the finest Colt replicas to making a plastic tacticool piece of junk.

  • JR

    I just picked up the kit shown in the HC3R magazine video.

    I haven’t shot with it yet (planning on using it tomorrow) but initial inspection shows it to be well made and easy to use. I hate loading magazines at the range (specifically .22lr magazines) so I’m hoping these work out pretty well.

    As to the zip gun, it will never be cheap enough to get me to pick one up.

    • Cymond

      If the ZIP were *free* I would probably take one as a novelty paperweight, but I’ve read too many stories of scary malfunctions to ever fire one. Nope, not even if it came with free ammo. Even at today’s prices for 22lr, I’d rather pay to feed my MkIII than shoot a free ZIP.

      And as a side note, I love my MkIII.

  • floppyscience

    Excuse me if I laugh when I see “ZiP” and “reliability” in the same sentence. Have their fixed their namesake pistol yet? If not what right do they have coming out with “reliability upgrades” for the BX-25? I don’t imagine too many people springing to alter their BX-25 mags with ZiP parts.

  • Don Ward

    Now if I can just find a box of 22 ammo at the store to fill it with.

  • Tom Currie

    I’d take HC Mags more seriously if the Buy Online or the Find Dealer links on their website actually worked. At the moment, their website has pretty pictures and videos but no prices and no way to buy their products.

    • Zachary marrs

      All the ones ive seen are $50

    • Sixshot6

      That’s weird. I’m in the UK, the most anti gun country in the western world and even I have seen some HC mags for sale (not actually near me, in magazines like Gun mart though, the closest dealer to me was probably one of the few during the panic buy of last year to have BX 25 mags, she even told another dealer if he wanted them he would pay full retail for them).

  • Sixshot6

    Say didn’t I hear that HC3R mags were popular in Canada due to BX25 mags being considered pistol mags due to being made at the time the Charger existed? But all the other companies mags were rifle mags including HC mags? Can any Canadian commentators confirm me as right here?

  • Dwayne Phillips

    I am concerned that it takes a 3+ minute video to explain how to load cartridges into a magazine.

  • Gabe

    I own the HC3R mags and from my experience, the stripper clip idea is a bit gimmicky and I rarely use it. That being said, the thumb screw/loading assist mechanism is worth the sticker price alone. Makes loading the mags a breeze, very handy on a trip to the range.

    Given the fact they don’t cost significantly more than a BX-25 it’s a good product. Well built as well, very comparable to the BX-25 quality.

    • claymore

      Is that a serial killer Che avatar?

      • Gabe

        No, just making fun of a radio personality that looks kinda like him.

  • ATman

    due to some infuriating bit of language on the package of the Ruger BX mags I will never know the pleasure of shooting one but I must say that the HCR I have always gets my vote. And as a bonus is not to hard to load in cold conditions.

    • Zachary marrs

      Please explain?

      • ATman

        When ruger first imported the BX-25 mags into Canada they specifically made and marketed them for the charger PISTOL which meant that the RCMP insisted that the mags be pinned to ten rounds. Which kinda makes them moot. They have since changed the language on the package but it does not matter as they are considered for a handgun. Currently we can get the BX-50 mags two BX25 welded together but the price is little steep and availability is right up there with Sasquatch. I used to always use the Butler creek mags until I had two of them break and then spend two months waiting on the royal nincompoops at Bushnell Canada to issue replacements. I went into a local shop and saw the HCR mags and got a mag and enjoyed the reliability I received using every thing from Federal bulk pack to CCI stingers. I have since bought more of the gimmicky clips and the reloading box and the rubber caps for the clips but all in all I would say the system works and can be sorta used with low profile gloves which gets a major bonus point for me.

        Here is a slightly fuzzy pic from my phone of my setup.

  • RonCatdaddy

    Yea well…..just as well be a TWO round magazine accesory for the criminal commercial conspiracy that has not allowed for 22 rimfire ammo to be on the shelves for TWENTY FREAKIN’ MONTHS!!

    • ed

      You mean hoarders? Or just your inability to be at the store when the ammo is placed on the shelf/goes up for sale?