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  • Mike

    Looong time reader and first time poster.

    While I love all types of gun and those who shoot them, the hank strange channel is not family friendly. Dressing his wife and other girls up like prostitutes is NOT something I condone.

    I’m surprised you endorse this guy – with that said, TFB just went down a few notches IMO.

    Please stick to only guns and gear.

    • Hey Mike,
      I am sorry that you found this post offensive. I certainly did not mean to upset anyone by chatting with Hank. I wanted this to serve as an overview of the conference and I believe that we accomplished that here. I was not aware that some people found his channel to be a little too much, but I can tell you that Hank is an incredibly kind and passionate guy who contributes some excellent material to the firearm zeitgeist.

      • Patrick R

        Dude, don’t apploigize. His flawed views are no ones fault but his own.

        • Grindstone50k

          Flawed and antiquated views.

          • Nicks87

            I agree. Mike is probably just a racist who doesnt like people of color taking part in his preferred hobby. But since being overtly racist will get you banned from TFB he has to complain about something else.

          • no black and tan ars

            Why? Because he doesn’t like a YouTube channel? He just said he didn’t feel it was appropriate for children. He is entitled to his viewpoint.

          • noblackandtanars

            Why because he doesn’t like a YouTube channel? He just said he didn’t think it was appropriate for children. He is entitled to his opinion isn’t he?

          • Anonymous

            A lot of people don’t think gun-related media in general is appropriate for children. Regardless, the way he stated his opinion was douchey and deserving of criticism.

      • Alex normally I don’t comment publicly about such things but you did fine. I thought it was a good idea to do the video and recap the guns and activities to date.
        Oh and no I’m not going to chew you out—LOL!

        • Patrick R

          You should … for … reasons?

    • Patrick R

      Hahahahahahaha. Are you kidding? There is nothing on Hank’s channel that a child wouldn’t see in a supermarket checkout line or in the ads in the Sunday paper. If the women on his channel decide to dress that way, maybe that is their prerogative.

      Also, I don’t know if you got the memo but men stopped ”dressing” women in the 50’s. Stop being an idiot.

      • noblackandtanars

        That doesn’t make it right. And yes men do dress women to sell and to get views on YouTube.

    • Grindstone50k
      • Patrick R

        Aloha snackbar!

        • SP mclaughlin

          Allahu Swagbar!

        • Cymond

          Aloha Ackbar!

    • Well that’s fine and your opinion is just that. Hank is a good guy and a good friend. The conversation they had was about guns so I’m not sure why the video being posted bothered you.

  • USMC03Vet

    His AR15vAK47vTavor torture test video was certainly entertaining.

    Pew pew pew

  • Damocles

    Hank is a genuinely nice guy, love him on YT and FB. His channel is one of my daily stops.