Home built self-loading pistols seized in Mexico and South America

The post apocalyptic shimmers intensify… Displayed are various crudely home built self-loading pistols seized mostly in Brazil and Mexico.

homemadesemiautopistolbrazil improguns



The designer here chose to build this example inside out using an external slide rail:






A neatly made attempted copy of the Beretta 950 in .22lr:


This last example has a late 19th / early 20th century European vibe to it.



  • bbmg
  • iksnilol

    That first one is so much want.

    Are they straight blowback or do they use a tilting barrel action? Since one of them seems to have a tilting barrel.

  • echelon

    The very definition of “alley piece”. More beautiful than an expensive custom job. Why? Because it represents the enduring human spirit.

    • bbmg

      Hear hear, you can’t legislate against ingenuity.

    • Man pippy

      Making your own handgun is pretty sweet. Gun manufacturers should release pistol making kits, where you provide the finishing touches with a hand file. Also given self defense distances are minuscule, you’d still have a very effective weapon.

  • Fred Johnson

    Very interesting blog post. What’s up with the purple police “motorcycle”? 😮

    • Fer

      The purple ‘motorcycle’ is the bike of bad guy and the police path is to people know the police caugth the bad gun drive the ‘motorcycle’.

  • Thatguy96

    That last one looks inspired at least a little by the Liberator.

  • Hanover Fiste

    These are so amazing. I would love to see pictures of the guns broken down to get a better idea of the mechanism their builders chose to use. To me this is about the persistence of human ingenuity and necessity being the mother of invention.

    Can you imagine what some of these gun builders could do with a modern machine shop and some instruction in modern best practices?

  • mosinman

    i’d love to see these test fired

  • SSSN

    This just can’t be possible…Mr. Bloomberg told us gun control would make all the
    guns go “poof”…..

  • Ed

    Proof again Gun Control matches prohibitions… In things that don’t work.