ATI Omni Polymer Hybrid Lower

A while back one of our writers, Sam Cadle, had a chance to review an ATI Omni Polymer Lower and his review was less than flattering. Well Maybe someone at ATI was listening because they brought out a couple of them configured in various ways to the Blue August Gun conference for us to play with and evaluate. I remembered reading Sam’s less than stellar review, and as such I was skeptical that the Omni Polymer hybrid lower would perform to my expectations.

The ATI reps gave us a quick rundown of where the metal is in the lower and what type:


It wasn’t long before they started passing them around and I had a chance to inspect the guts, fit, and finish:



I noticed that everything Sam said was out of spec had been resolved, and we were all looking forward to giving this affordable lower a try.

I ran a magazine through the gun Terminator-style and everything worked great! The example below was chambered in .223:


Next up was the 300 Blackout upper on an Omni lower. Now this gun was very spiffy and featured some very cool gadgets and accessories:


This one was a hit too, and everyone who shot it was very impressed:


Myself included. I was able to accurately and consistently make rounds go where I needed them to go:



So my experience with the ATI Omni Polymer lower was quite good, and I would love to have Sam’s two cents on it again if he would be willing to put it to the test!


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Patrick R

    They brought pistols? How very neckbeard.

    • ClintTorres

      AR pistols are the bomb…when shouldered.

      • Patrick R

        SBR or go home. Operator approved.

      • gunslinger

        with an ATF approved arm brace, specifically designed for single hand shooting assistance.

        • Zachary marrs

          Atf said it didn’t matter how you used them, it only mattered how it was designed

          • gunslinger

            it was a joke.

  • rjackparis

    How are ar pistols neck beard?

    Or did you just want to use neck beard in a post?

    • dan citizen

      New internet game, every time you read the words “neck beard” take a drink.

  • Secundius

    Didn’t President Ronald Reagan, sign an Executive Order banning Polymer and/or Plastic Assault Weapons on any kind?

    • Frank

      That ban only effects guns that can’t be detected by metal detectors. A glock 7 for example, a porcelean gun made in Germany, it doesn’t set off your airport metal detectors and costs more than you make in a month!

      • CrankyFool

        I call bullshit. You don’t know how much I make in a month.

        • gunslinger

          true, but whatever it is you make, it’s still less than the cost of a G7

        • Frank

          If it’s more than a dollar ninety-eight I’d be very surprised

      • Leonard Poujeaux

        Frank, I feel like you’re a man who knows a thing or two about some pew.

      • dan citizen

        My buddy’s neighbor’s friend’s sister’s boss bought a Glock 7. It cost three fiddy.

  • Patrick R

    Just noticed the .223 gat has no sights …. FULL NECKBEARD MODE ENGAGE.

    • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

      the up vote was for my neckbeard

      • gunslinger

        For my neckbeard is my kenny loggins cover band

  • Sure… I would totally be willing get to take a look again. Curious what the serial numbers were on the test guns.

    • Boss EFR

      I had purchased three when they first came out, serial numbers in the three thousand range, all had the out of spec magwells which caused a variety of issues. ATI replaced all three in a decent time frame no questions asked. We used them on shop examples for our cerakote refinishing business. They were chosen for 2 reasons weight reduction and cost. The replacement receivers have performed perfectly , There were no issues with coating them or a with actual shooting use to date. Now with that said I think that most of us would agree that on a combat bound rifle an all metal receiver would be your choice. For a range toy or fun gun these receivers ,the current production ones work well. Ours have about 1 year of use on them now with no signs of cracking and no failures at range . I have one on a light weight rifle that I built for myself,so far I am happy with it.

  • floppyscience

    Eh… not sure why I’d settle on an ATI polymer lower for $60 when there are things like Aero and Anderson aluminum lowers for the same price or a few dollars less.

    • Cymond

      Weight? Or you could also get a Mag Tactical magnesium lower & upper (but they’re not cheap).
      I’ll admit it, I bought a complete New Frontier Armory lower for $100. I’ve only used it for light-duty, and it currently wears a CMMG 22lr upper. The fact that I could get a complete lower for less than the price of a LPK and stock kit helped break me into AR-15s, and now I’m hooked.

  • Andrew S

    I’m not impressed with this article to the point where I’m bothering writing in about it. What does the ATI lower have to do with “fun gadgets and accessories” or “making rounds go where I want them”? Not a darn thing. The lower is quite possibly the least important part of the AR15, and has zilch to do with the functioning of the weapon besides being a place to hang the fire control group. I purchased an ATI omni lower (all plastic, not hybrid) during the height of the sandy hook scare, and later built it into a rifle. On the third magazine through the gun, the ATI lower cracked at the takedown pin hole and the rifle would no longer function. The only thing a lower has to do is be durable, which has been the chief complaint about ATI lowers, and has nothing to do with shooting pistols at the range. Take one and torture test it – anything else is a waste of digital ink.