AAC Helps a Young Gun Nut Experience Hunting

AAC staff met a young man named Aaron Patrick at the NRA Show earlier this year. He suffers from a terrible  disease called encephalomalacia that has made him legally blind, effects his motor skills and causes seizures. Because of his condition he has never been able to hunt. In this video Buck Holly takes him hog hunting. A semi-automatic with a suppressor allows him to control the gun and fire follow up shots, and large-screen Android phone attached to an iScope allow him to aim the gun. The video is well worth watching.

Steve Johnson

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  • iksnilol

    That’s really sweet, sorry to break my “ice cold” character but it is really sweet of them. Also, shows that silencers aren’t assassin only items. It would be hard to hunt if you are blind and deaf either from wearing earmuffs or because you fiered a shot without ear protection.

    • facialfirearms

      it’s good that you bring up the subject of suppressors(not “silencers”) as it gets the dialogue going.even in most european countries where personal firearms ownership is highly regulated and restricted they actually require suppressors to reduce noise from fired weapons and preserve hearing.i’m not sure why suppressors ended up as class 3 firearms accessories,but it never made any sense.the actual size of a suppressor that removes the report of a fired shot to the sound shown in films,where the completely ignorant get their gun knowledge would be almost 2 feet long,and @ 2 1/2 inches in diameter.i’ve fired many suppressed weapons and the smaller suppressors still require hearing protection for most lower powered handgun cartridges.please remember to use the term “suppressor” as opposed to silencer as that’s part of the reason they remain so highly controlled.

      • iksnilol

        I think that suppressors/silencers/moderators are required in the UK.

        In some countries they are illegal in Europe while in others they require as much paperwork as the gun itself (in Germany for instance) while in some countries they are completely uncontrolled (Norway).

        There are some big suppressors that are really good but they are large/heavy/ search for “Hausken Whisper” without the quote marks.

        • facialfirearms

          actually in germany they are required,while in sweden/finland/norway they are encouraged.as for the other european countries i’m not certain,but i would imagine it almost impossible in the uk as they have stolen firearms rights from the people and don’t understand why their crime rate rose 128% in the first 3 years.

          • iksnilol

            In Germany from what I read they are considered the same as firearms in regards to paperwork. In Norway (where I live) they are completely uncontrolled, considered an accessory just like a sling or rail-mouned bottleopener. For the most part they are required in the UK, unless shooting at ranges in rural areas due to OSHA standards for hearing safety.

            Regarding the term “silencer” even though it is correct to use that term, I prefer to use another term if talking with people who aren’t familiar with firearms so as to not scare them.

            EDIT: I read that on Wikipedia and another site I can’t remember the name of. Just search “gun politics in [insert country]”, Wikipedia is one of the first links then there is another one.

          • facialfirearms

            i don’t speak norwegian,so i don’t know about that language,but in english “silencer” is a slang term which has been picked up by the media and especially the film industry,the most horrific spreaders of firearms myths,and it’s been used to cast aspersions on what is essentially the exact same thing as a muffler on your car.in english we need to be really careful about names like “silencer”,”assault rifle”,”automatic”,and other phrases that those who are not only begging to have their own freedoms taken away,but are also trying to have ours taken as well.i’m sure you saw the raw emotions combined with complete ignorance in the anti rights guy’s above comment.we have gone from just roughly 1/2 of our society who like our freedom and our privacy to the new ambassadors to the ignorant.i do have a question for you though-if you’re in norway do you get norma brass cheaper than it’s sold here?

          • iksnilol

            Silencer is what the inventor Hiram Maxim called it. In Norwegian it is more along the lines of “sound-dampener” if I am going to translate it directly.

            I don’t use Wikipedia exclusively, I also use gunpolicy.org. They are pretty neutral, just saying how the system works in those countries and how many guns there are (+ how many illegal guns there is presumed to be).

          • facialfirearms

            i’ve read up on hiram pretty extensively,but my all time hero of firearms invention would be john moses browning.i do realize that maxim started the term silencer,but here it’s attained criminal status among the lexicon.as for the calibers you mention,i’m very familiar with them all,and use them all as well with a high end favorite going to the 6.5 x 55.i took my first pronghorn antelope at 4 yards shy of a half mile with one shot with a 1908 carl gustav model 96 mauser based custom sporter with loads that i worked up.i am recently using 7.62 x 54r russian in a finnish moisin nagant because the 6.5 although it has excellent penetration at ranges the we hunt at in south dakota,just doesn’t have the hydro static shock on impact that the undervalued(here) nagant round does.we actually shot a 2300 pound bison bull lengthwise at 1000 yards with a 204 grain bullet and never recovered the bullet as it actually exited the animal even at that range,and it hit so hard it never took a single step.we regularly hunt deer in excess of 500 lbs in s.d. in the badlands,and i’ve been having trouble with the big boys going down with the 6.5 even with perfect heart shots.we do however call my 6.5 “the laser” for its amazing accuracy.i’m not sure when they figured out that they needed a faster twist rate to stabilize heavier spitzers,but it was definitely after mine was built.it seems to like 129-140 grain pills.anything heavier in a high quality hunting bullet just doesn’t seem to stabilize well at longer ranges.as for price of brass you quoted almost exactly what we pay here for norma brass.i’ve been having to settle on collecting my once fired sellier & bellot brass to handload with as the prices for brass are higher than already loaded ammo from s& b.i have used norma brass in the past as well as lapua,and find both to be exceptional,but for this year’s hunting i can’t afford to lay out the huge cash for a minimum lot of 250 shells just to play with to get ultimate accuracy.next year i’ll start playing with 125 gr bullets in the 7.62 x 54r in order to check out long range accuracy with a lighter faster moving bullet.thanks for the info,and keep on shooting.

          • iksnilol

            No problem, Be warned though that lighter bullets aren’t as good at retaining velocity. They will have flatter trajectory in the beginning but will start to arc as they lose velocity. At least that’s what I believe. Then again I am not a ballistician or reloader so I might be wrong, at least that is my hypothesis.

            Keep on shooting you too.

          • facialfirearms

            first i want to say that i’ve enjoyed our interactions on here.as for the lighter bullet and long range issues that shouldn’t come into play until @ 900 yards or so,hence the experiments.we usually shoot between 600 and 900 yards out where we hunt as it’s wide open big sky country,although a deer or antelope can hide in a small roll on the prairie only 3 feet deep and only 20 yards away,so once in a very great while we get a shot at 150-200 yards,which for us is heaven.the thing about the 7.62 x 54r is that the factory loads are generally 180-220 gr bullets and the military loading is 147 gr.usually the most efficient loading is what the militaries that use in an arm have chosen to use,so i was lucky enough to score some wolf brand(russian for u.s. market)loads for hunting with 150 gr bullets.i figure that they should be great,but even at the ranges we shoot we’ve been having good luck with the light projectile/faster velocity loads,but every rifle prefers its own food,so i figure why not try some loads with the bullets designed for the sks/ak family as they will shed velocity,but they’re designed to open at far slower velocities than the 7.62 x 54r,so at range they should be right in their optimum opening velocities.we’ll see next year as i don’t have enough brass or time to load them for this season.i wouldn’t call myself a ballistician but i’ve been handloading/reloading for @ 28 years now,so i feel i have a good grasp of the basics along with a chronograph,and the computer programs that winchester,hornady,remington,and federal use in their load developements,so i figure i’ll figure it out.thanks for your input and when i start to play with those loads i’ll be letting folks know what i learn from them.be well.

          • iksnilol

            Holy smoke, 28 years!? That is about 28 years more experience shooting stuff at distance/reloading than I have. My best shooting is just 150 meters with .22 LR and a sling + diopter sights (can manage sub MOA groups).

            Would you mind writing some articles for TFB or something? There surely has to be some (okay, a lot of) stuff we can learn from you.

          • facialfirearms

            i have far more than 28 years shooting,that’s just how long it’s been since i got my first reloading press.thanks for the invite to write.for the next few weeks i’m finishing up some work on my truck and heading back to south dakota for pronghorn season,and i have deer tags for there this year as well.i have a 3200 mile drive to go to get there though,so if you haven’t heard from me in 4 weeks get through to me and i could dig up something to write about,especially if you let me know what direction to go into.i have years of developing loads for different arms,but lost a bunch of data 12 years ago when i got into a really bad wreck and took a bunch of spinal damage.my former best friend got brain damaged in that wreck and stole almost everything i owned.i still have reams of info though and haven’t stopped loading,shooting,hunting,or competing.any time i can help out anybody with the stuff that’s crammed into my brain i’m happy to.be well.

  • dan citizen

    Nice folks.
    Nice deed.
    Nice article.

  • Todd

    WOOT! AAC! Nice job!

  • James

    Sounds pretty awful to me. A chronically ill kid wants to kill something purely for the sake of entertainment. Disgusting.

    • Daniel

      Sucks that Mama diddnt love you.

    • iksnilol

      Eh, hogs are pests that cause damage for millions each year. I don’t like making things suffer but killing hogs is okay in that part of the world.

      • facialfirearms

        hunting and killing are 2 totally different things.in every hog hunt that i know of the hunters fill their freezers with far healthier meat than can be bought in any store,and when that’s done the rest of the meat is donated to homeless shelters and food banks.in all the states with hog issues the state depts of game and fish provide free processing of donated game meat.never apologize for our rights,nor for exercising them.don’t attempt to explain to someone who has no desire to learn the truth,it’s a complete waste of time.this imbecile obviously gets his info from msnbc,and the huffington post,the 2 largest piles of fetid human excrement disguised as news outlets in the u.s. you can also bet that in spite of the dozens of known felonies committed by the current pres,this fool happily goes back to the polls to vote for him and his corrupt cronies such as bloomberg and associates.

        • iksnilol

          I know all that, just stating my opinion. + I don’t eat hog/pig.

    • KJ

      Who let anti-gun liberals comment on here?
      Just kidding, we have to have freedom of speech, even if there are some idiots.

      • facialfirearms

        don’t forget that the second amend preserves the first.all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • justme

      Hunters gonna hunt.

    • facialfirearms

      you are a completely ignorant imbecile.obviously you know nothing whatsoever of the wild hog issues in the u.s.,nor about the fact that that meat was eaten.you are disgusting because you have no knowledge whatsoever of what you speak,yet you have a highly emotional opinion.emotions are not facts,nor do they support your childish position on this,not to mention that you would deny a hardcore handicapped person from enjoying a fundamental constitutional right,in addition to helping the local farmers who grow the food you buy at the big box store.it is far better to remain silent and have people assume you’re a fool than to open your mouth and confirm their suspicions.why do you feel that your uninformed,blatantly ignorant,and purely emotional opinion gives you the right to attack the handicapped?the only thing disgusting here is that ignorant people like you abound in this country,filled with misconceptions merely because you’re too lazy or just plain stupid to research the subject on which you choose to opine.go live in a socialist utopia that you crave.i don’t think that you’ll find it the wonderful thing that you think it is mr. parroting obamite.