Sig P220 In 10mm

SIG Sauer announced, last week, that they will be making their Sig P220 in 10mm. According to Modern Service Weapons, Sig will unveil it at SHOT in January.

The P220/10 will be have both SAO and DA/SA configurations, and will be available in 4.25 and 5 inch lengths.  It will be based upon their all steel P220 Elite series of pistols as it is being reported.

Nicholas C

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  • mckrackaraheem

    Take my Money!

  • Steven Ling

    Besides Glock, does anyone have a standard 10mm pistol?

    • jeff

      eaa has one . colt has one (delta elite) glock has one and a few 1911 makers make one. im very happy that sig is joining the party . the more 10mm firearms the better imho the 10 is the best semi auto hand gun cartridge ever made 🙂

      • iksnilol

        What about the EAA Witness?

        • Ge

          Read about the slide cracking problem. The Witness is a 9mm pistol made to play a role it wasn’t meant for (not a ‘standard’)

          • Rusty Shackleford

            If you want a 10MM Tanfoglio, It’s best to go with the Witness Elite Match model or better, stay away from the standard ’round-top slide’ models.

        • James Brown

          Love my witness. been running the hot stuff in it for years. after i put a 20# spring on it, never had a problem

    • sammy_ j_bird

      The only other 10mm pistol I can think of off the top of my head is the Colt Delta Elite.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        STI Perfect 10, EAA Witness, Colt Delta Elite, Glock 20, Bren Ten (Out of Production), Kimber Eclipse, Para Elite Hunter, among others.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Vltor said they were binging back the Bren Ten for a few years now. They still say the are as of a few months ago, but I’m not going to hold my breath. If they do, then good, especially if it has a rail as an option.

        • nagurski

          S&W 1006 is also out of production, but I think you’d have much less problem finding one of them than you would a Bren Ten.

    • andyinsdca

      S&W used to make a 10mm (model 1006)

    • MrSottobanco

      Wilson Combat.

  • Bruce

    Shut up and take my money! Make it in a P227 while you’re at it.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      You beat me to it about the P227. Hell, Anything that will bring more people to the 10MM side is good though.

      • James Brown

        10mm guys have the best cookies anyway. We know where the action is. Although the .460 rowland is starting to call my name

    • Gwolf

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Pete Sheppard

    10mm is (in)famous for breaking pistols. It will be interesting to see how the Sig holds up in the Real World.

    • Ge

      I was about to say, they’re better off designing a pistol that can handle the cartridge rather than trying to cram it into an extant design. I hope they learned their lesson about fitting the high pressure cartridge into a low pressure .45 gun

      • Anonymoose

        SIGs can handle .460 Rowland, which is hotter than 10mm, and this will have more material around everything.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Yep, I have faith it’ll hold up just fine. My question is why not use the P227 instead of the P220?

          • Anonymoose

            Probably because the P220 is their old standby.

        • gunsandrockets

          Now if only Sig would offer the 220 in .460!

          Who knows? If 10mm is offered why not .460 next.

          • Marc

            .460 is just a chamber reaming away and the slide cracking can begin.

          • Anonymoose

            Johnny Rowland used to offer a conversion kit for it. I think it’s the same as with the M&Ps: just order an XD kit, then put in the comments section that you want a kit for a SIG.

      • TheKuduKing

        They are not overbuilt in .45 ACP. Prior to the change to the solid slide and beefier frames, P220s regularly cracked frames and slides starting at around 10,000 rounds. Right now the P220 .45 ACP is adequately built, I wouldn’t say overbuilt.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Also…will it be able to handle the HOT loads hand-loaders will inevitably run through it?
        Drifting a bit to the side, I wish Ruger had come out with a 10mm. I once read that the P-90 was originally conceived for the 10mm, but shifted to .45 when the 10mm’s popularity faltered.

    • Schadavi

      I have owned a P220 with aluminium grip in 45 ACP. While i don’t think 10mm will break the gun, it will definetly break the will to shoot that gun more than absolutely neccessary. I never shot much with my Sig, even light 45 ACP loads make your hand hurt.

  • Jack Morris

    I wish a gun manufacturer would make one that fit in small hands. I can barely reach the trigger of a standard Sig. I’m probably the only person in the country that is hoping for Kahr to chamber a pistol in 10mm auto.

    • Anonymoose

      Glock 29 not small enough for you?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Have you tried a 1911 with slim grips like the STI Nitro 10? I don’t see why that wouldn’t work for you.

      • Jack Morris

        I love 1911’s, but the only reason I would want a 10mm auto is for hiking. I’d much prefer the lesser weight (and lesser price) of a plastic wonder.

    • Have the short trigger installed and most of the problem of reaching the trigger will be over.

      • Jack Morris

        Thanks for the info Phil. I didn’t even know that was an option. My finger has trouble reaching the trigger even on the SF models without holding the pistol improperly. It’s a damn shame my hands are so small and I love shooting so much : /

        To put it into perspective, I did a grip reduction on a Kahr CM9. Yes, you read that correctly; I had to make the grip on a micro pocket pistol smaller in order to fit my hands correctly.

    • The Osprey

      Glock 20SF. I don’t have huge hands either and the SF models either 20 in 10mm or 21 in .45acp fit my hand just fine. The standard 20 or 21 do not. It’s amazing the difference shaving a few mm’s off the backstrap makes.

      • Nicholas Chen

        Actually the Gen4 21 has a smaller grip than the SF. 21 and 20 share a similar frame.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Here’s the question: If DeNiro had the 10mm version instead, would he have been alive at the end of Heat?

    • Steve Rothaug

      Pacino out-drew him. Didn’t much matter what he was carrying at that point. But perhaps I’ll use this as an excuse to re-watch a great movie, to “review”.

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        haha I know DeNiro was outdrawn but any excuse to bring up one of the greatest movies of all time.

        “The shape charge. The shape charge indicates that they are technically proficient.”

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    This just made my morning. And I have one more gun to add to my stable of 10mm’s now!

  • Lance

    Better solution stick with a Glock 20.

    • Jack Flag

      Except it’s a Glock.

      I hope these guns will have fully supported chambers. Glocks don’t. That and the ergos on a Glock are barely passable at best.

    • You can’t seriously say that. How can anyone not embrace MORE 10mm options? Do we HAVE to say “Just stick to Glock everything”? Sorry but no. I like Glocks as much as the next guy but having options is better for everyone. If there’s one thing that’s true with guns – especially with Glocks – it’s that one-size-fits-all is a pipe dream.

  • Chad J

    Any idea if capacity will increase from standard P220? If so, how many?

  • Tim Pearce

    Damn it, Sig, why do you hate my pocketbook so much?! Granted, I’m still waiting for the MPX to really be available… So, maybe this’ll be a “New for 2015… and starting production in 2019” thing.

    • Tucson_Jim

      I’m still waiting for the SG SAPR 751…

  • john huscio

    Gonna sell my FAL to free up cash for a p220 carry……replace a gun I barely shoot with one I intend as an EDC

    • Tucson_Jim

      Come to Tucson… use the FAL for EDC…

    • John Smith


  • idahoguy101

    Will a P220 survive a thousand rounds of 10mm Auto? We’ll soon know.

  • Brad Ferguson

    This is just perfect. . . . .If your opponent happens to be wearing body armor. Forget trying to penetrating it………I’ll just break all of your ribs !!!! lol.