MG Industries 5.45×39 Rifle

Marck AK-74

MG Industries is now shipping a version of the Hydra MARCK-15 rifle chambered in 5.45×39. These guns, called the AK-74 model, use a standard AR-15 configuration, but are able to change barrels and calibers quickly.

This model has a 16″ barrel. It has a flat top design with a Picatinny quad-rail and a low profile gas block. The gun hasĀ a M-4 style adjustable buttstock.

The rifle ships with an AR-style magazine made for the 5.45×39 cartridge. The 30-round stainless-steel magazines are made by ASC. I’ve tested a number of 10-, 20-, and 30-round AR-15 magazines from ASC, and I found them to be reliable.

MSRP is $1,299.

Richard Johnson

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  • Dan

    Just in time for the cheap ammo to be banned from import. Oh well.

  • Dave

    I wonder how their trigger will compensate for uncooperative 7n6 primers. I run a hiperfire with a stiffer spring to avoid misfires on my ar74, but even then it isn’t perfect.

  • Any info on 5.45 for me?

  • gunslinger

    wait for the ar 74’s!!!

  • TomcatTCH

    Now why didn’t they produce a magwell for the ak74 magazines?