Bond Arms: Derringers Done Right

Here at the Blue August Gun and Outdoor Conference, we were fortunate enough to be presented what I consider one of the neatest pistols on the market:


“Hey wait.. that’s a Derringer?!”.

Hell yes it is, and if you have not had the pleasure of running one of these, I would highly recommend that you do.

Bond Arms doesn’t make just cute little .22lr or .32acp guns, but makes their guns in some serious calibers:


  • .357 MAG/.38 Spl
  • .45 ACP
  • .45 Colt, Only
  • .45 Glock Auto
  • .44 Special
  • 44-40 Winchester
  • .40 S&W
  • 10 mm
  • 9 mm
  • 32 H & R Mag
  • .22 Long Rifle
  • .22 Mag.
  • .410

The owner, Gordon Bond is passionate about his products and really works hard to meet the demands of his customers. They are also located in Granbury Texas, so they are right in my backyard.

Gordon gave us a quick rundown of his company’s history and showed us the ins and outs of his pistols:


He also explained to us how many people use this not just as snake charmers, but as a backup gun or even a primary carry piece. Their cross-draw holster is quick and easy to use.



The pistols also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Of course you can get a fancy version if you want an heirloom:


There is even a .22 conversion that sets the chambers in such a way that rimfire ammunition works with their system:


After the classroom session, Amy gave us a quick show as to how easy it is to change calibers. She was able to convert a gun from .410 to .357 magnum with only a hex wrench and 30 seconds:


She even did this on the range so we could shoot multiple calibers:


That said it was my turn to give the gun a go. I shot the .410 first, and I must say that recoil was not bad at all!



I was able to land two shots pretty close to one-another:


Next up was the might .357. This one did not agree too well with my hand, but it was easy and controllable with .38s:


All in all, I have decided to get my Dad one for Christmas. A while back I got him a Rossi .410 shotgun to manage snakes around his property, but I think he would really enjoy the .410 Bond Arms not just for snake hunting, but as a fun and unique shooter.

As for me, I am going to buy a 10mm version.


Because 10mm is awesome and if you disagree you’re a communist.


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • iksnilol

    If I am limited to one shot it better be a Hexolitt32 in 12 gauge. Yes, I am disappointed they dont make a 12 gauge version.

    My wrist on the other hand is thrilled.

    • allannon

      Good thing it has two shots, then, so you don’t have to haul around something asinine like a 12ga pocket pistol.

      • iksnilol

        I was presuming a 12 gauge derringer would have only one shot.

        Though now I want to turn an O/U shotgun into a derringer. Hacksaw and file should be enough (+ paperwork).

        • Cymond

          And on that note, I think it’s a real pity that no gun manufacturers have the insight to make a double-barrel AOW. All of the cut-down doubles I see are SBS because they were made from guns with stocks.

          Like, why doesn’t anybody just sell new, stripped shotgun receivers? Or kits? or something?

  • allannon

    10mm is totally a commie round. I mean, really, Metric?

    I keep eyeing Bond Arms’ products, but I just don’t have a use case that isn’t covered, or the budget.

    • Lol!
      Yes these definitely fill a specific niche. For fishermen or hikers I think this would be a great tool for dealing with water moccasins or rattlers.

      • allannon

        Yea, I guess a case could be made for the .410 being added to my pack.

        Currently I just wedge my XDs in one of the belt pouches on my pack.

        Still run into the budget issue, though…I really need to stop adopting expensive hobbies. Maybe take up origami, or making art from piles of “found material”. 🙂

  • sianmink

    10mm is a great choice but what will you do with that second shot?

    • robert

      “10mm is a great choice but what will you do with that second shot?”

      Blow up the REST of the planet, of course.

    • dan citizen

      “OK, you just lay there and bleed while I look around for my gun”

  • Sulaco

    With all the small and smaller revolvers and semi autos in a lot of the same calibers and smaller and lighter, multi shot quick reloadable guns out there, I just don’t see the reason extant anymore for these…Yes I know some are drawn to them, but still.

  • suchumski

    i would like a version in SA / DA mode, with a modern massive flip up trigger
    like it was used in the old colt texas patesons and 4″ barrels, just for fun.
    and for all folks who would advise me to take a
    compact J frame or a small autopistol, i have
    both and a old bond arms
    357/38 to.
    derringers are primitive and reliable
    if one wants something more reliable, take a knife.
    you can love more than one gun, guns are never jalous. 😉

  • dan citizen

    I have had to carry some small, sometimes anemic, guns over the years. I figured they were always better than a sharp stick.

    I will concede that at least Bond Arms does it right as far as quality, but they really should be DA or DAO.

    Luckily I have only once had to actually use a tiny gun (A jennings in .22) it was during a struggle and I managed to shoot the guy in the foot which was sufficient to cause him to disengage and the incident ended with no further shooting.

  • gunslinger

    why not 44mag? or 50AE?

    • DW

      I recall someone made 45-70 barrel for this. You can probably find video on youtube.