Massive Muzzle Flash From SCAR17S

At the FNH USA 3Gun Championships two weeks ago, I was using my SCAR 17S. I used exclusively PMC Brass 147 gr bt fmj for the match. I have used this ammo in the past but have never witnessed muzzle flash of this magnitude from my SCAR17S. I was shooting at steel targets over 100 yards away and was noticing muzzle flash through my Nikon M-308 scope. You can see some of the muzzle flash at the end of the video when i engage the 100+ yard steel targets. My SCAR17S is still rocking the factory installed PWS muzzle brake. Other than the Midwest Industries extended handguard, some rail covers and a Geissele Scar Super Trigger, the gun is the same as when I bought it in 2012. At first I thought the muzzle flash may have been due to the proximity of my muzzle to the tree I was shooting off of, but I can see muzzle flash in the 3rd person video (which I edited out for the youtube video) when I engage the last array of paper targets with my angled irons.


Nicholas C

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  • ChuckyTee

    The point of this post is ,,,,,,,????? Are you asking us why you had a fireball coming out of your gun?

  • Sulaco

    WOW what was the make of that shotie?

  • Does anybody know how good the SCAR-series is? They look pretty nice, but due to my younger age, i can’t check them out for myself.

    • Sam Schifo

      i don’t have any personal experience with them but from what I have heard they are really good guns, albeit pricey.

    • Pedro

      The H is a great rifle, one of the best semi auto .308 rifles made.

  • Lance

    Still take the M-14 in battle over this.

  • FedUpTxn

    I had a similar large flash experience when using some ZQI (Turkish) ammo, along with a noticeably stronger recoil with my FN FAL Para (16″ bbl, A2 hider). I had several others shoot a mix of ammo manuf. with the same impression when using ZQI. I think some of the foreign ammo manuf. are using powders with significantly different burn rates in some lots. Maybe they are pushing the limits on meeting NATO Spec.?

  • smith934

    My first guess, without further examination, would be the powder charge was off or a mistake with the wrong powder being used. Both easy to check if you still have a couple rounds to pull down.