Ares Armor’s New DPMS LR308 Billet Upper

Ares Armor now has a billet DPMS patterned upper for sale.  At an intro price of just $135 you will not find a better deal out there for a billet upper.  The Ares Armor upper also comes with the forward assist and ejection port cover installed.


As a large frame AR shooter, I am going to have to pick one of these up for my precision rifle to replace the slick side DPMS upper that I am currently using.  While I don’t mind the slick side, and my rifle is plenty accurate having a ejection port cover and forward assist could have come in handy a few times over the years.


Here is the info from Ares Armor

Made from a chunk of billet aluminum and machined to better than mil-spec tolerances, we now give you the Ares Armor Billet LR308 DPMS pattern AR10 Upper complete with Forward Assist and Ejection Port Cover. After being precision machined it then receives type III hard coat black anodized and laser engraved T markings on the top rail. The Ares Armor logo and wreath are featured on the side. You will not find a better quality Billet AR10 Upper for a lower price, or even one close in price. Forward assist and ejection port cover included with purchase.


  • me ohmy


  • Mark N.

    I thought the slick side was only for AR15s, not AR10s. I went with one because I didn’t see the point of all that extra metal hanging off the side. But this is a great price for an AR10 upper. Maybe it is time to start collecting pieces for my next build…

  • Joe Alexander

    Link is not working (leads to an expired ‘bay listing), and I am not seeing this product on their homepage…? Help