AR Pistol Muzzle Flash Slow Mo With iPhone 6

Thanks to Almon Benton for sending this into us here at TFB. He got a new iPhone 6 and tested out the slow motion feature of the video camera. He was able to capture an impressive fireball out of his AR pistol.


Nicholas C

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  • Waffen SS

    somebody at TFB bought some AAPL stock.

  • ChuckyTee

    Looks a little fast to be 240 frames a second…

  • ClintTorres

    Went to the range last week to test fire my new 7.5″ pistol build and the guy two benches down moved another two benches further away due to the blast. It is resounding(aka hella loud) even with the a kineti-tech linear-comp-esque muzzle device. So loud I had to apologize.

    If one doesn’t hit the intended target in a defensive situation with a projectile, the target will be deafened and possibly scorched into submission.

    Ran like a dream from the get-go with JB silent-capture spring and Kies adjustable gas block on “half” (2.5 turns out of 5 to complete closure, not sure if this necessarily means half the gas but that’s where I started and didn’t adjust because everything ran just fine).

    Overall, just a fun gun. I was previously skeptical about a pistol without a Sig brace but I actually like the size and weight of the foam-covered buffer tube.

    • raz-0

      don’t forget the burned hair smell of a near miss. That has to have some offensive/defensive value 😉

  • echelon

    My 11.5″ pistol doesn’t have near the blast. It’s still beasty but even with the standard A2 on it, it’s nothing like that!

    Viva la Sig and viva la KAK!!

  • toadboy

    I keep seeing post about large muzzle flashes as a positive thing. I am not sure it is an advantage.