Andrew sent us this photo of his Swedish Mauser M1894 Carbine chambered in the classic 6.5×55mm. It features a custom full length sporting stock with a beautiful antler crown at the muzzle end.

The 6.5×55mm is a cartridge that was well ahead of its time. It saw service for just over 100 years from 1984 to 1995 when the Swedish National Home Guard stopped using Swedish Mauser’s chambered in it. It’s design is very modern, even by 21st century standards, with a high ballistic co-efficient that makes it popular around the world with hunters around the world.

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  • Don Ward

    I see they have rednecks in Sweden too.

    • Blake

      & they eat fermented fish that the Germans consider bioterrorism…

      • iksnilol

        Have you tried lutefisk? Same concept:


        • Swede

          Lutefisk is no way near the same, lutefisk
          lutefisk is lye-fish, prepared with lye and dried.
          the fermented fish is surströmming, sour herring and that is basically rotten fish, disgusting and I am a Swede, the smell is vomitinducing

          • iksnilol

            For us foreigners it is all the same, fish+bad = traditional meal that everybody hates

            I know that most of Scandinavia is a frozen wasteland filled with roaming packs of moose and polar bears but that is no reason to try to kill yourself through food poisoning. Seriously, why does stuff like lye-fish and fermented fish exist?

          • Stupidity comes to mind……..

            I wonder if it’s a case of “See how badass I am? I can eat this!”

    • dave

      The swedes also love American V8s and also have tractor pulls. If you’re not in one of the 4 big cities over there, people are very clannish and country.

      In the mid 2000s, Swedes with an LS series motor from GM were like the mentally handicapped with their pants down, they’d stick it in anything.

      • Swede

        it is even very common to fly the southern flag for some reason

      • Mystick

        Well, it IS an LS motor…. 🙂 even our(US) car manufacturers put that thing in quite a few disparate vehicles.

    • Bubba

      The liberals in the big cities don’t usually like American culture, mainly because it’s seen as crude and loud. However the people in the countryside tend to love it.

    • Swede

      oh yes we do (:

  • James Kachman

    It’s so tacky…so stupid….yet so….gorgeous.

  • ensitue

    I built one for ringing steel plate at 300 yards w/iron sights the 6.5 is a wonderful round and is used for moose in Sweden. the classic shnabble end is wood or metal, not antler

    • iksnilol

      300 yards with 6.5x55mm?

      That’s a warm-up considering its capabilities.

  • The stock inletting job is a regrettable detriment to an otherwise very cool rifle concept.

  • Paladin

    1995-1984 != 100

    I’m thinking you meant 1894

  • Blake
  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    6,5 x 55 milimeter is best milimeter.

  • Verner

    It looks… strange.

  • DetroitMan

    I have an unmodified 1894 and it’s a great little carbine. The 6.5x55mm is an excellent cartridge and one of my favorites. I wish more rifles were chambered for it.

  • BA47

    Dammit; now I want to get a rifle chambered in 6.5 X 55 again. Thanks TFB.

  • Swede

    The mauser is still in service.. but just ceremonial use.

  • Mystick

    I do like that stock…