Todd, who lives “behind enemy lines”, built a 100% New York compliant AR-style rifle by building it without any gas system and so creating a manually operated bolt action rifle rather than a semi-automatic. It was inspired by the various bolt-action AR-15s sold in the United Kingdom. The parts list includes:

  • Spikes lower
  • KAK 18″ custom barrel with no gas port
  • Lantac Dragon brake
  • Young’s Manufacturing side charge bolt
  • Mega side charge upper
  • JP captured buffer spring to keep things ninja quiet
  • RRA NM trigger
  • Magpul MOE furniture
  • Warne Skel Mount
  • Bushnell 3200 10×40 Mil-Dot
  • Diamondhead 15″ free-float rail

Todd says that the rifle shoots great. The bolt is easy to operate and the upper is kept clean because there is no gas system.

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  • Nature223

    good thinking.. I heard that TROY is also making a premium pump action AR-15 as well for the crappy states like mine who hate the EBR

    • ColaBox

  • baldeagle91

    Dang, I live in a free state and i still want one

    • allannon

      Yea, it’s actually a pretty rifle.

      I do prefer to have the _option_ to build one like it, though, rather than being in a state/nation where I’d _have_ to build it. 🙂

  • SS Das Reich

    really like the Diamondback rail that came on my Stag- very comfortable

  • hunteranon

    I would love to do this in .308/7.62, any ideas how i could go about doing that?

    • iksnilol

      Get the upper of your choice, put in it a barrel without gas port and don’t install a gas block.

      Easy as that. Though I am worried about the charging handle, AR charging handle isn’t easy to operate IMHO.

  • Ralphie

    Well done Todd, Very nice build.

  • valorius

    Move to america.

  • Nicholas Chen

    He should chamber it in 50 beowulf and have std cap mags that are NY legal.

    • LongBeach

      I love that workaround. I need to find a 50 Beo upper soon.

  • SP mclaughlin

    That’s an intimidating black rifle as any….

  • thedonn007

    Well done. I like this rifle. Does the bolt not move rearward at all since the gas system has been plugged?

    • Todd

      The bolt does not move until you pull the bolt rearward manually. The gas system is not plugged, I had Kurt at KAK Industries make me a barrel without any gas port drilled in it. The upper stays as clean inside as the day I assembled it. The Lantac brake is quite concussive but it mitigates the recoil to almost nothing. The other nice feature is that since the recoil spring is still present the bolt only needs to be pulled rearward and the spring pressure returns the bolt into battery upon release. It is actually a very nice shooting rifle and has taken many woodchucks since being put together. It has bolt-gun accuracy in a tidy AR15 form factor.

      • thedonn007

        I had read about another version of the AR-15 for the UK with a working gas system, but the bolt locks back on every shot. Have you considered using a version like this?

        • Todd

          I saw it but I have no plans to change from this configuration. It is a nice build with quality parts and should last a lifetime. I was never a bang-bang kind of shooter so it fits my sporting style nicely. I respect the rights of the mag-dump crowd but I just like to strive for medium to long distance accuracy with my shooting discipline.

        • Sam Whan

          Good weapon freaks some police forces out(doesnt 5ake much with uk law). Shoots well but all ive seen is pistol caliber versions so far (.45+ 9mm)
          I’ve also shot a few 5.56 sp ar15s and sadly thyre fun but no competition to the lads on the older bolt action arms and large cal on the distance ranges.

          • thedonn007

            Ah, so the pistol caliber versions are a blowback design and not DI.

      • Sam Whan

        Screws it for uk market. Booooo

  • justme

    While I commend the build (it certainly is nice) It’s sad that people even have to go this route.

  • ssgt ram

    TFB you need to show more guns like this and call the series Behind Enemy Lines. Inspiring rifle by the way.

  • BryanS

    I could use one for hunting here, and get hounded by ever game officer.