Ohio Ordnance HCAR

We posted about the HCAR earlier this year. Well apparently it was released this month. Kit Up! got a chance to play with it at the range.

According to Kit Up! it has a hydraulic buffer which dampens the recoil to that of an AR-15. The one complaint is the weight. 11.75 lbs with only a 16″ barrel and that is empty not even loaded. Retail is set at $4,700.

Nicholas C

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  • Chris

    I want to like it, I really do but…good god man!
    It would want to operate flawlessly cos it hit every branch on the way down when it fell out of the ugly tree.

    • Chris

      Pretty sure that shooting this would be like riding a Vespa or “getting intimate with a large woman”
      Probably fun but not sure I’d want my buddies to see me doing it.

  • jeff

    omg it looks like someone held a screen in front of it and threw shit at it .
    what an ugly beast . and that price . yah right !!!

  • John

    That weighs about half as much as an M1918A2 BAR, so the weight complaints don’t really hold up.

    • J.J

      Exactly. Besides how light do you really want to make a rifle that shoots a 30-06? My savage axis in 30-06 weighs about 7.5 pounds fully loaded and kicks harder than any 3 inch magnum 12 gauge. Heavier can be a good thing.

      • dan citizen

        but they’ve installed a “hydraulic buffer which dampens the recoil to that of an AR-15” So it’s all good,

      • Anonymoose

        The BN36 (this thing’s closest competitor) only weighs 8 lbs. If I was going to get a BAR, I’d want the 24″ barrel, and wouldn’t really care about the weight.

        • The BN36 touched me in inappropriate places, and I liked it. Speaking metaphorically, of course.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          At the very least I’d want a 20″ barrel, whats the point of going lower? Might as well have a .308 if you’re looking for a compact setup.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Nah. For that money, I’ll take a real BAR clone (that sounds strange).

  • Gary Chuntly

    There’s a whole lot of worrying about how the gun “looks” and not enough worrying about if this piece of battle bling is worth nearly $5K.

  • echelon

    $4,700?!? No thanks, I’ll take that cash and buy lots of ammo for guns I already own…allegedly. Except for the ones that I lost in the boating accident…

    • dan citizen

      If reports of gun loss in boating accidents are accurate, we should treat the fish with more respect.


        The Fish-People will invade the East and West coasts with guns that are “lost” in boat accidents.

      • angrymike

        Bwahahahaaaa, never thought of it that way, but your absolutely right !!!!!! ….. 😉

  • Lol @ 5k.

  • An Interested Person

    They probably could have saved two pounds if they just started from scratch, instead of reviving a design that was simply too heavy for what it was to begin with.

    Bullpup would have been cool too.

    • dan citizen


      • An Interested Person

        Don`t get me wrong, I do think BARs are pretty cool. From a historical perspective.

        But in the 21st century we can do so much better in terms of weight savings and multi-purpose functionality. This is basically a LMG turned into an assault rifle, and it can`t fill either role very well. Much less both.

        And on top of that, .30-06 is overrated. Feed it some .338 or .300 Win-mag.

        • dan citizen

          The choice to stay with 30 06 seems strange. I’m not saying it’s obsolete, but as a combat round it’s offspring have replaced it.

          I love BARs, they are a great part of history, but a BAR, no matter how bubba’d up, is not relevant to the arms scene anymore.

  • Matrix3692

    I was wondering, no one seems to try and “modernize” a Bren chamber in 7.62×51mm?

    • pbla4024

      It was done in 1958. 7.62x51mm Bren served in Falkland war. India still manufactures it I believe.

      • Matrix3692

        I meant with tactical accessories that kind of “modernize”.

    • Anonymoose

      Why bother when heavy-barreled FALs exist?

    • KiwiShooter

      Have a look at the L4 Bren mate.

      • Matrix3692

        No the L4, I meant with tactical accessories that kind of “modernize”.

  • dan citizen

    “hydraulic buffer which dampens the recoil to that of an AR-15”

    No way that could be hype.

    • Dan

      Hydraulic buffer combined with the suppressor maybe, and a big maybe at that.

      • Laserbait

        And the extra 5 pounds of weight helps a bit too. 😀

  • iksnilol

    Kinda off topic: Are there any 20 round mags for the Browning Bar Shorttrac (the lightweight 308 one)?

    • Lloyd

      I know that the FNAR and Shorttrac could share stocks/foreends, but I am not sure about magazines.

  • valorius


  • Ken

    I’ll stick with my M1.

  • Richard Flood

    This looks like the aftermath of a 3 way between an M60, a Highpoint and an AR

  • Hank Seiter

    “Heavy” in .30-06 is not a bad thing. Shooting a .30-06 1903A3 from the bench with the metal buttplate pretty much punctuates my sentiments on the subject. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the 1903 and its history, but at 60 I find myself getting a little recoil sensitive.