Fear Gear Sniper Veil

Fear Gear Camo makes a rather impressive sniper veil. Right now they don’t really have a product for sale, but they have a reservation link. You can reserve an order for a sniper veil and they are offering a 30% discount for orders of 3 yards or more.

Nicholas C

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  • Critter

    Monty Python – How Not to Be Seen

  • New Name

    So it’s a camo sheet? I like the patterns and look forward to their material being made into gear. If I owned a tactical sewing machine I’d order some of their fabric and tactically tailor some tactical clothes.

    • K. John

      To operate.

      • Grindstone50k

        On operations.

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  • An Interested Person

    No joke, I saw this first on an airsoft forum. This guy makes some awesome patterns, but apparently cannot mass produce anytime soon.

    • SS Das Reich

      Shark Tank

      • Grindstone50k

        Unless he’s already making lots of money, they won’t care.

    • True story!

  • TFB Reader

    I was 0 for 3 at the beginning of the video, although he didn’t have a barrel sticking out. The straight line of the barrel seemed to be the thing to look for in the later examples.

  • Uniform223

    Not to be a total dick but where is the guy from Hyperstealth to come along and say that his stuff is superior? Also what ever happened to that light bending camo thingy? Seriously this stuff seemed very impressive. More of a kryptek fan myself but this stuff is pretty darn good in my uneducated opinion.

  • ns

    Am I blind? I’ve been through the website twice and can’t find the reservation link…

    • Ben

      That’s cos it’s wearing the veil ;D

    • The reservation period has expired (it ran for 2 weeks) but we will be doing another 2 week reservation period in about one month.

  • Jon Hammett

    Looks like an excellent base for a ghillie suit. Cut it into a whole bunch of strips, and you won’t even have to worry about dyes.

    Also, (correct me if I’m wrong) I thought you weren’t supposed to wrap your rifle tightly with stuff like this because its purpose is to break up the outline. I think it would have worked better if the camo was laid on top of the rifle instead of wrapped.

    Overall, this is pretty cool stuff! If it is economical, I may be ordering some.