battleshipgrey emailed us a photo of his first AR-15 build. It looks like a great gun. He wrote …

This is my first AR build. The lower I assembled myself and the upper is a PSA blem with SQR rail. The AR is sitting on top of a Jeep my brother-in-law borrowed to meet us on vacation in the Ashley National Forest. We were about 45-60 minutes away from the highway and cellphone reception, so I didn’t feel like being outgunned in the middle of nowhere.

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  • valorius

    Cue the nitpickers in 3…2…1…

    • big daddy


    • Darrell

      His rifle is missing–b5 sopmod stock, troy buis, keymod anything, aimpoint/eotech, 1000 lumen surefire light, more magpul stuff like afg and sling attachments, infrared and visible laser, and of course a suppressor.

      So overall, you started out well, but need about $4,000 of add ons to hang with the cool kids:)

      • iksnilol

        IMO you should put on a suppressor as soon as possible. The rest I don’t know what is, except for Keymod. I know what Keymod is (sorta).

  • big daddy

    I see what looks like a shorter stock and CQB type grip, it looks like a Magpul K. What stock is that? I like the rifle stock feel but the adjustability of the M4 system. Nice rifle, minimalistic look.

    • I think it is the RRA Entry Stock.

      • Philip Drye

        What is the LOP on the RRA Entry stock?

        • I don’t have an exact figure, but it is roughly equal to a carbine stock fully collapsed.

    • das reich

      some more specifics about the rifle would be nice

      • BattleshipGrey

        Yes, it’s the RRA Entry Stock and the grip is the Magpul K. The lower is a Natmil and the LPK is from PSA, not sure of the manufacturer. I think the barrel is a 1:7 twist. The rail is probably the fanciest part on the rifle. I was going for a KISS rifle until I could fund a scope (I still would consider a scoped AR a KISS rifle). I settled on the Primary Arms 1-6x scope with ACSS reticle so I can go from CQB to longer distances. It’s essentially going to be a Recce rifle but I didn’t know such a thing existed until after I’d already settled on all my parts.

        • BattleshipGrey

          The only thing I’ll change to the rifle is to add an A2 rubber butt pad to make the stock a little bit longer and fill the gap between the grip and the trigger guard. Otherwise the parts are great.

          • big daddy

            Try the K2 grip out, I love them on my AR pistols with SIG braces. I use the K2 or Moe, Moe+ and their trigger guard, no gap and it feels a lot like my M&P handguns. I’m going to look into the stock. That stock just might be on my next and hopefully last AR unless I make it another pistol.

        • Grindstone50k

          Details on the rail? I looks like one I’ve been eyeing from Parallax Tactical.

        • Gwolf

          I like that stock a lot. I have a project gun I’m working on and that just made the short list. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  • John

    No nitpicking on the build. To each his own. I just hope they run the gun hard, learn to use it well, and wield it with wisdom.

  • Nicks87

    No frills, nice, clean look. I like it.

  • Tinklebell

    Cute. Nothing for me though. My arms are too long and dangly.

  • Zachary marrs

    I like it, very nice

  • mewarmo990

    Congrats on the first AR build!

  • jay

    looks more like an m16 build than ar15 i mean that buttstock blahhhh ugly

    • Zachary marrs

      You do realize that a m16 and ar15 are pretty much the same thing?

      • David

        I think splitting hairs was the point.

      • big daddy

        Yes parts wise they are. My experience is with the M16A1, but I kind of look at that rifle and all other M16/M4s as MIL only and out of the reach of most people. So these days in essence a AR is another animal. It’s semantics but a certain mentality because of the stupid gun laws in this country. When people call an AR an assault rifle I cringe but that’s what we have to deal with.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I think you mean more M16 than M4, AR15 is pretty much the generic term for any civilian version of either the M16 or M4.

  • Bigdaddymurph

    The real COOL kids can shoot well with iron sights

    • big daddy

      Yes they shoot well, but they shoot better with optics…;-).

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Congratulations on the rifle — a good, solid, minimalistic build that is both practical and cost-efficient, and which presumably works very well for your purposes. You have obviously put some real thought into this and the result clearly shows this. Often, less is more.

    • big daddy

      I think the whole idea of the AR is to be just that. A cost effective no nonsense rifle.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        True, and the same holds equally true for any other proper military rifle, including the AK, FAL, vz.58 and so on. Unfortunately, excessive feature creep seems to be overwhelmingly prevalent nowadays.

  • Gwolf

    It looks nice. I like it. Hope you enjoy your rifle.

  • big daddy

    I’m really like the look of that rifle more and more. I wish I didn’t just order a bunch of lower parts for one of my rifles(spring, tube, buffer). I might have gotten that stock.