A TFB Readers Handmade Steel Stock

A while back I wrote an article about a rifle mounted in a steel stock listed on Gunbroker.  It was truly the weirdest rifle I have ever seen in terms of how “unique” it was. It looked as if someone had placed it in a large block of steel and started in with a grinder until they had the stock the wanted.  If you missed the article, or want to take a look again you can find that article here.


What I didn’t know is that there is actually a sub-culture in the firearms community that is indeed making steel stocks.  Some of them are pretty rough looking, but some of them are very well made and shoot very well.

A while back a reader sent me some photos of an old Mosin that he bought with a busted stock, being a steelworker he decided to build a stock for the rifle.  While he admits it is heavy, it shoots well and the weight absorbs quite a lot of recoil.  I am actually impressed with the workmanship that went into building the stock.

He did admit that there seems to be a full spectrum of reactions from people calling it an abomination to those that see the art and function.  The stock is completely removable, and a regular Mosin stock could be put back on the rifle if someone chose to do so.

Around the same time I also received an email from a gunsmith that said that he had done over a dozen stocks made of steel for customers that wanted them for reasons that ranged from aesthetics to weight.

I have been around firearms for a long time, but you are always finding new things in the firearms community.  I am not sure what other interesting subcultures are out there, but I am sure that I will come across something new and different at some point, which is one reason I like covering firearms as a writer.

Thanks Shaun for the info and pictures!


  • j


  • USMC03Vet

    I can’t even

  • John

    The rest of it is fine, with nice contours. But that grip is weird. I would have made the grip a more natural angle, and curved a separate part for the thumb either underneath or to the grip itself. The trigger guard throws people, but it doesn’t have to.

    • Shaun L.

      Shaun here… I actually made the grip dimensions and angle the same as a standard AK. I’ll admit that it does look a bit odd but it feels familiar in the hand and keeps your wrist in a comfortable position.

  • ThomasD

    I’d love something similar made from hydro formed aluminum tubing.

  • Orion’s Hammer

    Me gusta.

    However, the bare steel cheekrest looks like it would be very cold for winter shooting!

    • Shaun L.

      I’ve been planning on doing either a 550 chord wrap or tooled leather for the fore end, grip, butt and cheek rest but I haven’t gotten around to teaching myself how. I figure it will be a good excuse to learn a new skill.

  • iksnilol

    When all you have is steel, then steel it is.

  • dan citizen

    very nice.

  • muttdad

    I couldn’t tell where the rifle ended and the table began 🙂 Is it the shooting bench ?

    • Shaun L.

      I built the table too and since I like the design of both pieces I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks!

  • Secundius

    The problem with Aluminium Tubing is the same as Steel Tubing. It’s still going to Conduct Heat or Cold, and transmit it back to the shooter. Carbon Fiber, would have been a Better Choice.

  • Laserbait

    I rather like it!

  • screwtape2713 .

    I imagine it would shoot quite well since the design removes two of the major causes of inaccuracy with old milsurp rifles — a non-free-floating barrel held to the stock with barrel bands and a wooden stock that swells or shrinks as the weather changes. The only thing I would want to do would be to wrap the steel in something like a neoprene tubing in cold weather.

    Vasily Zaitsev would probably have loved it…

    • Shaun L.

      Vasily would have hated it if he had to carry it. I built it mostly as functional mechanical art and used solid 1/2″ stock because the scrap was free so it is quite heavy. The gain in accuracy was a pleasant bonus but it’s definitely a bench rifle because of the weight.

  • Robert V Martin

    At least it avoids the abomination of Plastic or Fiberglass Stocks.

  • You should sell these. You could make a fortune.