Burnt Bronze Kahr Pistols

Kahr burnt bronze

Kahr has been busy this year releasing pistols in a variety of non-traditional colors. The current offerings have a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish on the slides.

The three pistols are variants of the existing CW9, CW40 and CW45 pistols in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP respectively. All guns have a MSRP of $466.

Prior releases in 2014 include purple CW9 and CW380 pistols, an orange 1911, an eggshell blue PM9 and a pair of Lew Horton special pistols.

From Kahr:

Kahr® Arms Partners with United Sporting Companies on Three New Special Edition Pistols

Pomona, NY – Kahr Arms steps up to meet the ever-increasing demand for pistols in mission specific colors. Kahr Firearms Group has had much success with their unique products introduced this year with various colors for both their polymer frames and stainless steel slides.  Kahr Arms is now partnering with United Sporting Companies for an exclusive line of their most popular sized 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols offered with Cerakote’s sleek new “Burnt Bronze” finish slides and attractive black appointments on the frames.  The Burnt Bronze finish combines colors of a tactical understated earth tone with a beautiful rich bronze color.  Kahr then combines black appointments on their black polymer frame to complete a truly desirable appearance.

The first offering in Burnt Bronze is the CW9093BB. The pistol features a 3.565” barrel with conventional rifling, and a 1-10 right-hand twist. The weight, height and width of this firearm make it perfect for concealed carry. It measures 4.5” in height, and 5.9” in overall length. Weight is just 15.8 oz. with an additional weight of 1.9 oz. to accommodate the magazine. The capacity is 7+1. The slide width is 0.90”. The CW9 features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. The slide is treated with a high-temperature Cerakote™ finish in Burnt Bronze, with a black trigger and black slide stop lever.

Also offered in Burnt Bronze is the CW4043BB. Like the CW9, this .40 S&W pistol also features a Cerakote Burnt Bronze slide with black appointments. This pistol also features a 3.565” barrel with conventional rifling, but has a 1-16 right-hand twist. It measures 6.36” in overall length, 4.62” in height and weighs 16.8 oz. with an additional weight of 1.9 oz. with the magazine. Capacity is 6 +1. The slide width is .94”. Like the CW9, it features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight.

Last in the United Sporting Companies’ exclusive Burnt Bronze offerings is a .45 ACP, model number CW4543BB. In addition to the attractive Burnt Bronze slide with black appointments, this model features a 3.64” barrel with conventional rifling, and a 1-16.38 right-hand twist. Overall length is 6.32” the height is 4.8” and weighs 19.7 oz. with an additional 2 oz. for the magazine. Slide width is 1.01” and capacity is 6 + 1. It offers the same sights as the CW9 and CW40.

The MSRP on all three Burnt Bronze models is just $466.00 and are being sold exclusively through United Sporting Companies, Ellett Brothers and Jerry’s Sports Center locations. They may be contacted at www.ellettbrothers.com or www.jerryssportscenter.com.

Richard Johnson

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  • Mark N.

    I wonder if they’ll sell just the slide and black take down lever so I could retrofit my CW9. Nothing wrong with stainless, but this might be fun…

    • Frank

      It’d probably be cheaper to get the slide refinished itself. I wouldn’t trust cerakote to a carry gun myself. Ionbond does a bronze/copper colored PVD finish that’s much more durable. Surprised that’s not what this is given they’ve offered black DLC coated guns before who are done by the same company.