Schizuki sent us this photo of his CZ 75 B chambered in 9mm Luger/Parabellum. The grips are Hogue CZ-75/CZ-85 Pau Ferro Grips, which in my opinion look a lot nicer than the factory plastic grips.

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  • Zachary marrs

    Stop it, I’ve already spent all my gun monies

    • iksnilol

      CZs are inexpensive enough to not warrant that complaint.

      • Zachary marrs

        It adds up

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, I forgot that I live in a country where guns are registered and bought on a per-need basis.

          You just have to rub it in.

          • Zachary marrs

            Hey, keep up the fight, and spread the word, maybe someday you will get to our level 😉

            Though in all probability, my next gun will be a cz, the only question is rifle or pistol.

  • Sulaco

    Love that gun, But, short stubby fingers don’t. Giant mutant rats!! Had one once, loved it but for my deformity. Took it to my fav gun smith and asked if the trigger reach could be shortened. He just looked at me funny and said “Uh no”.

  • Yellow Devil

    Looks like it’s in very good condition. My CZ…isn’t so virgin looking.

  • Lance

    They are a good pistol. Only dislike the very short slide. Its hard to grip properly to manipulate because its such a short slide.

    • justme

      Kinda a double edged sword. While I like the full internal rail type setup and bore axis it is hard to manipulate the slide at times. Love me some CZ’s though! I can’t wait to get my P-07 back from my cerakote guy. Should be boobies… :-O

      I think I’ll call it my poor-man’s sphinx LOL

  • Blake

    I’m a sucker for all things CZ, & this one’s a beaute.

    This is pretty much what our ’83 looks like:

    • Zachary marrs


      • Blake

        Gotta love Bob Newheart!

  • Ge

    The CZ-75, an interesting blend of West meets East. Browning meets Koucký, Capitalism meets Communism, Warsaw meets NATO

    • Noir

      František Koucký actually started in gun bussines during capilatism and continued through nazism into communism.
      He designed CZ75 when he was already retired. It was meant for export as late 60s were more liberal and many hoped that borders will be open again.

  • pretty

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    The CZ75 is definitely my absolute favorite pistol of all time — and I think Schizuki did a really nice job customizing his while retaining its functionality, and without going overboard.

  • FourString

    This makes me want a CZ 75b Omega with the upswept beavertail…