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In the recent weeks, Ruger announced several new firearms including:

It seems that they have one more thing to introduce. In a flash sweepstakes similar to the one leading up to the new Gunsite Scout rifle launch, Ruger announced they will introduce a new firearm and that the company has “…saved the best for last.”

Ruger doesn’t give any details, but the sweepstakes rules indicate the gun will have an approximate retail value of $550 – $950. That is a broad range, but it would suggest that variants of guns on either end of the pricing spectrum ( like the LCP or SR-762) would be ruled out. In fact, a significant number of Ruger’s products fall outside of that range.

There has been speculation in the past that Ruger will introduce a new line of shotguns. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see?

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  • Dan

    Lever action in 327 Fed. Yes, I know it’ll never happen.

    • Chris

      I like where your heads at!
      Damn, initially wondered how many rounds would fit in the tube even on a shorty carbine but then realised we’re talking about Ruger,
      Rotary Mag!!! ( drools just a bit ).

    • I’d love a lever gun in 327 Fed Mag.

      • smartacus


  • Max

    PC9 or PC40……?!?!?!

  • Walt

    Id like to see a carbine or Tec-9 style gun that takes SR9c and larger mags!

  • okflowtester

    Subcompact SR1911 or a enhanced version like S&W E series?

  • Joe B

    I just want them to bring back the P345…

  • dantheman

    yes! the pc9! or bring back the deerfield in synthetic and stainless with a banana mag and call it the hogslayer. and maybe offer it in a 357 mag as well. And give it an adjustable gas system. And sell it cheap as long as I am wishing for things that will never happen.

  • Nimrod

    If you go to the Ruger facebook page you see that the firearm is made at their Mayodan NC plant and it is a rifle. The only firearm made in Mayodan (at least up to this point) is the American Rimfire bolt action. Ruger currently makes standard 22″ and compact 18″ bbl versions in 17, 22lr and 22 mag with both regular and threaded barrels. Those are currently blue steel. I would think a stainless version would be the next logical variation.

    • Moose

      Ya but the American rimfire a don’t hit anywhere near that price range. Unless they are doing some sort of match grade volksquartsen collab.

      • Nimrod

        I’m just saying the only firearm made in Mayodan is the American Rimfire and it says on the Ruger facebook page it is a rifle. Put two and two together. Could it be a PCC? I don’t know.

  • BKS

    A reintroduction of the 10/22 in .22 Magnum would be nice.

  • echelon

    It’ll probably be the latest design they copied from KelTec. Maybe a polymer pistol in .22 mag perhaps?

    • smartacus

      I agree echelon 🙂
      I will bet it’s a copy of the PMR30!
      Not sure if 22M or 5.7

  • Zachary marrs

    A pistol in .9mm or 45mm?

    Its clearly not gonnna be a American rimfire takedown

    • iksnilol

      .9mm and 45mm? You sure shoot some weird calibers.

      • Zachary marrs

        Its a joke. Us news media commonly refer to those calibers, but you already know that

        • smartacus

          LOL, i see what you did there.

      • smartacus

        I could put a 45mm in my motorcycle tank-bag for bear defense 😉

  • What I would like to see? Something they would actually sell.

    Like: a version of the SR22 Pistol design in a defensive caliber.

    Something “copied from KelTec”, like @echelon said… only, available on the market. Like their own take on the RFB or KSG.

  • Andrew

    Press release just leaked on arfcom. The new firearm is called the Ruger PDC (Personal Defense Carbine) and will be released initially in 9mm, with .40s&w, .45acp, and 10mm to follow. The PDC is a compact pistol caliber carbine set to compete with the Sig MPX, Brighter & Thomet APC9, CZ Skorpion EVO3, and other recently developed/released MP5 style weapons. Believed to have quick change barrels, fully ambi controls, caliber conversion capability, and all the other premium bells & whistles. Mag compatibility is unknown at this time, but appears to be proprietary mags with a modular magwell, that could later be swapped to accept others. Initial release is a 16″ carbine, but pistol variations will soon follow. Numerous buttstock options, pistols will be compatible with the ever popular arm braces, and will not require purchase of any additional parts to make that possible. MSRP set at $949, so this could be a game changer to say the least, with similar weapons priced at $1500-$2500.

    • SD3


    • JohnnyBGood


      • Devin

        I swear, you guys are so lazy. Want him to show you where to find Jennifer Lawrence noodz too?

        • JohnnyBGood

          well I can’t find it and the OP knows where he found it so that’s not unreasonable at all. For ever “lazy” person that asks for a link there’s ten of you idiots who are so mighty as to point out the flaws in others. Get off your high horse, it’s unbecoming.

        • David Sharpe

          Do you have a link to it? No one can find it, those who say they have found it are calling everyone else idiots.

          So either stop being pricks and post links, or don’t. Your choice.

        • Gwolf


      • hkiller390

        took me all of 2 minutes to find it. pretty aure a firearms news site wouldnt appreciate links to other firearms new sites being posted.

        • Jakeovich

          I looked all over the General Discussion forum on buy couldn’t find it. Can you point us in a more specific direction?

        • David Sharpe

          Got a link then? Googling “Ruger PDC” didn’t bring up anything.

          • too 30 seconds to go to gun blast and search Ruger AR556 took 10 seconds to scroll down page to see youtube video link, so without posting a direct link to another page which isnt always appreciated there are the DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS without posting a link.

          • David Sharpe

            Since when is an 5.56 AR-15 a pistol calibre carbine? That’s not what hkiller390 was talking about.

    • J.T.

      Have a link?

    • Ian Thorne

      Oh man, I would love that. Gimmie one in 9MM with an HK mag well to use my MP5 mags and a 10MM conversion kit.

    • I’m afraid I could not find it at Additionally, Google has no matches for “Ruger PDC” or “Ruger Personal Defense Carbine”. I have no ego investment in this – feel free to call me an internet noob, but if someone could post a link to the supposed leaked press release that would be appreciated.

      • Jakeovich

        Looks like GunBlast leaked a video before the official press release: AR-556 (direct-impingment). MSRP = $749.

        • David Sharpe

          That’s not what hkiller was talking about. He was talking about a pistol calibre carbine.

    • Fred Johnson

      I call hoax! 😀

    • Is this similar to their old Police Caliber Rifles

  • ArkhamInmate

    Not that I’m a fan of ripping designs off, but since kel tec cannot seem to keep up with demand, a .22 mag pistol or something similar to the sub-2000 would be awesome. At least you’d be able to get one.

  • It’ll be underwhelming or mindblowingly awesome.

  • Cal S.

    Probably another rimfire rifle/pistol in an already flooded market. I swear that .22LR has killed innovation within the firearms market as a whole.

    It seems that no matter how many are made, everyone and their brother will by 10 of whatever new and cool-looking ‘innovative’ .22lr that comes out, at whatever price it takes. And then there’s no end of hearing them complain about the shortages that persist. It’s like they still wonder why…

    It is Ruger, though, and you’d think the 10/22 would be sufficient enough for them. But who knows.

    • SD3

      Cal, how many of these new rifles to you have, and what’s your no-kidding best price?

      • Cal S.

        I don’t believe I understand your question…

  • J.T.

    Would have been nice if you posted this yesterday or wednesday (when it was announced) instead of only a few hours before the sweepstakes ended so readers would have actually had time to enter.

  • waitingfortheend2011

    Ruger has never been (for the most part anyways) super pricey, but are not cheap. Good products for reasonable value. But a pistol caliber carbine between 5 and 9 hundred? Seems to much for Ruger, but I could be wrong. What I’d like to see is the GS Scout rifle (in particular because it looks great) but remove the bolt action, replace with semi-auto Garand style, chambered for .308, (yes, I know they have it in the mini’s, and I have the obligatory mini-14 Ranch) and accept M14/M1A box mags. If they made that, just iron sights, they could sell one for under a grand.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What you just described already exists. Garand style, .308, takes M14/M1A mags.. OH YEAH. It’s an M14/M1A! Those are already on the market. What would make a Ruger version so much better? It wouldn’t be any cheaper, that’s for sure.

      • waitingfortheend2011


        • Anonymous

          You’re talking about the Ruger XGI, an abortive product from the 1980s.

          It was a stretched, scaled-up Ranch Rifle that used M14 mags, basically. It was announced and catalogued in 1985, then abruptly, mysteriously cancelled. Rumor ever since has offered all manner of theories about why, mainly but not exclusively suggesting that the big 7.62 NATO cartridge was a little too much for an operating system scaled up from the Mini-14 and the guns were subject to excessive parts breakage and short service lives, or, alternately, suggesting that the lightweight barrel, combined with Ruger’s infamously mediocre QC in the 1980s, caused Mini-14-ish accuracy problems stemming from crooked muzzle crowns, improperly assembled gas blocks, and so on.

          I personally would like to see them try again, but on this I may be a majority of one.

  • smartacus

    PMR30 clone and sub2000 clone …with same magazine

  • Guest

    I found arfcom the link for all wondering since those in the comments were too high on their horse to provide it.

    • Fred Johnson

      It looks everyone on that thread knows only as much as Ruger’s Facebook page hints at. Ruger slipped that it’s some sort of rifle, and it’s being made in Mayodan.

      Maybe a 16″ barreled Ruger American Rimfire copy of the Ruger American Ranch rifle? Tan stock (I mean FDE, sorry) and maybe stainless??

  • JT

    Probably a reliable version of a Kel-Tec product. Just going down their product list

  • Michael

    A civilian personal defense weapon would be great. If they are going to make a pistol caliber carbine please include 7.62×25

  • TDog

    What I would like to see: a Rhino-type revolver in .357/.38 or .44. Yes, I know Chiappa makes the Rhino in .357/38, but having a Rhino but with Ruger-toughness would be awesome.

    A pump shotgun – tube or removable-mag fed – would be great.

    Honestly, so long as it’s not a “brand new AR” (which is almost a contradiction in terms these days), I’ll be happy… or at the very least not annoyed.

  • Mark N.

    The e-mail I got from Ruger today, which is not the new gun the will be introducing, announced a Talo Navy Seal version of the 1911 with French walnut carved panels and black gloss finish. 4.25 inch stainless barrel. I was drooling really really badly. No price (if you need to ask…), and it is not approved for California (no surprise there–Ruger is down to one model pistol for the whole state, the P95 in 9m).

    • Cymond

      Weird, the California “Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale” seems to indicate there are several dozen models available, not 1.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Ruger pump gun. Theyve got the handgun market completely covered, have an AR15/10 offering, are making some great rifles, but theyre shotgun offerings are weak. Ruger would like nothing more than to have an ‘All-Ruger’ team at the 3-gun matches. So…my money is on a Ruger pump or autloader.

  • Anonymous

    “Mini-8” Ranch Rifle in 8x33mm Kurz, maybe?

    Or, a bit less silly: a Ruger Redhawk (not a Super) with the Super Redhawk’s GP100 style grip-frame, that can accept any GP100 grip? Perhaps also in .41 Mag and .357 in addition to .44?

    • Anonymous

      And if we’re talking about wish lists, I want Ruger to bring back the XGI. Maybe the engineering fixes to the post-2005 Minis can be applied to it also, to fix the unspecified “problems” the design displayed.

      I’d be in the market for a $700 semiauto 7.62x51mm rifle that used M14 mags. Especially if they made a “GB” version with the SR762’s flash suppressor and a bayonet lug. Not that I seriously contemplate bayoneting a home invader, but these features annoy Sarah Brady.

      • Anonymous

        Or, thinking about it further:

        a Mark III .22 pistol that is set up, out of the box, ready for serious smallbore pistol competition, with Volquartsen trigger/hammer/sear/extractor already installed. I’m thinking a 5 1/2″ or 7″ heavy barrel and adjustable sights. Or make it on a metal (investment cast aluminum?) version of the polymer framed 22/45, for those who like that grip angle.

        A 10/22 that is set up out of the box for serious target competition like NRA Light Rifle and adaptable to “Appleseed” type events. I know Ruger announced something like this over the winter but I’ve yet to see any of that variation show up anywhere. I’m thinking about something more similar to the Savage Mk 2 FVT model, something with the hammer forged heavy target barrel, a factory trigger job with Volquartsen parts, and Williams or Lyman diopter rear and globe front sight. Well, it was just a thought.

        Or, thinking about things that I know Ruger has done in the past, and the way their engineering seems to work–well, there is still an enormous market for pump shotguns and lever action rifles. Ruger introduced the GP100 and Service-Six, which were radically simplified, with all coil spring lockwork and the absolute minimum possible number of moving parts for a double action revolver. Compared to the Colt and S&W revolvers with which they competed, they were brutally simple and extremely rugged. All the parts were designed to be easily manufactured from precision investment castings and sheet metal pressings (yes, some of the parts are stamped sheet metal–the mainspring guide, for one).

        Could Ruger create a radically simplified, modernized pump shotgun or lever action rifle with the absolute minimum number of moving parts, and overbuild it drastically? Maybe with all coil spring lockwork, maybe with all stainless steel construction, perhaps with matte black Cerakote finish? Maybe they’d sell a lot of them, what with Marlin having disappeared other than as a brand name slapped on a product line produced with doubtful QC at an old Remington plant. I already own enough shotguns and I’m not a big lever action fan but if they were to make a lever action .30-30 or .357 Magnum carbine as overbuilt, bomb-proof and idiot-proof as the GP100, maybe with the post-2005 Mini-14’s iron sights, I would at least seriously consider buying one.

        • S

          Regarding Ruger’s engineering prowess and lever actions/pump shotguns – this is exactly what I’ve wanted from them for *years*. I can’t adequately articulate how sick I am of ARs and striker-fired tactical tupperware.

          • J.T.

            Looks like Ruger gave you something else to be sick of.

  • Secundius

    So its a repackaged, redesigned, ambidextrous Mini-14. And i’m supposed to get excited, WHY!