Update on .375 Reaper from Whiskey 3 Precision Systems

UPDATE 2/16 : A number of people claiming to be customers of Whiskey 3 Precision Systems (which may be going by the name Terminal Ballistics Group today) have complained to TFB regarding their orders not being fulfilled. We recommend caution when placing orders. 

A few months back I posted information on an interesting new round in development by Whiskey 3 Precision Systems called the .375 Reaper.  That story can be found here.

Now three months later, they have some real world numbers on velocity that they recently posted. They are pushing a 250gr round over 2000fps as you can see in the video below.

Also recently posted was a video of a suppressor that was made by Stealth Engineering Group (SEG) specifically for the .375 Reaper.  Using subsonic loads they are getting good sound reduction.

It appears that Whiskey 3 Precision Systems is making significant headway on the new round, and the numbers that they are getting are very impressive for such a large round.  Looking at their numbers, and plugging them into a ballistics calculator we are seeing 50yd energy still over 2000ft-lbs.  Pretty decent for a round being fired from a standard sized AR platform.

You can get more info from Whiskey 3 Precision Systems over on their facebook page, or on their website.  I look forward to some more info from them on the new loads, data and R&D they are doing.  The initial numbers they are getting are looking very good.


  • John

    My biggest wonder is how durable the bolt is. Usually, trying to cram 30 caliber cartridges into an AR-15 involves boring out the AR bolt face, making it more prone to failure

    • John Allen Culpepper

      That was the 1st order of business when I designed this cartridge. Not only did I account for it by collaborating with Young Manufacturing Company who produces some of the finest bolt carrier groups in the business we put the meat where it was needed and had a winner out of the gate. Note 2….when you increase bore diameter you decrease pressures. It’s simple physics. ….how come the .458 socom bolt can handle that same case rim cartridge on an AR15 platform? Ahh yes it’s because even when you cut the bolt face open and reposition the extractor as the creators of the Socom did and weaken the bolt psi capacity and reliability it didn’t matter because the pressures were decreased. But again guys pushed it and lugs were broken anyways….and there were failures. We didn’t just cut down a 5.56 factory bolt…..we redesigned it from the ground up. And guarantee it to 65k psi……
      It’s been tested and is flawless.

      • jeff

        given the tests i have seen you guys do . it looks like a 230gr bullet would be the sweet spot. i bet you could get 2300fps out of it reliably which would be a ton of long range knock down power.

  • heyooo

    Pretty impressive that they manage to stay precise after 3 whiskeys 🙂

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Looks like a small American company just ran circles around the Russian 9x39mm round.

  • John Allen Culpepper

    I’m open to any questions to the discussion or progress or concerns. I created this Cartridge and am the CEO of Whiskey 3 Precision Systems. Stay tuned. …..we are pushing a 195 grain solid Lehigh Defense projectile 2519 fps safely…..
    We are well above anyone’s expectations at this point and would love to hear from you guys on what you think.

    • I am the guy from Australia who did the similar thing in 375BR which is a 7mmBR necked up. For everyone elses info that is just the same or very similar cartridge with a small rifle primer pocket.

      I’m not surprised the the 2500fps with a 195gn LH, the 260gnSSTs I was trialling made 1950fps as you had similar as well without actually making a compressed round or anything.

      The early testing to me with both 300BO and 375BR (and now Reaper) showed that the concept of the rounds is OK but the right bullets arent in production yet and thats something I turned my attention too rather than producing an AR capable round in a country not allowed to run ARs.

      So both the 300BO and the 375 Reaper will have available for them very light bullets to make extra pace, still have serious momentum because of that starting pace but they will be what other people dont yet produce and thats hunting bullets via a company in Australia I am partnered with.

      So there has been little interest in running the 375 yet until we turn out those bullets that will make the Reaper a round that we would like to see running at 2700fps+ at full but not compressed or dangerous loads to make sure distance shots can be made without 20MOA drop and also with a bullets that will still penetrate all the way through a deer.

      This will bury a Socom a 450 Bushmaster and those OLD attempts at making big bore ARs by making it part of a coherant system from the trigger to the bullet striking a target that was not the focus of earlier attempts. 🙂

      • John Allen Culpepper

        JD Jones in the US did the 375 Whisper which was the same as your .375BR…..still both great rounds but of course as you pointed out not intended for the AR 15 platform unlike the .375 Reaper ™. I can also agree that some lighter projectiles need to be introduced. 180 to 200 grain sleek profile projectiles would be great and as I own a company that does Precision lead core projectiles we are going to do some along with some brass alloy projectiles. It’s one step at a time and it will come around. We have gotten numbers all the Big Bore fans have said were impossible……there enough real world data to silence the critics at this point. Glad you guys are doing your thing In Aussie Land……you guys are more than welcome for a visit to see us boys and do some monster pig hunting anytime!!

        • And likewise John. Because we dont have the AR’s we may go with a slightly heavier cartridge that may see us punch the 3000fps dial and even we may have a trick up our sleeve yet for a truly hard hitting 375 round, its all about the combinations as you would know with your own bullet development, barrels and powders.

          Love to come by when in US. Hoping for my first trip coming up at Shot so may drop you a line around then. Have about 15 promises so far so my Shot trip may be 3 months long yet! 😉

          See if a few guys pick up reaper out of the pump rifle platform but they will need to do some serious mechanical work to make it happen like the AR and thats going to be a road block in the Aus Market which is a shame. They may just have to revert to Rem 7600 Mags which are pretty ugly, but so’s the gun so they suit each other!.

          • John Allen Culpepper

            I’ll be at SHOT…..I’ll have the weapons there as well for folks to shoot at the range as well. Let’s get together while you’re in town for sure. Shoot me an email….

  • ray

    i dont get what the big deal is? you can buy a .450 upper for an ar15 almost everywhere and that hurls a 250 grain bullet at over 2200fps so what makes this round any more special or better ??

    • joe

      or 458 socom. this is just what we need another expensive un necessary round
      i wish these companies would focus on what the market wants and needs instead of these useless rounds that dont fill a niche.

      • John Allen Culpepper

        excuse me? expensive……negative….same conversion as 300 aac on 308 brass. thats cheaper than .458 socom any day of the week!!

    • M

      Capitalizing on the fact that resizing the plentiful .308 case is all you need.

      Seems to me the goal is not another thumper round like the 450 or 458 but rather a contender to the .300aac in a larger package.

      Additionally, there seems to be a repeated effort to develop a cartridge for the AR-15 that would provide the same ballistics of a full sized rifle round.

      • John Allen Culpepper

        Smart observation…..if only others could add that up as well bro!

    • John Allen Culpepper

      Because you can make your own brass from 308 Winchester on the cheap and has way more mag capacity with the same big bore energy levels in a more compact package. Its what 300 blackout wants to be when it grows up.

  • Dual Sport

    “Looking at their numbers, and plugging them into a ballistics calculator we are seeing 50yd energy still over 2000ft-lbs.”

    Was the “50” a typo meant to be 500 yards? If so that may be impressive. If we are talking about remaining energy at 50 yards I don’t see the point. That would lead me to believe this is nothing more than a 100 yard cartridge and IMO this is why the big bores have never sold in an AR platform. It just doesn’t make sense to limit yourself like that.

    however, If you did mean 500 yards it could be interesting to me since I love the 375 H&H Magnum and love the 375 bullets. They have been proven as performers over the years, but in the H&H case.

    1. What are the real world results out to 300 yards? Ballistics computers don’t do anything for me.
    2. Is this a solid 300 yard cartridge like the 300 blackout?
    3. Do you have to change the bolt and magazine?
    4. Can I use all those saved up H&H bullets in this cartridge?
    5. Can I use the same powders from the H&H or 300 blackout?

    6. Subsonic performance? I would guess someone would have to use a 45 can with this.
    7. SBR’s is all the rage now. Can I run a short barrel as well as a 16 inch and get peak or near peak performance out of both lengths?

    Perhaps you could compile all our questions in another TFB post so you have more room to respond and we are more likely to see your response. I personally hope your company makes tens of millions. I love capitalism, success in the gun industry and love to be shown the opportunity does exist. If I can help in any way please let me know.

    • John Allen Culpepper

      Did you watch the Video with the suppressor?? SEG built that for us….

      sbr is ok just like 300 aac.
      Same powders as blackout for all loads of your choice..
      Bolt and barrel swap only…..same use of the ole standard G.I. 5.56 magazine

      Velocities are that of a 308 winchester in lighter weights. ….energy levels of the .458 socom

      Sub and super sonic versatility. …