This beautiful photo was taken by HKG of his S&W Model 27-2 manufactured in 1977. The Model 27 has been a popular gun with consumers and law enforcement ever since its introduction almost 80 years ago in 1935. The ’27 was originally named the “Registered Magnum”, because it was chambered in Smith & Wesson’s new .357 Magnum cartridge, and later named the “.357 Magnum”. It was renamed Model 27 in 1957.

In my mind at least, nothing says double-action-revolver like the S&W Model 27.

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  • Lance

    No When I think of a DA revolver I think Colt Python.

    • me ohmy

      better trigger.. not better gun… they shoot loose faster then an N frame S&W.. and they always have.
      trust me, I am a total Colt Whore..but I own BOTH brands.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Are ya feeling lu….oops wrong caliber….

  • big daddy

    This is on my list, maybe next year, or similar S&W .357. I like a 4″ barrel, IMO anything less with a .357 is not making use of the round and you’d be better off with a .38 +P.

  • I love old revolver porn.

  • me ohmy

    I got a 28-3..I love that revolver…shoots great and is built like a brick smith and wesson house.. sucks down full house all dang day…but man those 27’s are purty.
    I especially love the checkered topstraps and pinned and recessed goodies.
    amazing stuff from a better time.
    loving this POTD…totally

  • Giolli Joker

    Gorgeous… waiting for a POTD on a S&W 57, now…

  • RKflorida

    Great picture of a beautiful gun.
    I just went to the S&W site and they sell a new 6 1/2″ model 27 for $1069 list. Their picture is crappy compared to yours.