The Brass Wrangler AR-15 Brass Catcher

I’ve used a few of the mesh brass catchers out on the market that attach to your AR-15, and for the most part they kinda suck. There’s currently one on the crowd funding site RocketHub that looks like it doesn’t suck. Called the Brass Wrangler, it’s made out of Kydex and snaps onto a Picatinny handguard rail. The bag that holds your spent brass is then held into place by your ARs dust cover. The only drawbacks are your AR has to have a handguard with a rail up top and a dust cover for it to work properly.

To get a Brass Wrangler of your own you’d have to fund at least $35 towards the goal. Note, that isn’t an MSRP, but the minimum amount to contribute to help the creator produce his product. Check it out over at





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  • Zachary marrs

    $35? Meh rather just pick up my brass

    • Duray

      On a lawn?

      • Zachary marrs

        Yup, or I can jus buy some virgin brass

        • iksnilol

          You would be the worst assassin ever. You would either leave behind evidence or even worse… slip on the brass.

          It makes cleaning up easier, especially since it is so cheap.

          • Zachary marrs

            If you slip on your brass, you should join thr three stooges

    • nadnerbus

      Good for the hamstrings.

      • Jack

        Bend from the waist!

      • Zachary marrs

        Obtain child

  • David

    Just funded one. Hope they get their number

  • DogtheBountyHunter

    The Caldwell mesh one that clips to the rail is pretty good for me so far.

    • Jack

      That’s $37 from amazon. How about supporting the little guy? Assuming the product works that is.


    Now, we wouldn’t need one of these pointless things if we all just switched to GOD-TIER CASELESS AMMO would we?


  • Aaron E

    I like the overall concept, and this one does appear more sturdy than the Caldwell or other mess versions. However, I’m wondering if that hard Kydex top could potentially reflect a partially ejected casing back towards the open bolt causing a misfeed, especially during rapid fire. The video shows a pretty clean ejection, but the shooter is also firing slowly. Also I wish the bag had a bottom zipper like the Caldwell version for easier unloading.

  • Gregory Markle

    I highly question the attachment method being used. The heat distortion temperature of every Kydex product is less than 200°F annealed and even less unannealed, the highest would be Kydex 6185 which is 195°F annealed but I will guarantee you they aren’t making these from 6185 at this price point. They most likely are using Kydex T which is rated at 168°F annealed. To be honest, everything Kydex ships exceeds whatever is on the data sheets but I guarantee you I would have been picking one of these up off the ground last Saturday and I have a burn to prove how hot my rail was! I think that under light range duty with a semiauto this would be functional, I don’t know that I’d depend on it for anything else.

    (I spent 10 years working for Kydex, worked in their R&D lab, and was one of the people taking their technical service calls.)

  • Jonathan Nielsen

    Hey everyone, my name’s Jonathan Nielsen and I’m the creater of the Brass Wrangler. I didn’t know that it was posted here until someone notified me of it, so I thought that I would come here to clear up a couple things.

    The picture Brass Wrangler is made of kydex. It is a prototype piece to test the concept. There are a few more of them out there made of kydex that people have been using successfully for a few months now. The finished product will NOT be made of kydex, it will be injection molded. The material that it will be made of has not been finalized yet, but it will be much more resistant to deformation due to heat. There are much more expensive brass catchers out there made for extreme durability under hard use but they are heavy, look awkward on the rifle, and are not needed by your average shooter. I’m aiming for something low profile, light weight, and affordable.

    I have had quite a few requests recently for a video showing the Brass Wrangler being used during rapid fire. I will try to get a video posted this weekend, but can say I have not had any malfunctions that were induced by the Brass Wrangler thus far. Also, there have been a few people asking about use with standard handguards. It has been used successfully with a Magpul MOE handguard that had one of Magpul’s rail sections mounted in the rear-most position. I do not have a rifle with such handguards, but if I can find a willing person near me I will get a video of that as well.

    If there are any more questions/comments, I’m more than willing to answer. I would post my personal email, but not sure if that is Kosher or not here.

    Thank you everyone for your interest and support, it is greatly appreciated!

    • Zachary marrs

      How’s about a version that can be used with the receiver instead of a railed handguard?