The MSBS Will Be Offered In 7.62×39

Marking the latest entry into the somewhat brisk resurgence of rifles chambered for the venerable Soviet short .30 caliber, the new Polish MSBS rifle will be chambered in 7.62x39mm, in addition to its already established calibers of 5.56mm and a proposed 7.62x51mm variant. According to the article (and assuming that I’m interpreting Google’s translation correctly), the 7.62x39mm MSBS will utilize existing AK magazines, and a semi-automatic variant will be offered on the civilian market (it did not seem to say whether this meant the American or European civilian market). It also says that about two hundred MSBS rifles have so far been completed – most in 5.56mm.

The full machine-translated text of the article is below:

In Radom Weapons Factory work began on the export variant of rifle ammunition MSBS to 7.62 mm x 39 , fed by magazines interchangeable with magazines from the AK / AKM .

Photomontage showing the example of a carbine ammunition MSBS adjusted to 7.62 mm × 39 and powered by a new 30 – cartridge magazine to clear Beryl M762 / Graphics: Remigiusz Wolf

By the end of 2014 in Radom archer is to be completed about two hundred rifles MSBS – 5.56 batch implementation . Some of them will be subject to the qualifying examination ( state ) prior to introduction into the arms Armed Forces ( MSBS – 5.56 instead FAMAS ?, 2014-07-04 ; New FB and new weapons, 2014-07-02 ) .

In addition to weapons -samopowtarzalną , also plans to develop several copies samopowtarzalnych intended for the civilian market . It is not yet certain whether they will appear at shows in the United States , supporting the world’s largest trade fair SHOT Show, which will take place in late January 2015 in Las Vegas.

For several months in the Weapons Factory and they are working on the adaptation of the family arms MSBS to different calibers . Considering the Polish export sales of weapons , an analysis of the requirements of potential users , as well as used their rifle design and supply them ammunition.

In the first place it was decided to create a design based on MSBS to the cartridge 7.62 mm x 39 is supported by the prevalence of rifles AK / AKM and still high popularity of this ammunition among potential export customers . Native weapon is to be powered from a typical 30 -round magazines of rifle AK / AKM .

The same operation Weapon Factory fit into the world standards. Radom designers decided to follow in the footsteps of the Italians, who adapted the model Beretta ARX 160A2 for the Russian supply of ammunition and magazines AK / AKM ( ARX 160A2 in Kazakhstan, 2013-05-14 ; Eurosatory Beretta Russian cartridge , 2012-06-15 ) . Likewise acted Germany , offering a rifle SIG Sauer SIG556R / SIG556ix and introducing Americans to offer Colt CK901 ( Eurosatory 2014 : Colt CK901 for Yemen , 2014-06-19 ) . Czechs also designing your CZ 805 BREN assumed from the beginning that the weapon will be powered cartridge 7.62 mm and 5.56 x 39 mm x 45 and a model of the CZ 807 was sent for tests to India ( Soon in India test McAra , 2014 to 02-16 ) . Today ends the test 7.62 – mm rifle Belgian FN SCAR -H trigger chamber adapted to magazines AK / AKM . Available clones AR -15 firing Russian ammunition , among others, Israeli Gilboa M -43 , produced in small batches for special forces KAC SR – 47 and American Rock River Arms LAR – 47 and MGI MARCK15 – AK47 .

The author speculates that the rifle might appear at SHOT 2015; this would not surprise me, as Łucznik Arms Factory has not been shy about bringing the MSBS along to their SHOT booth in the past.

H/T Remiguiz of Broń i Amunicja

Nathaniel F

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  • ein volk ein reich ein fuhrer

    Nice looking rifle and like the FDE and 7.62×39- now just get it to the public at $800(ha)

    • iksnilol


      That is a bit cheap (inexpensive), don’t ya think?

      • BryanS

        You have a different view of $800 than some others. My first 7.62×39 rifle came in around $200.

        • iksnilol

          An surplus SKS is different from a brand new rifle that is less than a decade old.

          This rifle seems to be in the same class as the SCAR or ACR. It won’t be cheap but knowing Poland it won’t be expensive. I bet it is gonna cost between 1000 and 1500 USD.

          • BryanS

            An M70AB1 with proper receiver and good barrel is not an SKS.

            I think most prices we see for rifles today are the result of fearmongering. If the AR15 is the Modern Sporting Rifle and one of the most common rifles in the US, how is it almost impossible to get into (a usable) one for under $700?

          • iksnilol

            Okay, when did you buy the rifle? inflation and fear-mongering have raised prices. + foreign guns (imports) are often more expensive due to higher standard of living in those countries (more expensive labor).

            Also, did you buy it brand new from the factory? Surplus items are pretty cheap compared to factory prices.

          • BryanS

            I bought the receiver and then the components. granted, to purchase the rifle as an import would have been $400 at the time. Most of the parts were new, due to 922 issues.

          • iksnilol

            That’s a good price, must have been before all the panic hit you guys.

  • TCBA_Joe

    So how many people are going to proclaim this the best rifle ever and start saving money for it before it’s ever announced much less released to the US market?*

    *All the hype surrounding the ARX100/160, which turns out sucks?

    • Anonymoose

      *raises hand slowly*

      • iksnilol

        Dude, we are talking about Polaks here. They know guns in contrast to Italians who just make fancy shotguns all the time. We get it Italy, you are good at making fancy shotguns! There are other guns in addition to shotguns. [insert rant about Italian guns here].

    • Rusty Shcakleford

      Does my change jar count?

  • petru sova

    Radom back in 2011 also had a reproduction of the famous VIS pistol of WWII. It never materialized for the market place in Europe or the U.S. At least that gun is one I would have bought as they promised it would be made of quality materials (all steel) like the original. I cannot get excited about a new plasticky and stamped sheet metal rifle. Would it be any less junk than what other makers are already vomiting out off the productions lines.

  • echelon

    There is. Want. So much.

    • JW

      nice Haiku. Here’s mine

      New MSBS
      Poles making fine firearms
      Russians should fear them

      • echelon

        Mine was more Doge-speak and less Haiku…

        • Yellow Devil

          Sounded more like gasping of words between a string of orgasms.

          • echelon

            Ummm….decidedly no.

  • Cornelius Carroll


  • SM

    Now we’re talking.

  • Lance

    Poland copies the ACR…… If its cheaper than its awesome.

    • It is pretty much an ACR that can convert into a bullpup, yes.

      • TCBA_Joe

        I thought I remember reading Magpul’s R&D section was involved in consulting on this rifle, hence the design similarities.

        • That doesn’t surprise me. The Polish reps at SHOT didn’t really try to cover the fact that it’s related. I think Poland is more interested in trying to learn from what the US is doing now than being unique.

    • Guest

      Sorry to say that but ACR is shitty compared to this.

      • “It also says that about two hundred MSBS rifles have so far been completed – most in 5.56mm”

        How could you POSSIBLY know that it’s way better than an ACR?

  • An Interested Person

    It bit uglier than an ACR, The stock looks a bit more uncomfortable too.

    But if it comes in $500 below an ACR with available conversion kits, I predict a hot seller.

    • mig1nc

      My guess is that if the come in, they will come in with an MSRP below the ARX-100 and a street price noticeably below the ARX-100.

  • KestrelBike

    Blah, can’t figure out how to attach images. Was going to be derp and post pic of my ACR heh, say I got my own msbs before it even hit the US market.

    • echelon

      Except for Remington and Bushmaster continue to squander the awesomeness that the ACR could be by doing absolutely nothing with it!

      Me: Hello, Mr. Bushmaster customer service rep. Could you tell me when the barrel kits and caliber exchange kits will be available?

      BMCSR: Two Weeks.

      Rinse, repeat since 2010 at least…

      • Ethan

        The new consolidation to Alabama might change all that…
        A lot of names coming under one roof [DPMS, Remington, Bushmaster, AAC, Tapco] and a lot of redundant administrative positions (read dead weight expense) are not going to make it to the new rally point.
        I’m very excited to see what comes out of this new cutting edge behemoth of a facility.

        • echelon

          Unfortunately, I’ll believe it when I see it at this point.

          They’ve dropped the ball for far too long and it’s cost them more than just money at this point. They’ve lost customer confidence and loyalty.

  • Anonymoose

    Aww, man…I was hoping they would make one in 8mm…

  • Its what the ACR should have been. Real shame!

  • turkiye mahadi

    Well Rem guys screwed one of most promising weapon system. FB are doing really great, in this rifle u can see aspects from all greatest weapon system and it even looks better than an ACR. Someone mentioned about stock being uncomfortable, as i noticed theres much cheek riser positions and dont really see it uncomfortable.

  • turkiye mahadi

    And one more, sorry i couldnt add it in pic edit.

  • Lekomin

    I do sit around 80 km from Radom Arms Factory, so I can give you some info. First of all the semiautomatic version will take some AR parts. It will be possible to install AR standard triggers, grips and the safety lever. I am especially happy about the trigger, as the stock MSBS trigger is crap in comparison to – say – Geissele, that I have on my rifle (Yeah, we can own ARs here as long as one has a weapons permit). I can bet the quality will be great. I have owned a Mini Beryl/Mini Archer for you, and the realiabilty has been amazing.. You must know the MSBS will have to go through the State qualification process, and it is very hard in Poland, based on old Soviet regulations. It will be a full Military approved rifle and not some cheap knock off made in a shed somewhere.

  • Wingeddeath68

    Do you think there will be a bullpup version of the 7.62x39mm? If so Damn…

  • jrt 82

    This would be neat for people who have the 7.62×39 rifle and an AR
    5.56 conversion kit, they may support AK style 5.56 mags (with appropriate

    Any idea if the rifle will have a “Drop free Magazine system” for the AK mag?