Kalashnikov Concern Not Affected By Sanctions?

That’s what they’re claiming. Back in July sanctions where placed on all Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern products. According to Kalashnikov Concern the sanctions haven’t hurt them one bit, they’ve even claimed that their production is on the rise and they have new product lines on the way.

In an article from the Russian website Military-Informant.com, Andrei Veshnjakov of Kalashnikov Concern stated, “Today our businesses are gaining pace, there is a process of renovation – and not only the industrial park, machinery and equipment, as well as product lines.”

Riiight, business as usual I’m sure. According to this article earlier this year from RT.com, another Russian based news outlet, Kalashnikov’s biggest civilian firearm market is the United States. Kalashnikov even signed a contract to sell 200,000 rifles in the U.S. and Canada back in January. Maybe those 200,000 rifles were diverted somewhere else?

Ray I.

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  • Zachary marrs

    I got really excited for a second, thinking they found a loophole or something, but no.

    • KestrelBike

      haha we almost bought the bridge there.

    • USMC03Vet

      This a masterful click bait article.

  • dp

    Propaganda meet counter-propaganda. Be ready for anything and everything. On technical side AK has the lead – you see them everywhere. The long term future of the concept is in question, however. They will have to replace it with something else; no, not by AK12 since it is more the same in different wrap. So, here comes the future prospect.

  • Tim U

    I’m sure they’ll find a way to adapt. All companies do. The sanction was always about hurting the US gun market more than it was Russia.

  • kirill

    Kalashnikov Concern doesnt just produce, well, Kalashnikovs. The plants that once stood independently before consolidation produced large amounts of motor vehicles for civil, police and military use. They produce machines for woodworking and metalworking, among other things. There are home proucts made there. Besides that, they make a range of sporting arms, and amunitions. They also make guided shell complex 2K25 Krasnopol, and aicraft cannon GSh-30-1.

    I have no doubt sales are down from sanctions, but its not like they can’t produce any other products. And it certainly isn’t like Russia wouldn’t push said proucts on its people

    • dp

      Right, I looked recently from sheer curiosity at VAZ (Togliatti) car production; it’s grooving like crazy. In addition, Russians talk about stopping importing foreign used cars. KK is one of major subcontractors to car industry.

  • Jeff S

    Well… they’re still on the OFAC list. The US won’t be buying anything from them, so who are they selling their product to?

    • ChuckyTee

      other countries?

    • /k/ommando

      ISIS, Syria, India, Iran, etc.

    • Leo

      countries who don’t give a ofac …:)

  • iksnilol

    Kalashnikov Concern doesn’t give a f***.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Kalashnikov not Concerned.

      • Zachary marrs

        That should have been the headline

  • CT Resident

    Could it be that the guns that would be made into semi-auto civilian versions would be made as full auto/select fire military version for sale to countries the US currently supplies?

    Supposedly the US through “government to government exports” is selling “Billions in Weapons” to countries around the world.

    Perhaps Concern Kalashnikov is taking some of that market and trying to oust the US as “. the world’s top provider of major conventional weapons”

    “Those sales — plus the government-to-government arms exports overseen by the
    Pentagon — make the United States the world’s top provider of major
    conventional weapons, according to the Stockholm International Peace
    Research Institute. Russia, France, and China
    followed behind. Much of the recent U.S. increase came from vastly expanded
    sales to Saudi Arabia, Brazil and India.”


    • toms

      Generally aide of that nature is prioritized to made in usa goods with very few exceptions,

  • Lance

    Civilian arms don’t matter with Iraq buying Russian arms still as well as the Syrian Army they make up for Obama’s gun grab here. Large sales to Africa of AK-103s may also help advert pain from sanctions.

  • Vasco

    I saw some “sporter” versions of 7.62×39 on legionusa.com and 5.45×39 at atlanticfirearms.com, although the price is up about 20% from last year.

  • toms

    In russia apparently loosing 40% of your revenue makes your company stronger financially. I’m not sure how anyone believes anything they say. It’s like some weird alternative universe were opposites are reality. Not sure many countries are buying new AK’s in great quantities. Too many “new” old stockpiles for much much less. I think this is no more than propaganda aimed at making any and all sanctions look weak.

  • wetcorps

    In this post: America realizing it is not the center of the worl 🙂

  • Zugunder

    More sanctions needed. Next time Putin would give a f*ck, right?

  • dp

    Probably not doing that badly; actually, KK is introducing new brand this Fall. Not sure who will be its “ambassador” as yet: http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/750857

  • kyle

    When the legal market is off the table the black market is either created or expanded for that product. So that might be why they claim they are unaffected possibly.

  • mosinman

    i’m sure we (US) are not the only buyers of rifles in the world. i’m sure they could find new customers 😉

  • Leo

    Any other country will buy from them, punishing Kalash is worseless, they are punishing us who can’t buy their Saigas anymore here in US. Kalash doesn’t make tanks or rockets, that could kill a lot.

  • john

    IF they wanted to, couldn’t they just, say, ship them to Bulgaria, add a part, repackage them and then ship them to the U.S. as “Bulgarian Made”???

    • echelon

      People are naive if they think something like this isn’t happening. Just wait for Century Arms, Apex, etc. to get their next shipment of “parts kits”…

    • greensoup

      If the importer wants to spend a really long time in prison or pay a huge fine.

  • Definitely not diverted to Europe. Concern Kalashnikov is now under sanctions in the EU as well.

    My guess? They’re just lying.

  • smartacus

    Let them eat CAIC
    Century Arms International…uh Concern

  • Yellow Devil

    In Mother Russia, Kalashnikov sanctions you!